Chapter 113: Seven Wonders of the Academy (part three)

Well, here’s the next part to the investigation of the first wonder. Enjoy the chapter!

TL: clover

ED: eristol, xtostos

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I took out a Crystal Cluster from the glove of storing.

In the meantime, a large amount of white hands floating in the air were approaching in front of me.


(Should I attack it first and see what would happen? Or should I physically make a wall as well?)


While I was thinking, a golden light flashed in the dark.

When Goldberry flapped her wings and made a sudden break, those white hands were blocked by the wind pressure and stopped moving.

In addition, she expelled and breathed out condensed air without flames.

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Those white hands were blown away by the high-pressure air bullet and it looked as if they had been dispelled without any technique.

However, the scattered mist clumped back together and returned to the original hand-shapes in just five seconds.


“Looks like we can’t destroy it no matter what. What should we do about this?”

“If so, let’s analyze them rather than attack.”


When Klaus finished chanting, a barrier enveloping the group of white hands was deployed.

It was a cube-shaped barrier, like an aquarium made of clear glass.

The handprints made of frost stuck to the inner walls of the barrier.

All in all, it was a terrible sight.


“It’s just a simple barrier to confine them, but that should be good enough for observing them, right?”

“Yes, that will help.”

“Next, I will cast Glam Sight on everyone.”


Klaus cast a short spell.

The magical information about the mysterious white hands came into my eyes thanks to the effect of Glam Sight that appeared immediately.

However, the magical structure that made up those white hands didn’t appear.


“It doesn’t seem like a ghost or a magical beast. Is it an unidentified phantom beast or an ancient artificial spirit?”

“When it was destroyed for the first time, I feel like I saw something that seemed like an incantation for a moment before it returned to its original shape.”

“I see. If so—”


Klaus took out a large amount of spellcards from his robe and deployed them into the air.

At the same time, he finished chanting in just several seconds.

The spellcards formed a Delay Barrier by overwriting the simple barrier.


“What is this?”

“Klaus-sama, you used such a powerful technique casually, huh……you were able to do high-speed chanting of the Delay Barrier in no time……”


Auguste gave instructions to Goldberry while I was commenting on Klaus’ proficiency.


“Alright, now then, do it once more, Goldberry.”


Goldberry expelled air bullets several times into the barrier.

The white hands inside the barrier were struck by those bullets and dispersed, then they slowly increased the mist density to reform themselves.


“See, that’s what I meant.”


Everyone saw a string of characters suspending on the spot where those white hands were reforming themselves.

They look like ancient characters at a glance.

In terms of notation, it is not hieroglyphic character but phonetic symbol type.


“That looks like an ancient language, but I don’t recognize the characters. Klaus, Erica, what about you two?”

“It doesn’t resemble anything I learned in my field.”


It is an unknown character, that even Auguste, who is well-versed in ancient languages, and Klaus, who has mastered many forms of magic, don’t recognize.

But, surprisingly, I remember seeing this character.


“This is a golem language.”

“Then, this mist is a golem……?”

“I see. That’s why Klaus and I don’t recognize it.”


I received my leather bag from Tirnanog and took out a rare copy of my mother’s keepsake book called 〈Golem, A Hundred Constructions〉.

On one of the pages, several example sentences for golem construction and the ancient language to create it were jotted down by hand.

These might be the supplementary notes written by my mother or the previous owner of this book.

They are exactly the same as the characters that produced these white hands in front of us.


“This is the ancient language of Aurelia from about three hundred years ago, a language that only a certain genius alchemist used.”

“You’re pointlessly well-versed in knowledge about golem as usual, huh.”

“You’re right. The atmosphere is slightly different because of the peculiarities of the characters, but the characters are the same if we look closely……huh?”


Auguste tilted his head with a strange expression while peering into the page.


“What’s wrong, Auguste-sama?”

“The handwriting on this page, I feel like I have seen it before somewhere……well, it’s not a big deal if I can’t remember it. Don’t worry about it.”


When I asked, Auguste waved away the question smoothly.

Although it bothers me a little bit, it can’t be helped if he can’t remember it.


“But, what is this made of?”

“I can’t pinpoint it accurately if I don’t analyze the sentence structure, but it’s probably made of mist or water.”

“First it was gel and now mist, you alchemists seem to make golems with nothing but interesting materials.”

“But this is risky. Depending on how one makes it, it can be quite vicious.”


If it was made of strong acidic mist, it could be a terrible weapon.


“I think that this child is safe as far as I can see it. It doesn’t seem to have such a complicated mechanism.”

“Hou. Then I will release it.”


Klaus released the Delay Barrier.

All the spellcards that made up the barrier returned to Klaus’ hand and the space that was isolated from the flow of time was released.

White mist spread in the corridor to form hands and the inhuman voice of a boy resounded once again.


I love you.

Even if you didn’t love me.

This love was never lost.

I love you.

Even if my life is over, I will keep thinking of you forever.

Please accept this instead of me, who can no longer protect you.

This is my living proof, the proof that I loved you.

I hope these last words reach you.

Goodbye, my beautiful person.

I will always love you.


Was this voice also incorporated in the golem?

It might be the intention, but that was a heavy poem.

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“Incorporating the lingering attachment of a rejected person into a golem, how cowardly……”


Klaus appeared to be fed up with the message that was incorporated into the golem.

As for me, I feel like I want to support it from a distance, but I don’t want to approach.

Thinking so far, when I think about it, it is a terribly heavy feeling.

