IDWBV – 56

I translated this thinking that I will have a good time and now I feel so attacked.

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A month has passed since my society debut was over.


“It’s about time. You’re not going to fail because it’s you, but I wish you well.”



In the basement of my family’s mansion, I nodded with a tense expression to my father’s encouragement.

Today is the day I make a spirit contract.

For our country, where the concept of magic is commonplace, spirits, divine spirits, fairies, etc. are familiar existences. In particular, since the spirits can use magic to boost the power of one’s magic and also support the contractor, those that are suitable are recommended to make a contract with them.

And I have been deemed as suitable from an early age.

The spirit contract is not something that you can do right away.

If you make a mistake, you will be trapped by them and be taken to their world instead of making a contract.

Therefore, it was stipulated in the law of the country that one must not make a spirit contract until one reaches at least 16 years old, no matter how suitable they are. This is because children who are under the age of 15 are particularly liked by spirits, and at the same time, those who have extremely high aptitude for spirits are also forbidden from contracting spirits. It is because they would be taken away to the spirit world regardless of their age and gender.

Victor-niisama is exactly like that; he is still not in contract with any spirit because he has an extremely high aptitude.

The appropriate value is neither too low nor too high.

Only those people are recommended to make a contract.

The presence or absence of aptitude has nothing to do with the amount of magical power that one was born with. For example, even if one has no magical power, it is still possible for them to make a spirit contract.

One that has magical power and also has a spirit contract. Such talented person is rare, and they usually would be appointed to an important post, and it goes without saying that they are nobles. Men will definitely get high status in the future, and women won’t have any trouble getting married. And that applies to me.

If I weren’t engaged to Al, it is possible that the number of engagement proposals would flood almost simultaneously with my high society debut.

At any rate. With my 16th birthday passed safely, the day has come for me to make a spirit contract.


—I will definitely make a spirit contract properly.


I was so psyched that I thought that maybe I was a little bit too psyched.

In the basement of every high-ranking noble family, there is a magic circle to summon a spirit, which is used when making a contract.

The summoning room which I entered for the first time is large, there is space for more than 10 people to relax. The walls and floor are made of stone, perhaps because it is underground. The walls are adorned with scarlet tapestry after a fashion, nevertheless its simple impression is irreversible. It is just a basement, and naturally there are no windows, and only the light that came from the candlesticks lit the room.

Because of the completely different atmosphere than usual, tension runs through my whole body naturally.


“Lily, relax. You will do great as always.”



The one who supported me whose legs were shaking was Al. He heard from my father that I would try making a spirit contract today, and he expressly came to the mansion.

When I went down to the basement and saw Al, I was very surprised. But, it was also a fact that I felt better when I saw Al, who smiled and waved at me.

The only people in this room are my me, my father, Al, Luke, and Noel, who came here without permission.

Noel was about to be shooed away at first, but we gave up because he really didn’t want to. It couldn’t be helped, so I have Luke hold him. I decided to drive him out along with Luke if he went wild, but he seems to be alright now. His tail is swaying in contentment.


“—Here I go.”


In the center of the room. I stand in front of the magic circle.

The magic circle carved directly on the floor looks worn out even when I see it with my untrained eyes. That is only natural as it has been used by Beltran Ducal House to make spirit contract for generations, but I can sense the history behind it, and for a moment, I faltered.

I shook my head to shake off my nervousness. Pulling myself together, I kneeled in front of the magic circle, put my hands together, closed my eyes, and prayed.

There is no need for a special spell to summon spirits. Instead, the spirits are summoned just by praying.

If one prays sincerely, a spirit which one may make a contract with will turn up. That is the beginning of the spirit contract.


A spirit who will lend me their power. Please, come to me.

originals on

I pray desperately.




I finished the prayer and opened my eyes. The magic circle was shining in golden color; it was a strong reaction.

A spirit will come. I understood that and felt relieved. All I have to do now is to make a contract with the spirit.

