IDWBV – 53

More Wilfred and some kind of explanation about his actions. Next chapter will be the last chapter for a while. Enjoy this chapter!

TL: clover

ED: clover

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I saw them off while sighing in relief.

Al, who didn’t say anything until now, said to me.


“It looks like everyone was surprised.”


I made a bitter smile while nodding in agreement.


“Yes……I think it’s because that was something I would never say before.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. I……I don’t want to admit it, but I was truly a selfish woman who was ignorant of the ways of the world. Although I don’t think I have changed that much now.”

“A selfish woman, huh. Since I’ve never seen you like that, I can’t believe it yet.”

“I’m glad that you have never seen it. Maybe if you were to see me then……I think you would definitely hate me.”


I was exactly like what Prince Wilfred had said.

Although I’m still doubtful about the whole 『villainess』 matter, I understand that I was the worst woman. If I didn’t listen to Prince Wilfred’s words, when I met Al, I would probably be a shunned woman who would fall into ruin.

I know that now.


“Brother, there you are! Geh! It’s Liz Beltran!”


When I was talking with Al at a place away from everyone to escape from the hustle and bustle, someone called out to me. Looking back, there is Prince Wilfred who is dressed like Al.

His eyebrows were furrowed as he stared at me.


“Will, stop saying rude things to Lily. She’s my fiancée.”


Al who noticed Prince Wilfred admonished him. Prince Wilfred unexpectedly apologized, saying “Sorry.”


“Sorry. I didn’t think that Brother would still be with her. Oh yeah, I, in fact, saw the exchange with the ladies just now—say, you, do you perhaps have memories of previous life? Are you the same as me?”



—Memories of previous life?


What did he mean by that?

While I was confused by what was said, Al drew near and embraced my shoulders.


ch 53
ch 53


“Will, don’t say such confusing things to Lily.”

“Eh? No, you see. This girl is Liz Beltran, you know? Right? But, her atmosphere is completely different. Like just now, she didn’t spur on the other ladies and even stopped them, and she isn’t wearing that dazzling villainess-style gaudy dress, like everyone else, I can’t believe that this is the same person.”


Al shooed away Prince Wilfred who was staring at me intently.


“Don’t get close. That’s why I told you many times that Lily is not a 『villainess』. She’s my cute fiancée. If you understand, don’t ever call Lily a 『villainess』 ever again.”

“Eeh—……you must be kidding. What the heck? Who broke the 『villainess』 flag then? Well then, since the villainess is no more, wouldn’t it be impossible for the original work to advance? What will happen to the story?”


Prince Wilfred widened his eyes in disbelief.


“Say, I’m going to ask again, but seriously, do you really don’t have any memories of previous life? You see, 「I’ve been reborn as the villainess! Because I don’t like it, I have to avoid the destruction flag!」 Isn’t it something like that? Or something like, 「One day I suddenly realized I was reincarnated as the villainess of the game from my previous life!」 If the personality of the previous life has returned, I can understand why you have become like another person.”

“Eh……umm, my apologies, but I truly don’t understand the meaning of what Your Highness were saying.”


He said something about being reincarnated.

Even though I am only being myself.

I was also puzzled, but Prince Wilfred seemed to be increasingly confused.


“Eh? Seriously? Are you really, really not someone reincarnated? ……eh? Then, you broke the villainess flag by yourself? Haah—! That’s amazing! So you can do that, huh!”



Al chided Prince Wilfred, but he did not stop. He made an impassioned speech towards Al excitedly.


“No, but it’s amazing, you know? I thought for sure that there would definitely be a compelling force that forces the story to be realized. That’s why I basically gave up on doing anything as it would be useless to do so. When I thought about what I can do, I thought that I can guide you to head towards the end that I thought was the best. But then, even though she doesn’t know the situation at all, this girl overcomes all of that. This is great news for me!”


And Prince Wilfred began to become fired up. Like that, he continued to mutter as if speaking to himself.


“I see, so I don’t have to worry. Moreover, I don’t have to follow the original game’s story. Even so, the story is not collapsing. I see……I see……”

originals on

His voice gets smaller and smaller.

Then, Prince Wilfred laughed with a lamenting expression.