It is a type of feeling that is unsuitable as an affection for humans.


However, Auguste looked at the golem in a somewhat sympathetic manner.


“But, it feels rather pitiful. It looks like the will of someone who is about to die after this.”

“No one is actually dying. This golem may be made with that kind of setting intentionally.”

“Ah— ……I see.”


It will be even heavier if this is actually a dying will.

But I wonder what was the intention of the alchemist who made this golem.

Is there a message or something that came along with this mist golem?

That’s what I want to check.


“How do we stop this golem, Erica.”

“Perhaps it’s a type that operates and absorbs heat from the open air, so it doesn’t keep moving forever.”

“How vicious.”

“Well, but it’s unnatural to move this way just because of the heat from the outside air……”


Besides, I can’t find the core of this golem.

If it uses the same language as the one in the book, it should have the character emet engraved somewhere.


“If we know where the core is, we can stop it, but I wonder in which part of the workshop it is.”

“Core, huh. I can’t sense it because it doesn’t have a spirit.”

“We might be able to find it using Link Sight, but its effect range is narrow.”


I glanced at my ore watch.

It is likely that it will cost us our sleeping time if we have to search the whole building.

What should I do?


Ah, that’s right. In a situation like this, it’s time to use the Eyes of Overworld.

If I use that, I will be able to see the character of emet inscribed in the core of the golem.

Let’s use the last two charges left on the lens.


“Incidentally, I have a lens with a built-in demonic eye for wide-range search from bird’s-eye view.”

“Erica, did you say something unreasonable to Harold again……”


I looked away from Klaus’ frosty eyes and took out the lens from my leather bag.

I quickly put it on and activated the Eyes of Overworld.

What appeared in my brain is the bird’s point of view of the alchemy workshop.

I checked the floating emet characters one by one.


Golems with large furnace and many bead-like small golems.

I can see several golems working and standing by inside the building.


There is only one unnatural golem inside the workshop.

It is the golem buried inside the wall that I found at that time.

When I first tried this demonic eye lens, I thought that the lens was set incorrectly.

But Harold’s demonic eye lens was accurate.


“Found it. I think it is here.”


I pointed around the central part of the wall of the west passage.

It was right on the wall of the nap room with a fireplace.


“Inside this stone wall?”

“Well, I guess we can’t just go ahead and break it, huh~”

“No, we can use this with the golem.”


I took out a wand from my glove of storing.

It is the wand of Castling.

During my simulated duel with Klaus, I have confirmed that Castling can be used on pseudo-life-form to change places with the opponent.

Naturally, since it is a golem, its magic resistance is low.

I took out a regular hexahedral cleaning gel golem out of my leather bag.

The cleaning golem is just about the size of a pudding.


I started the Eyes of Overworld again and waved the wand of Castling.

In the next moment, the cleaning golem disappeared and a small core and a jar of mysterious liquid appeared in its place.


“Is this the main body of the mist golem?”

“It seems to be able to interfere with the outside moisture even from inside the jar.”


I wrapped the jar with dried white clover and sealed it in a highly airtight small box.

This white clover was stocked up with the intention of being used as seasoned lumber-cum-packing material for wands and materials.

This should not be a simple mist golem.


“Aa~h, somehow Erica solved the wonder in the blink of an eye.”

“Indeed. It’s boring that nothing happened.”


Klaus and Auguste were saying so.

I think they are the ones who solved most of it though.

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“But, it was fun. It was a good way to kill time.”

“Wait, I didn’t accompany her to kill time.”


The two of them led the way to the West Dorm while having that kind of exchange.

I silently did a high-five with Tirnanog while holding the small box containing the mist golem in one hand.


That’s how one of the academy’s Seven Wonders, The Ghost of the Fallen Boy, was solved.

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  1. thanks im wondering if erica’s mother also attend the academy…. what if her mother is the source of those mysteries in the school… i would love it if that really happened though…

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  2. A mist golem? Now that’s a very ‘unique’ material to make a golem with, whoever made it must have been a genius. And Erica, that was a quick solution. A mist golem captured! Erica’s arsenal of weapons just got an upgrade.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter!
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    1. Btw this line bother me
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      1. You know that it was made that way right? The golem was made to say that intentionally. That doesn’t mean the one who made it wasn’t human. They just set the golem to say it like that.


        1. but I still feel that it’s unnatural to say something like that, even if that thing pretend as a ghost, a human ghost. would you say “human” to the ones you love if you’re also a human even if you’re already dead?

          『Please accept this instead of me, who can no longer protect you.』
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      1. Thinking of such things in terms of being “cowardly” or not – exactly what one would expect from someone whose any and all attempts at romance end up looking like a challenge letter from a rival hell-bent on surpassing the other party.

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  4. So the Seven wonders just became the Six 😛 soon no wonders well be found… or perhaps a new one will arise… The Mysterious Alchemist lol or Erica the Wonder Destroyer Duelist protector Abyssal Killer lol, I wonder if Eduart planted some of the Seven wonders himself 😛

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  5. I really, really like the pacing of this story. So many clues left dangling here and there that could probably used way after they’ve been introduced.
    And the mysteries from ~6 years ago to the present that have only been mentioned but never fully resolved, my gosh. The mysterious deaths (even the one 20 + years ago with Ignitia’s first prince/princess), the grave robbing cases, the corrupted altars, even these 7 wonders. I cannot freaking wait to see the culmination of all of these.

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