IDWBV – 50

The aftermath of the situation. We’re nearing the end of the part one. Enjoy the chapter!

TL: clover

ED: clover

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As Noel was upset, he ran away from my arms.

For a moment, I thought that he was an illusion that my desire showed, but I could feel that he was the real Al from the strength of his arms.

While I was embarrassed, Al said in a relieved voice.


“I’m glad you’re safe!”

“A-Al. Why are you here……you should be at work……”

“I know that you’re in danger, so I rushed out. Lily, what happened? Will you explain it to me?”



What did he mean by ‘I know that you’re in danger’? While thinking about that, I explained what happened to Al.

Al frowned, looking really frustrated.


“……sorry. Because of me, you were about to get hurt.”

“I, I’m fine. The guard gave me the chance to escape. And I was able to escape to the main street like this.”

“Your guard is alone and there are eight thugs, huh. I can’t forgive them for trying to put their hands on my dearest one. I will definitely catch the culprit, so you can rest assured.”




While I was hugged by Al, my guard ran over this way, it seems that he had escaped from those thugs properly.


“I’m glad you’re safe too.”

“Those guys were giving priority to capturing Milady……Your Highness Alan! W-why are you here?”

“It’s only natural for me as Lily’s fiancé to rush over when she’s in danger. I will send her to the mansion with my horse as is, but won’t they come back later on?”

“It will be fine. Since they have confirmed that Milady has reached the main street, they will retreat.”

“I see. Can you guess who is the mastermind?”

“……to tell the truth, there was another guard hiding. That person is tailing them right now. Since they have made a mistake and wanted to ask for the next instruction, they would be reporting to their employer at once. We will definitely find the mastermind and expose them.”


Hearing the guard’s words, my eyes widened.


“There was another guard?”

“We would never escort the precious Milady alone. There is always one more person hiding, in case something happens. The other party thought that there was only one guard, so in this case, it is useful to help identify the mastermind.”

“I……I see……”


The other guard who was hiding seems to be responsible for collecting information. But, certainly, the role to protect the master and the role to chase the offender. It would be easier if there are at least two people.


“When you have the information, give them to me too. To even consider hurting my Lily. Naturally, I think they must have done it with the knowledge that it will turn me into their enemy.”


The guard, who seemed to have felt the cold anger from Al, said desperately with a stiff expression.


“Uh! C-certainly! I will definitely inform Your Highness!”

“Yeah, I will leave it to you. Well then, I’m going to take Lily home first.”

“P-please, go ahead.”

“Lily, sit in front of me.”


Al who got on top of the horse reached out his hand, I grabbed that hand gingerly. I was lifted up and sat sideways in front of Al.


“I’ll go slowly, tell me if you’re scared.”



Leaving the guard on the spot, I rode the horse together with Al and headed to the mansion. At first I wanted to bring Noel along too, but for some reason the horse hated it. Although I was very reluctant, it couldn’t be helped but to entrust Noel to the guard, I feel uneasy until I can get him back though.


“……but, I’m really glad that you are safe.”


On the horseback, in a very embarrassing state of being held by him, Al told me so as if he was relieved from the bottom of his heart.

Hearing that, I recalled what Al said before.


“Um, Al. You mentioned some time ago that you already knew that I was in danger…….how did you know?”

“Aah, it’s because of this brooch. This brooch informed me of your crisis.”

“By brooch, you mean the one you got for our engagement?”



I reflexively looked at the brooch that is always on my chest. It looks like a normal brooch without any peculiarity. It doesn’t seem like it has any special function.

originals on

“It looks like a normal brooch to me.”

“I have said that these brooches were made by magic, right? The two of them were made to resonate. When one side is in danger, it will activate a mechanism to notify the other side. Thanks to that, I knew that you were in danger.”

“So there is that kind of function, huh……”

“I’m glad that you wear it all the time as promised.”


Being told so, I put my hand on the brooch I put on my chest unconsciously.


“It’s a really disgusting story, but the betrothed of the royalty has the history of being assaulted and abducted since a long time ago. The motive is always the same. Because they want to eliminate the current intended of the royal family and replace their position. If that’s the case, there’s no way I can fall in love with a human who thinks it’s okay to do something like that. Handing this brooch at the time of engagement is also to protect the intended.”

“So that’s how it was……Al, thank you for coming.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t make it in time.”



Certainly that he couldn’t come to the alley, but even when Al was busy, he still came here riding a horse.

He will certainly not know how relieved I was after seeing his face.


“I was truly happy. I was relieved.”

“Is that so? That’s good then. I was really worried about what to do if something had happened to you.”


While we were talking, the horse slowly galloped.

