IDWBV – 48

It’s Al’s POV! And the unexpected appearance of someone we haven’t seen for a long time! Enjoy the chapter!

TL: clover

ED: clover

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Today I was being swamped with my endless work, but I’m in good mood right now.

It’s because the day of the society debut of my fiancée Lily is approaching soon, and during this time, she will give me a clear response.

A large number of people will gather at the evening party where I will take over as her escort. So, I was thinking of showing her off as my fiancée again, it’s going to be a very enjoyable night.


“Brother. You seem to be in an awfully good mood today.”

“Aah, Will. What about your work? Have you finished it?”


It was my brother Will who came in with a knock on the door. He shook his head with a fed-up expression.


“No, there’s no way I could finish it. It has increased on the gap when I looked away just for a few moments, so I couldn’t finish it all. Right now I’m on a break. I came here to see Brother’s face, but I’m curious because you’re in such a good mood that I can see it even from afar.”

“Aah, I was thinking about Lily.”


When I said so honestly, Will widened his eyes.


“Lily, you mean……Liz Beltran? Brother, you’re still seeing that woman? She’s a selfish lady, right? Just because she’s your fiancée, you don’t have to be so serious about her, you know? After all, your engagement with her will be broken, so it’s fine if you’re being perfunctory about it.”


While saying so, Will sat on the sofa. As usual, my younger brother only sees Lily as a 『villainess』. It seems that he doesn’t think that she could become anything else.


“Don’t be ridiculous. There is no other girl who is that cute for me. Because Lily sees 『me』 and needs 『me』. Unfortunately for you, I will fulfill my engagement with her and accept her as my princess as planned.”

“Haa? Are you kidding me?”

“Why would I be joking about this? It’s her society debut soon and I will be her escort for the evening party.”

“Eh……but, the game is……eeh? H-hey, Brother. Evening party of the society debut……you mean, that, right? You were forced against your will by the selfish Liz Beltran, and while you’re busy, you have to become her escort even when you don’t want to do it, is that it?”

“……I don’t know what you mean. I was the one who offered to become her escort for her society debut. It’s only a matter of course because I am her fiancé. Besides, it is natural to adjust my schedule for her. I have adjusted it since more than a month ago, so I will be free on that day. There is no problem though.”

“You’re kidding……right?”


originals on

Will stared at me in shock.


“B-because, the game is……eeh? But, there supposed to be a disturbance during the society debut, so I guess it will return to the original work?”

“……you’re still saying that this is a 『game』, huh.”

“Because, this world is a game, right? This is the world inside the game 『Cinderella Night ~Fated Lovers~』 where Brother and I are the 『capture targets』. I was reincarnated in this world……that’s why, I was thinking that I want to push Brother to be tied to the Heroine. Say, Brother. The Heroine is a really good girl. I highly recommended her to become the future queen. So, I don’t want you to get close to Liz Beltran too much……I want you to stop changing the original work more than this. I feel troubled when the development changes.”

“Sorry, but I love Lily. I don’t want to marry anyone other than her.”

“Supposing that Liz Beltran is behaving like a good girl, it will only be for now. She will show her true nature soon. That’s why, Brother……”


I can’t listen to Will’s story anymore. Numerous insults against Lily. To say this kind of thing, even if it is my brother whom I share blood with, blood rushed up to my head in anger.


“Can you stop bad-mouthing my favorite girl? Even if it’s you, there are things that I can and can’t forgive.”


“Cut it out, you should see the reality.”

“I, I know that. That’s why, she’s the best partner for Brother……say, it’s almost here. There’s still some time until the Heroine’s society debut, but a wonderful encounter awaits you. At that time, you will surely come to your senses, Brother.”

“I don’t need anybody else except Lily. She needs me, and I love her.”


When I told him plainly, Will looks as if he’s going to cry.


“You’re lying, right? Because, there is no route for the 『villainess』……for Liz Beltran. There is only the route with the Heroine……why? Why, where did the story go wrong?”

“I understand that you don’t want to believe it, but my feelings won’t change. Right, I will choose her even if she is a 『villainess』. That’s different from what you want, right? But—”


I cut off my words and looked at my brother’s face. Will was staring back at me, stunned.


“Enough is enough, you don’t understand. You are not the one in love with Lily, it’s me. You have no right to decide my love partner. I choose her because it is my feelings. Something like that, it’s just a matter of course, right?”


“You can only decide your own love. Will, stop this, wake up. I know that you’re not crazy. You’re also an excellent younger brother for me. But, I’m fed up about this matter.”



Will’s eyes were unfocused. I understand that he was terribly confused.

But, he must solve this by himself. Enough is enough, I wish for him to stop being under impression that everything will go as he wanted.

I was given a lot of reference to capture Lily, but any more than this, I’ve had enough.


“You should look at yourself more instead of me. And, about that 『heroine』? If she is such a wonderful woman, she should be your partner. Because you’re also a capture target.”

“Eh, no……eh?”


That expression says that he had never thought about it before. But, if she’s such a highly recommended woman, shouldn’t he want her to be his own lover? I always thought so.


“At any rate, don’t say unnecessary things about us. I will marry Lily……I will be happy if you give us your blessing.”


I finished our conversation and lowered my eyes to the documents in front of me.