“I see. Then, Liz Beltran is not a 『villainess』, huh. If that’s the case, well. In order for you to be happy, Brother, I had always thought that you have to be separated from the 『villainess』 and have to be with the 『heroine』, but that is not necessary……”



When Al checked Prince Wilfred’s condition, he bowed his head vigorously.


“I’m sorry for the various things I had said, Brother. If that girl is no longer a villainess, I will give Brother my blessing.”

“You……just what exactly……”


Prince Wilfred smiled at Al who was puzzled by the sudden change.


“Because I’m convinced, I will not complain about your fiancée anymore, Brother……but, I see. Well then, since Brother x Heroine is no more……eh, the second route I was a fan of……me x Heroine? No way!”


Prince Wilfred’s eyes were sparkling.


“I thought that the Heroine had to go to your route so that you can be happy, Brother, but that is not necessary anymore. I see, that means I can go for it. I know that it is possible to change the story, but there is also the option of not changing it. If she enters my route and follows the story……uwaah! This will be so fun!”


“If I do this and that……” Prince Wilfred continued to be in high spirits.


“I can’t just stay here and waste my time! Certainly, the Heroine’s debut is half a year after the villainess……no, Liz Beltran’s! Alright, I will look it up, and I will fill the position of Heroine’s partner! Then, I will get the route open~ The Second Prince’s route! I will definitely let myself be captured.”

“……I don’t know what he’s talking about, but Prince Wilfred looks like he’s having so much fun.”

“Yeah, you’re right……”


I looked at Prince Wilfred, who has completely entered his own world, together with Al. Prince Wilfred returned to his senses with a gasp and said to us.


“So, that’s why! I have to prepare myself to be captured by the Heroine from now on, so I have to go back to my room!”


Then, while waving his hand, he went out of the reception hall as quick as lightning.


“……it feels like a storm has just passed through.”


When I unintentionally said my thought out loud, Al nodded in agreement.


“……that guy, he’s crazy about the 『game』 since ages ago. Even though he’s serious in other areas……”

“Is that so?”

“I was wondering if he finally returned to his senses, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.”


Al, who exhaled a deep sigh as if he was exhausted, seemed to be really troubled.


“Speaking of which, he said something about letting the 『heroine』 to 『capture』 him.”

“Yeah……now that we have nothing to do with it, let’s leave it alone. If we poke at it unskillfully, we might get caught in his strange delusion. I don’t want to get caught in his pace anymore……”



I also agreed with the words he murmured softly.

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32 thoughts on “IDWBV – 53

  1. Liz unexpectedly becomes a villain of the “second prince’s route”.

    “Don’t persist in saying such strange things! If you keep acting like this, I don’t know if you are the right partner for my precious Chloe!” or something like that 😂

    Just kidding! I actually have no idea what’s going to happen, but I’m pretty sure that Lily will happily let things take their course with Al by her side haha

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  2. Problem solved?
    This still leaves me with uncanny Valley expecting something go terribly wrong later. Well i guess we have to wait for the author to continue this fun story

    Liked by 3 people

      1. If he truly falls for the woman him becoming finally serious is bound to happen! Right now he doesn’t really love her, he is just playing a game but as soon as love enters the stage, he is bound to want to treasure her, protect her and make her happy. If he still stays a GAMER though it just means he doesn’t love her and consequently doesn’t deserve her because he is a hollow fruit!

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  3. …..just what the hell happened…? This guys seems to have gone nuts, well at least it’s good he is not stubbornly insisting that Liz is a villainess and this is a game.

    Liked by 5 people

      1. Aaaaand he remains totally unaware that he’s the one that indirectly made the Liz x Alan ship in the first place. Yeah, things are not gonna go his way easily.

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  4. Will is nuts!!!! I actually thought he finally had a break through but this guy has not developed at all.

    Also he believes in a deciding force that will propel the ending into one direction…. but isn’t that world set in a otome game? Doesn’t that mean the heroine is allowed to choose her partner? It isn’t a story so the main couple is set…..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. In the [game], the [Heroine] is the only wildcard because she in controlled by the [player]. Everyone else is an [NPC] with scripted encounters, personalities and thoughts. The story won’t deviate unless some of the [NPC]s become overwritten with a new personality or knowledge of the game.