Fortunately, no new enemy appeared and we arrived at the mansion safely. When I got off the horse, I breathed out from the sensation of the ground after a long time, and then Luke came out to greet me.


“Welcome home, Milady……eh, Your Highness?”

“Yeah. It’s been a while. Is the Duke home? I have something I want to talk about with him.”

“Please wait.”


Luke, who was surprised by Al’s sudden appearance, rushed to contact my father.

Luckily my father was in the mansion and was happy to meet Al, but when he heard that I was attacked by thugs, he trembled in anger.

My father, who was sitting in the reception room, had a red face due to anger and slammed his fist at the table in front of him.


“Lily was targeted by thugs!? I won’t forgive them! Your Highness! Which household did this!?”

“One of your guards is tailing after them right now. As soon as he finds the client, you will be contacted, so let’s wait for him first……and you don’t have to worry about it. I will never forgive those who tried to hurt Lily. I will catch the mastermind without fail. Trust me, and please leave this to me.”


Hearing Al’s words, my father released his anger and nodded in agreement.


“If Your Highness said so……I understand. I will leave it to Your Highness. Lily, you are banned from going outside for a while. Do you understand?”



It’s unfortunate but it can’t be helped. Since the mastermind hasn’t been caught yet, it is a situation where we don’t know when someone will attack me again. Although it was good because I was safe this time, the next one would not always be that way.


“I want you to be patient at least until this mastermind gets caught. Yes, instead, I will try to come here to play as much as possible so you don’t get bored.”

“I’m happy, but it’s okay, you don’t have to force yourself.”


Al’s thoughtful words made me happy. When I was smiling, as if anticipating this timing, my father said.


“Lily, go back to your room. I have something I want to talk about with His Highness.”


“I was informed that the guard has come back with Noel earlier. Go ahead and see him.”

“Noel? Thank you very much!”


When I heard Noel’s name from my father, I hurriedly excused myself and left the room.

I knew that my father mentioned Noel to make me leave the room, but I didn’t intend to stay long from the very beginning, and I don’t really mind because I think such a thing is reasonable.





When I opened the door to my room and called the name of my beloved cat, Noel, who was relaxing on the sofa, mewled in reply.

I guess Noel was welcoming me inside. Luke has already prepared the tea.


“Well, Milady. I’ve made you a cup of tea, please enjoy it. You have worked hard today.”



While nodding, I picked up the cup.

Noel was lying on my lap as he purred.

Rubbing his head, I remembered the time when I was about to be attacked by thugs.


“……it feels like Noel helped me.”


“No, never mind.”


I answered Luke, who has a confused expression on his face, by shaking my head and I continued rubbing Noel’s head.

It may be just my imagination, but at that time, I feel like Noel helped me.


“Thank you, Noel.”



I thanked him.

In Japanese, the word for fiance/fiancee is only one: 婚約者 (konyakusha) which is gender neutral. Since they were talking about a general situation, I changed the word fiance/fiancee with the more gender neutral ‘betrothed’ and ‘intended’.

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  1. thanks for the chapter!
    it sadden me that there’s only 4 chapters left and the author haven’t release any new chapter this last 2 months
    so what will you do after catching up with the raw cloveeer-sama?
    focus on erica or taking new series?

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  2. Hmm
    Who could be such evil to do stuff like this?
    (i hope its not prince please follow the scripts or her orphanage friend)


    1. I also thought of the prince, but don’t know if he really would do something like that. And Chloe is probably the heroine. unlike in other similiar storys she herself is unaware of this and really became friends with lily so it wouldn’t be her. I at least hope so


  3. Please don’t tell me that Chloe turns out to be evil. Please don’t and the second prince also suspicious, I hope he is not CRAZY enough to make everything just like in the game. (҂⌣̀_⌣́)⊙︿⊙


    1. Wouldn’t the villainess getting assaulted go against the scenario? If the prince wanted everything to be like in the game, attacking Liz would be the last thing on his mind.


    1. Would be really strange, though. Chloe’s social position is just way too low to hope for her to be the replacement bride if Liz is eliminated – so there’s no motive for them to do something as risky as going against the ducal family. I mean, we do know Chloe COULD become a prince’s bride but that’s only because we know she’s the game heroine capable of getting a husband well above her league socially.


      1. Her status isn’t as low as you are surmising, she is an Earl’s daughter which is a fairly influential family unlike the usual Baron family heroines we are used to seeing but yes it would be too risky for her to go against a ducal family who are 2 ranks higher than their family and has a lot of power. So even if she did marry a prince it wouldn’t be way out of her league or anything of sort or just because she is a heroine.


  4. I’m wrong for this…but i kinda hope that noel (because we all know who he truly is) and liz end up together


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