To be honest, I was quite distracted at this point. Was that bad?

The magic circle is glowing with golden light. Then, the light went out and a black spirit with four small wings appeared.

The one who appeared was the spirit of darkness.

Spirits are divided into six categories: light, darkness, fire, wind, earth, and water. I have high aptitude for dark spirit, which is said to be rare. So I had thought that if a spirit turns up it would be the spirit of darkness, but it was as I imagined.


—I don’t like the darkness attribute, because it feels like a 『villainess』.


I was fine with whatever affinity I had. When I first heard that it was the rare darkness attribute, I was honestly delighted, but now it’s a bit more complicated.

Because it’s darkness.

There is no way I would be happy with this attribute when I was so worried about whether I would turn back into a 『villainess』.

But, one cannot decide the spirit that one compatible with.

Being able to make a contract with a spirit itself is already rare. So, I understood that this is not the case where I could complain about the national policy.

Once again, I observed the spirit in front of me.

It has long ears like an elf. It looks like a female. It wears a black dress with long black hair and golden eyes. The size is about the size of my palm. It’s small and very cute.


—This is a spirit.


I saw the real thing for the first time. When I was excited, the spirit stared at me, perhaps she noticed that I was her summoner.


『You called me?』


It was a beautiful and clear voice. The spirits are said to kidnap people by voice, and I understood why; she has a very beautiful voice.


“Y-yes. Please, make a contract with me……”


I said with a trembling voice. My father, Luke, and more importantly, Al are watching. Failure is unacceptable.

The spirit looked me over and laughed as she finally agreed.


『Hmm……you have magical power. Well, if you use me…… just barely……it’s a passing score.』



That’s good. It seems that I would be able to make a contract without any problem. When I stared at the spirit with anticipation while letting out a relieved sigh, the spirit said in good humor.


『That’s right. I will have to make a compromise, but you—NOOOOO!!』


『Who the hell wants to make a contract with you! Better yet, don’t summon me at all! I won’t forgive you if you summon me again!』




I had no time to stop it.

Just before then, the spirit had created an atmosphere as if she would make a contract with me, but suddenly she widened her golden eyes and said that I couldn’t make a contract with her. And then, she disappeared into the magic circle as if running away.

What was left behind was me, who was standing stock still on the spot and couldn’t keep up with what just happened.




Just, what does this mean?

By any chance, have I failed to contract a spirit?

Usually, if one goes to the place where one summons a spirit, the spirit will accept the contract as long as it’s a good deal. That’s why I couldn’t believe this development.


“You……must be kidding……”


Until now, I have been a good student in everything I did.

Of course there are areas that I am not good at, such as singing, but still, I have done it.

It is only natural for me to be treated as excellent by everyone. There is nothing I cannot do.

That’s how it should be.

I fell down weakly.

I feel nauseous for the first time in my life.

Even though I was nervous, I didn’t think that I would have failed.

I thought that it would be fine, that I would be able to contract a spirit, and I only imagined a future where I would be praised by everyone.

So why—




Al’s loud voice came from behind.

Immediately after, he hugged me from behind and asked, “Are you alright?” But I couldn’t answer him due to feeling so much shock.


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  1. Did she make the contract in the original story?
    If she did, maybe the darkness spirit either doesn’t like her because she is good now, or because Noel had some influence by just being there (assuming he didn’t do anything we’re not aware of from the sidelines).
    Thanks for the chapter btw ❤

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  2. Dark Spirit: “Don’t summon me again! I won’t forgive you if you do!”
    Me: Summons the spirit again and again until she tells me what the problem is.

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  3. “『That’s right. I will have to make a compromise, but you—NOOOOO!!』

    “Eh……?”” That sudden change… Wonder what the little spirit saw? XD
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  4. honestly speaking, it isn’t like she needs to have spirits around her, noel and luke will do if it’s for protection o.o she just keeps wanting more and more huh~ thanks for the chapters ^^

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