      Or in other words, so long as no outside factor interferes, the real version of the otome game should play out exactly like the otome game, because the people are the same. And the only variety is what the Heroine might do, but then you just have to know the possible routes to know all the possible scenarios you’re dealing with.

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    2. Actually, Will literally just came to the conclusion that there actually is no compelling force. This liberated him – until now he assumed that he needs to stick to minor interventions to try and steer the game into the correct scenario (since anything diverging too much from one of the established routes would either get “fixed” by the compelling force behind the world OR, worse, lead to a disaster). Since the “villainess” is clearly divergent from the game and everything still seems to be ok, he now came to realize that the future is much less fixed than he thought. His brother doesn’t have to get together with the heroine to be happy, for starters.

      Still, Will still has his in-game knowledge and it seems like he decided that he might still try and steer the scenario in a good direction – only now he’s released from the burden of feeling responsible for happiness of his brother, for example. Up to this point he basically engaged in the reasoning pretty similar to that of Bertiia’s (if you read other otome game novels, you might know the girl): he believed in the Compelling Force that makes it impossible to really pick from outside the established routes and he knew the “optimal ending” where the characters he cared about end up the happiest. So instead of using the game knowledge to his benefit, he tried (clumsily) to steer the events in the direction of the happy ending he envisioned. This explains why he wanted to get his brother and heroine together – he just figured out that HE can be happy without the heroine while the 1st prince’s happiness completely depends on his route being chosen.

      Will clearly is somewhat delusional but this exchange also clearly shows him as a genuinely nice guy taht thinks of others’ happiness (even if he kinda considers them game characters still).


      1. i read a lot of otome isekais, but i don’t recall the name bertia? bakarina, yes, bertia? no. you do make a great point with will and his mentality thus far. i had known beforehand that he was eccentric, but not genius eccentric as past isekai’d-main-characters have shown to be. being “liberated” would be a nice way to put it, because he’s literally been freed from this mindset that “the story must go on regardless of the small changes” or “you may feel however you want now, but when the storyline starts, the story will proceed”.
        i can understand where will was coming from, but yeah. to an outsider’s perspective, will would seem borderline crazy. he was very clumsy with how he explained the whole otome isekai situation with his peers, thus lending to al and liz’s opinion of him; this is unlike most other otome isekai protags that choose to explain the situation because they do it in a way that these people can understand.


        1. OH WAIT, DID YOU MEAN BERTIA AND CECIL FROM SELF PROCLAIMED VILLAINESS??? that wn is so good!!! even better, bertia’s smile is so bright it heals me when i read the manga!!!

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  5. Lol! Lily has probably shattered the Chloe x Will route or become the greatest barrier since Will constantly insults Lily.
    Thanks for the new chapter!

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  6. My opinion of Will increased a little here since he at least acknowledged that the world isn’t set in stone but I suspect that he’ll find that Chloe is far more interested in Liz than himself…mwahahahahahahahahahaha!!

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  7. Little does Will know that Lily is already backing his “rival” Luke, who likely has a much different relationship with the heroine than he would have had in the game due to Lily and Chloe’s friendship.
    Good luck prince Will. You might actually need it.

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  8. Ohohhoh!
    Finally Will’s snapped out of his delusions!
    Then the drama will truly start~

    Thank you translators!!!

    Alright– We’re almost caught up ;-;
    Time to pull out my time machine….

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  9. I hope that Will does get serious with this world later on and not think that this world is a game anymore. If he does, I think I will totally ship Chloe and Will together. And if that happens….. Liz and Chloe will then be sister in laws then!!!!!! It would be totally awesome! Thanks for the chapter!!! XD

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  10. I must say I am a bit disappointed at how fast Prince Wilfred just accepted Liz. After this long time I seriously thought he would at least show some suspicion. I really wanted to see his misunderstandings and flustered face. But just like that it is over.

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  11. I Reincarnated into Yandere Yuri World As THe Villainess And Will Strike Down Destruction Flags While Learning To Cook


  12. Will was hilarious this chapter and has completely redeemed himself in my book. He’s basically just an eccentric and kind of dense guy who cares about those he likes. I like Luke x Chloe but if Will genuinely loves Chloe than I wouldn’t mind it at all

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