IDWBV – 58

I wanted to flip my table, barf rainbow and sugar, and maybe face-desk. Not in any particular order. Let us pay our respect to Luke who has to endure this kind of thing almost everyday. ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

TL: clover

ED: clover

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“Al……I love you too. If you are with me……surely, I can do anything.”


He was so lovely that I couldn’t help it and said so without thinking.




Al looked like he was surprised. His gentle eyes narrowed.


“Lily, you, since you became my lover, you seem to become a bit more honest?”

“Eh? I, I see. I didn’t know since I’ve never thought about that……”

“You became absolutely honest. Say, are you going to become even cuter than this? I really have to fight against my reason, though.”



For some reason, when I looked at Al, he breathed out deeply while holding his head.

Al said, “See, you have a cute expression on your face again,” while pretending to grimace.


“Please forgive me already. Even under normal circumstances, I can’t help but loving you more and more, are you going to make me fall even further than this? I will gladly take you to my room if you say that you want to be confined in the castle, you know?”

“Eh? Eh?”


Confined in the castle? Why did such a story come out?

To me who didn’t understand and was making a dubious expression, Al said, “You don’t understand, huh. That aspect of yours is also cute though,” while leaning his head.

Ah, I thought that he would kiss me so I tried to close my eyes obediently—


“My apologies for interrupting the good atmosphere, but I would like at least for that kind of thing to be done out of sight.”


Hearing Luke’s voice after a really deliberate coughing, my consciousness was forced back into reality.

Blood came up to my head in shame from the fact that it was being seen. I pushed Al’s chest with both hands right away.



“Ah, sorry.”


Al raised his voice as if surprised. Maybe Al thought that I rejected him. I didn’t want to make such a misunderstanding, so I said desperately.


“T-that’s not it. It wasn’t unpleasant! It’s just, um, I forgot that Luke was there……I, I was embarrassed!”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to explain it because I understand.”


When I explained my behavior with a red face, Al, who raised his body, stroked my head as if troubled.


“You, who love me, can’t refuse me. Isn’t that right?”



It’s very embarrassing for that to be said clearly, but that was a fact so I nodded. Al looked happy, then he turned to Luke. His sharp gaze penetrated Luke.


“You also have mostly bad personality. You aimed for that timing on purpose.”


—Eh! On purpose?


I was surprised when I heard Al’s words and stared at my butler who had raised his voice at an exquisite timing.

Luke didn’t flinch at all, he just said “That’s unthinkable,” with a smiling face.


“There’s no way I would do that. However, I do think that you should stop that kind of thing. Your Highness, although both of you are officially engaged, Milady has just turned sixteen. About that, I want you to consider your action very carefully.”

“Is that the Duke’s idea?”

“I wonder? Master did not say anything. But, I think it would be better for you to avoid actions that would not be good for the reputation, for Milady’s sake.”


Al stared at the smiling Luke and let out a sigh.


“……Luke, you, you should be fourteen, right? You’re quite mature for your age. If you weren’t Lily’s butler, I would have scouted you to work in the castle.”


Luke politely bowed and said.

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“I’m very honored to receive your compliment. But, as Your Highness had said, I am Milady’s butler.”

“You really have an excellent personality.”


Apparently, Al was displeased. While pouting, he grumbled.


“You could at least be so kind as to overlook a bit of flirting between lovers.”

“And I myself would like to grant that, but Milady is too permissive. Should I not interfere, Your Highness, she would surely keep allowing you to do as you please. It is necessary for me to prevent that.”


Hearing the harsh words, I raised my voice in a panic.


“Luke! What are you saying! You said that as if I wouldn’t be able to say 「No」.”


I glared at Luke because of his outrageous misunderstanding. But, Luke turned towards me with a dubious expression.


“Eh? Milady. Are you really saying that?”

“Why, of course!”

“Even if His Highness says something like, 「I love you. So it’s fine, isn’t it?」”

“Eh……that is……”


I tried to retort, but the words stuck in my mouth. I thought about it for a moment.


“……umm……um……well, you know……”




I couldn’t say anything.

My lost was confirmed when I imagined Al asking me 「Is it okay?」

Usually, I can only say 「Yes」. There is no other option.




Luke turned his gaze that says “See?” to me who fell silent without being able to answer him.

It’s frustrating but I can’t retaliate.




Seeing me groaning, Luke turned a victorious smile towards Al.


“Do you understand? That’s how it is. Milady is so easy that she will agree to whatever you say just because she loves you, Your Highness. I need to stop her.”

“To think that I would be loved by Lily this much, I’m so happy.”


Al said as he laughs while listening to Luke’s words. Even though I thought that he was still displeased, for some reason his mood was lifted.

Unlike before, he’s smiling.

Then, he turned his eyes towards me.


“Lily, since that is the case, from now on I’m going to kiss you when there are no prying eyes. Otherwise, it’s clear that they would get in our way.”


“Your Highness……”


Al ignored Luke’s criticizing voice splendidly.


“I don’t need your permission. But, it’s fine. There is no need for you to worry about it. Because we are only engaged. —Really, I want to quickly accept Lily as my wife.”


My cheeks turned red again as he looked into my eyes.

Truly, I feel like I always turned red when I’m with Al.

Al pulled me closer and embraced me. Because I was so happy, I clutched his coat tightly. When he stroked my head, I closed my eyes in happiness.


“Fufu, you look like a cat, Lily. You’re so cute.”


“I think Noel is pretty cute. But, as expected Lily is the best for me. You see, my only kitten, can you please mewled for me?”



I didn’t mean to say it, but I said it anyway because Al urged me with a gentle voice.

I widened my eyes in panic. Al stared at me who had turned bright red.



“……you’re seriously cute. I want to take you back to the castle. I wonder if I can just keep you inside my room?”

“What are you saying, Your Highness. You know that is not allowed.”


Luke calmly inserted a retort with a serious expression. And then, he turned towards me and said, “You see?”


“As expected, Milady, you can’t refuse His Highness at all. You should think ahead about things like this.”



I wanted to deny it, but I couldn’t say anything after the scene where I said 「Meow」.

When I burrowed my face in Al’s chest due to embarrassment, he whispered to me with a voice that seems to be dripping with honey, “It’s okay. I’ll protect you, Lily.” And I couldn’t move out of shame.

Also now we have caught up with the raw! Do you prefer me stacking up chapters so that I can release 4 of them a week like usual, or do you prefer me releasing one chapter as soon as the new chapter of the raw comes out?

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  1. I think it’ll be better to stack 4 chapters and release them rather than translating them as they come out, for you and for the readers so go for it.
    Thanks for the chapter btw ❤

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  3. Luke is our general. He is very strong against the dog food attacks.
    Maybe biweekly update for this one? Stocking the chapters are also good, in preparation for hiatus. But up to you, which ever works, I guess.
    Lily, a lady knows when to say no and when to say yes! She is still far from perfect lady.

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  4. I am in team “translate as they release”.
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  7. Uhhh…I think itd depend of the content of the chapter.I mean…I wont mind to wait if that next chapter is a continuation of these 2 idiot Lovers being lovey dovey, but if the next is the explanation why that spirit dumped Lily,of course ID want to read it ASAP.

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  8. Thanks for the chapter.
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