“……I still have work to do. Sorry, but if you want to take a break, you should return to your own room.”



There was no reply, but I heard my brother left the room. I confirmed it and sighed deeply.




I keep an eye on the brooch, the proof of my engagement with her.

This brooch, which was created using special magic, is actually linked to her brooch using magical power, and when she falls into danger, it will light up to let me know.

For example, like now.




The brooch, which was normal before, is clearly shining right now.

Impossible. Lily has a butler, also known as Luke, who is an excellent guard, and she is not a girl who will go to a dangerous place by herself.

Is there something wrong with the brooch?

No, my magic wouldn’t make such a mistake.




I don’t know the details, but I just jumped out of the room anyway.

…well, as many of you in the previous chapter’s comment section said, it went too smoothly. Now it’s a cliffhanger, see you next week!

And I hope, as long as Will doesn’t get a MAJOR character development, that Chloe won’t ended up with him.

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30 thoughts on “IDWBV – 48

    1. To be honest I’m surprised will still hasn’t met lily considering how insistent al is that she’s not a villainess. Meeting her should clear things right up, after all its rude to slander someone you dont know~

      Liked by 5 people

      1. I think he too ignorant to do so. Maybe he think that there no point of meeting her she just a selfish villaness noble girl. Which remind me that lily didnt go to the royal palace after she heard the story if i’m right

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I dom’t think Will is a bad person, he just dom’t think that the himnright know is living im a real world, even if that world is similar somehow with a game he played before doesn’t mean that it isn’t real.
    I’m nervous about the cliffhanger, I hope isn’t so dramatic
    Thanks for the chapter ♡

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  2. Oh no i hope i dont see lily gone back to villianes that would be sad and just what in the world to the author. But my guess is noel somehow become human and tried to kidnap her or prince game world tried to use some vodoo to keep the script the same

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  3. Finally, Will is getting a wake-up call. I swear if he went on any longer he would’ve become the villain in this story. I knew from the moment that he kept repeating, ‘the game… the game…route…fate..’ that he would have a hard time realizing the truth of the situation. If Al left Will to go on further I half expected Will to halve a mental breakdown because the reality he whole-heartily believed in would’ve been proved to be false.
    I honestly hate it when a character believes the force of the game will control their lives and that it will up exactly like the game. The moment the person reincarnates and reacts the game has already changed. Life is unpredictable because every action people make will lead to a different result. The minute Will awoke his memories, the character Will is no longer there. That means all further actions made by the game Will, will no longer exist and the future has already shifted into another direction. Perhaps there is a greater force (called fate) that trying to shift the reality into the stories plot line but even then it can’t be the same
    Hehehhe I went on a while rant

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    1. I have to echo Al here – if the “heroine” is really that great, then why doesn’t Will go for her as an alternate capture target, why does he keep trying to throw his brother at her?? Doesn’t make sense to me 😩 but I thank Cloveer for all these translated fluffy chapters 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it’s because he views himself as an outsider. In his mind, it’s still a game and he is just a player trying to achieve the route he desires. When we play otome games, we play as a character and drive them towards a route but we are never apart of the game. Am I making any sense? ummmm…. Anyways in simpler words, he probably doesn’t really consider himself apart of this ‘game’. In a way, he likely sees himself as someone there to propel the others to the happy ending

        Liked by 1 person

        1. You may not see yourself as a part of the game, but would you really throw your competition ahead of you? I’ve played those games before, so I get that he’d have a preference for who the “player” should end up with, but that’s a preference for the player, not the capture targets… someone threw out the possibility that Will was female in previous life, and that is why he doesn’t go for the heroine himself, that sounds plausible and would explain a lot!


  4. I think that instead of thinking “this is the world of that game” those people should think “somehow that game I played in my previous life is a copy of this world I’m living now”.

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  5. I’m guessing Nobles who does not approve of Liz engagement with the Prince hired goons to attack/violate her?

    Side ramblings, whatever Character development Wilfred would have will probably be in part 2. We’ll see if Chloe really is the Heroine and I’m guessing the other capture targets are Liz’s brother (The strict and self righteous) Victor and (The narcissistic) Yugo, Liz’s personal butler Luke (who got crushed by a friend-zone flag) and the secret character Noel who is currently MIA. Since Liz will be Wilfred’s Sister-in-Law, she’ll the new victim of Wilfred’s ‘otome game talk’ together with Alfred and beg Liz help him to crush the other route flags and then ‘interfere’ (guide) the Heroine to Wilfred’s route.

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  6. I have this little theory that Will was a girl before reincarnation. That’s why he is shipping his brother with the heroine and doesn’t even consider aiming for her himself, and other things.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Unless he was a Nozaki back then and played otome game together with his male friends.

      He is probably a woman back then.


  7. thanks for update .. what’s with the development of this story? I think this must be someone who doesn’t accept the original story changes but hopefully not … 😓


  8. Gasp dear translator blatantly said the identity of our MC’s first friend.
    I was hoping there was some readers that were kept in the dark about it because of their denseness haha.
    Thank you for the update!


  9. > Why, where did the story go wrong?
    Dude, lmao. You were the sole reason as to why the story changed so much. The prince and villainess would never get interested in each others’ personality had you never blabbered so much.


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