IDWBV – 47

We are building up for the debutante ball~ enjoy this chapter!

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“It will be my society debut soon……”


I let out a small sigh while looking at the drawing of the dress.

In this country, one will make their society debut at sixteen years old. The first evening party hosted by the royal family after one reaches the age of sixteen. That is the day of their society debut.

The time is about to come for me too.

A debutante’s dress is white. In fact, I started making the dress for my debut since more than a year ago, but the dress was very expensive and flashy.

At that time, I was making the designer draw designs while keeping in mind that I must be more prominent than anyone else. Currently, I am in a meeting with the designer who said that this would be the final confirmation of the design, and I held my temple.


—Well, to think that I wanted to make something like this.


I do not deny what I did, but this is terrible.

Thanks to my excellent maid, my taste of clothes has changed completely, so I wish to avoid wearing a fancy dress like this.


“……I wonder if you can make it a bit plainer. I don’t want the dress to have such a strong impression……”



When I said my request while feeling guilty, the designer was staring at me blankly.


“Liz-sama? Um, I, did I do something unnecessary?”


Her crying voice was shaking. I guess she thought that she had bought my displeasure.

I quickly denied it.


“N-no. That, in the last few months, I have changed my clothing preferences……um, when I look at this now, it’s quite painful……”


When I honestly told her that my preferences had changed, the designer sighed in relief.


“I, I see. Well, but certainly, I thought that Liz-sama’s appearance today was different from usual. Um……I was surprised because the atmosphere was totally different, but it looks very good.”

“Thank you. Well, that’s why. But, this must be too sudden, it was unreasonable of me to say that kind of thing. I was the one who ordered this, so this is fine. I will make my society debut with this.”


It would be selfish of me if I persist, and I would be no different from the previous me.

Realizing that, I gave up on changing the design. But, the designer said, “No” while looking at the design.


“It is completely different from the past Liz-sama, but how should I say this……strangely, I guess you can say that my creative urge is stirred up……using subdued materials that are the exact opposite of the previous one……but, I want to make something that balances well with Liz-sama’s face. I wonder if it will come out too mild. No, it is a white dress. It will highlight the clean and pure image……! Kuuh! This is the chance to show off my skills!!”

“Um……that’s why I said that there’s no need to change it.”


The eyes of the designer who was murmuring alone shone with brilliance.


“We need to do this! Yes, leave it to me! I will prepare and show you the perfect dress for your society debut! Aah, the idea comes to me like hot water! It’s been a long time! How exciting! Liz-sama, thank you so much. I’ve never felt so excited like this for the past few years! Please, leave it to me by all means.”

“I, I see……if you can change the design, then by all means……right, if you can change the overall impression, I won’t give any more suggestion about the design. I will leave it to your discretion.”


If it doesn’t cause any inconvenience, then I would rather change the design. A dress with a domineering impression while being purely white is the kind of design that I would like to respectfully decline.

The designer’s expression turned even brighter when I said so.


“R-really!? I can make it however I like? So happy! Yes! Yes! Please leave it to me! I will make the best dress and show it to you! Well then! I want to redraw the design, so I’m sorry but I have to go!”


The designer quickly tidied up her drawings and went out of the mansion with a spring on her steps.


“……that kind of tension, this is my first time seeing it.”


My designer has a rather naïve image, but she has that kind of expression too, huh.

Maybe I was suppressing her potential too much by imposing my own preferences.


“I’m sure she was happy that you have enough faith in her ability to entrust it to her.”


Luke, who had been standing behind me, said so. I nodded my head in agreement.

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“Right. Because until now I had been putting in words for every trivial thing. But, if I think about it, that was rude to the designer whom I trust. As a matter of course, it is better to leave it to the professionals.”

“If you think so, it might be better to do just that from now on.”



I promised after hearing Luke’s words.

But, I’m glad that the design of the dress can be changed.

Actually, Al will escort me on the day of my debut. I asked about this when he came here, 「It is my fiancée’s society debut, you know? If I don’t escort you, who would dare to?」 he said so as if it was only natural and it made me very happy.

