IDWBV – 51

If you thought that the ending of the previous conflict is anticlimatic, I think it’s probably because the first part (ch 1-54) is only to build up Lily’s relationship with Al and the others, and for Lily to grow as a person. Maybe there will be more problems and dramas in the second part.

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Sometime later, Al told me that the mastermind who tried to attack me was caught.

The mastermind and the thugs will be put in jail and will be judged properly.

Al relentlessly investigated the despicable crime aimed at the First Prince’s fiancée, revealing their guilt.


“If they think that I would love people who thought doing such things is acceptable, they’re going to be disappointed. I will never forgive anyone who tried to hurt my fiancée.”


He told everyone that everything is under control.

And I heard from Victor-niisama who was present on the scene.


“For the time being, it will be difficult for them to make a direct action against you.”


And then, my curfew was lifted and I could go to the orphanage and meet Chloe.

However, it is inevitable that the number of guards has increased.

I don’t want to bother anyone, so I decreased my visit to the orphanage from almost everyday to about one day a week.

If something like that happens, I can’t defend myself.

It was unfortunate that I couldn’t see Chloe every day, but I told myself that it’s better than if I couldn’t see her at all.


“Sorry, Luke. It has become hard for you to see Chloe. You must be lonely too, right?”

“……thank you for your consideration, Milady. But I really don’t understand what you mean.”

“It’s fine if you don’t understand.”


Looking at Luke who was grumpy, I giggled. I noticed that his cheeks were a little red.

Chloe still doesn’t have anyone she likes, but it seems that Luke’s feeling still hasn’t changed.

Chloe, the daughter of an Earl, and Luke, the butler of a ducal house. It’s a difficult love to be realized, but I don’t feel like laughing it off and say that “Your status is too different.”

One day, it would be nice if Luke can find a point of compromise with her. That’s what I thought.


Then, at last, I became sixteen and it is time for my society debut.

On my birthday, a present was delivered from Al and it contained a bracelet with thin triple chains. It has many small gems attached. The delicate design is very beautiful.


I’m sorry, I couldn’t find the time to come. I put my feelings of wanting to bind you to me into this bracelet. I’m looking forward to meeting you on your debut day. Happy birthday.


Such words were written on the card that was included inside the present, I felt embarrassed and happy at the same time.

Today, I put on the bracelet given by Al and the usual brooch, and wear the new dress for my society debut.

The dress that the designer had created with all her soul has a neat design, but it isn’t plain, and silver thread was used to sew butterfly embroideries on the entire fabric.

It has a delicate silhouette and the body line can be seen clearly. It’s a great workmanship with no unpleasant feeling.

I wear everything and wait for Al to come and pick me up.

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“His Highness has come to pick you up.”


When Luke called out, I raised my face. Al, who came to pick me up, is dressed in black fine clothes.

The jacket has been finely sewn with silver thread, it has a gorgeous impression like a prince.

The refined figure is elegant and reminds me of the first day we met.



“I’ve come to meet you, Lily.”


Sweetness was mixed in his voice. When he looked at me, he narrowed his eyes and said, “You’re very beautiful.”


“I hate that I have to show your beautiful figure to someone other than me……say, let’s stop the society debut. With just the two of us like this, how about we just stay inside my room?”

“……you know I can’t do that.”


Society debut is such a major event for a noble lady. It is not allowed for one to miss it, so it’s impossible.

Al also knew that, so he just said, “Right, how regrettable.”

I headed to the castle with the carriage that Al had brought.

The castle has a reception hall for today’s evening party.

Noble ladies wearing dresses of various colors are gathering inside the reception hall. In tonight’s party, all the people who participate are those who hold peerage, so there are quite a large number of people.

I will go to the reception hall later, but first I have to greet the King.

This is the old tradition of the society debut.

Along with Al, I went to the room where the King is waiting.

There are five people, including me, that have their society debut today. It seems that the other four people have already said their greetings and I’m the only one left.

The white dress is the proof of a debutante. I went to the room where the King was, and the soldiers, who were guarding the door, opened the door as if expecting me.


“I’ll wait here.”



After replying, I enter alone.

Give my greeting, receive the King’s blessing, and withdraw from the room.

Even though it was just like that, I felt nervous.


“Congratulations. With this, you’re going to have your society debut. Next is the evening party. Are you okay?”

“I will do my best.”


Having waited for me in the hallway, Al called out to me. Seeing his face brought me relief.

Being escorted by him, tonight we would head for the evening party being held in the reception hall.

In exchange for a proper greeting, I would need to have at least one dance.

And who I would choose to dance with me would be of much importance to the nobles.


“Speaking of which, this will be my first time dancing with Al.”

“That’s true. But, even if I look like this, I’m surprisingly good at dancing, you know?”

“‘Surprisingly’……it is as expected though.”


It is rumored that Al, who is known as a genius since he was a child, is completely beyond the norm.

Being with him for so long, I didn’t think it was surprising because I thought that it would probably be true.

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  1. Thank for the chapther!
    To think we are this close to the end of the new updated chapther by the author…
    I really do like this novel alot


  2. Given the current fiancée is a Duke daughter, the culprit is probably from Duke, Marquis family or neighboring country princess.

    The earl family is still too far to be a candidate for Prince’s fiancée

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    1. Since the first prince was capable of handing down punishment on them and trial them to court, it is probably not a princess but rather a marquis or a Duke.
      There is also a chance that it’s a delusional low-middle rank noble

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  3. Oh Al, tooting your own horn—of course you’re a good dancer, you’re the male lead, you’re great at everything 😜 thanks for the new ch!! I always get excited when I see that pic of Lily and Al cause I know it’s an update 🥰

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  4. It is regretable that Al has to show Lily’s figure to everyone instead of just the two of them inside his room…? Wait ’till after the marriage, horn dog prince
    Thanks for the chapter

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  5. On the trope of generic fantasy thugs/bandits:
    They make no sense when you actually think about them. Really.

    So you want to send under-equipped and unreliable petty crooks against trained bodyguards to politically important people? Does that make any kind of sense? That’s like trying to send a crack addict to assassinate the President.

    Any criminal that isn’t unhinged isn’t *insane.* They’d probably think you’re stupid for asking. The guy that wants to smuggle some weed isn’t exactly some kind of murderer or rapist either.

    Bandits are always portrayed as just hobos living out the woods for no reason. But when you think about it, that also makes no sense. That image mostly comes out of Robin Hood. When you think it through you realize that bandits are typically closer to organized criminal gangs or free mercenary companies.

    English history operated this way where robber-lords were common. Where some third or fourth sons didn’t stand to inherit anything and turned to crime and generally employed spies to find good stuff to loot. Or typically a robber-knight might simply employ some rough men and not really be accountable to anybody.

    Or you have mercenary companies which, not are only prone to sacking cities, doing the whole rape-and-pillage thing, but also tended to turn to “self-employment” when things became inconvenient. After all they *are* an organized army that only fights for money.


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