At that time, I thought to reply to his confession, but in the end, I wasn’t able to tell him.


“I would like to hear your answer during the evening party of your society debut.”


That’s what he said.


“Your face is bright red. Is it alright for me to expect something?”


He continued, I shook my head several times with my face turning even redder.

At this point of time, I feel like he already knew the answer……but the important thing is to actually say it.


“Milady, why are you grinning?”



While I was recalling my conversation with Al, Luke asked me with a curious voice. I quickly tightened up my expression.

Luke looked at me who was like that and laughed.


“By the way, Yugo-sama told me that in the afternoon he would like to bring food for Noel.”

“Well, Nii-sama said that? If that’s the case, we should wait for him in my room.”

“Yes. And it seems Victor-sama will also join us today. Shall I prepare the tea?”

“Yes, please.”


Since compromising about Noel’s case, Yugo-niisama has been bringing food for Noel for a while.

It is quite a blissful time for the two of us to look at Noel eating his meal. The time we spent being relaxed and talking about whatever topic we want is definitely increasing.

Instead, Yugo-niisama has been reducing the number of time he hosts the tea party where he invited his favorite type of people.


“I did not stop hosting it. But, right now I’m having fun watching this guy……even though he’s ugly. Yeah, he looks pretty cute after all. But he’s so ugly.”

“Nii-sama, please either compliment him or insult him.”

“What are you saying. I’m complimenting him, you know?”

“……I see.”


We had been doing this kind of exchange, but recently, Victor-niisama had come to join us from time to time.

At first, Victor-niisama ignored Yugo-niisama, but after he participated in feeding Noel several times, he began to talk to Yugo-niisama one day.

I think Victor-niisama had also noticed that Yugo-niisama was changing.

Yugo-niisama, who was surprised at first, can now talk with Victor-niisama with a relaxed expression.

Thanks to Noel, us three siblings are able to spend time together without any problem.

This is something that I would never be able to do when I was completely a 『villainess』. I thought that this is the result for working hard trying not to become a 『villainess』.

However, of course I still wish to tell Prince Wilfred one day: 「I wonder which part of me supposed to be a 『villainess』?」

Call me persistent, but that is my original purpose. I don’t want to lose sight of it.


“If Victor-niisama will also come by, please prepare cake to be served along with the tea. This is the precious time where the three of us are able to have tea together. I would like for us to be able to enjoy our time slowly.”

“Understood. I will tell the chef.”



I feel happy.

It is also the case with my engagement to Al, but just a little while ago, I couldn’t even imagine that I would be able to spend time with Luke and my two older brothers like this.

If you try to change even just a little, people will respond and help you.

Until now, I was too stubborn to look around my surroundings. To begin with, I had never thought to change myself.

So I was becoming more and more isolated.

I know that now.


“If you ask for help, surprisingly, people will help you.”


But, it is Al who first reached out to me.

Without him, I would remain a 『villainess』 unknowingly.


“Everything is thanks to Al.”


Thanks to him, I am here now.

I will tell him my feelings in the evening party of my society debut.

It’s embarrassing, but if it makes Al happy, I can do my best and I want to do my best.

The word ‘debutante’ refers to a young woman who appears in the formal society for the first time. The male equivalent is called a ‘debutant’. The author kept using the word ‘debutante’ to refer to the day itself, so I change it to ‘society debut’.

Next chapter will be in Al’s POV!

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    2. I share the same feelings. The smoother the ride is, the worse that the climax will be if it comes to pass. However, the story could just be bettering oneself but considering that Ai’s brother is a reincarnator. It is possible that he will shun her not knowing that she changed if Al wasn’t telling him about what was happening.

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    1. That was mentioned since the start though. So she just doesn’t want to lose her sight of her initial goal of trying not to become a villainess in the first place lol


    1. It is thanks to Wilfred that she *realized* she was the worst. But it is thanks to Alan that she was able to change. Even if she realized it, as the first chapters of this novel said, she wouldn’t know what to do because she didn’t know what is right and what is wrong. So. It’s all thanks to Alan.


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