Side Story 2: The Younger Prince and the Game World

I’m posting this first so that Wilfred’s motivation becomes clearer. And because the first side story is so diabetes-inducing that I have to stop lol.

TL: clover

ED: clover

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Wilfred Roseblade.

That is the name given to me when I was born in this world.

This world is the world of an otome game, I realized that as soon as I was born.

When I realized that, I was delighted to be born in such a wonderful world. Because I played this game in my previous life.

Eh? Even though I was a man, it’s strange that I played otome game, you say?

What are you saying. Nowadays otaku plays both galge1 and otoge2, you know?

I love the grandeur of a galge, but I was a true otaku that can also enjoy the delicate love pattern of an otoge.

And the world I was reincarnated into is the world of a game that I was extremely good at, so I felt like my victory was already decided.


“Alright. Since I was reborn in this game world, I will get the happy ending for my favorite route.”


Favorite route—usually it’s about the favorite character, and in my case, it is the capture target 『First Prince Alan』.

I was reborn as one of the capture targets and the younger brother of Prince Alan, so I can say that I am in the best position to give him advice so that he can be happy with the Heroine.


“Prince Alan. I really like his character. The Heroine is a very good girl, so I definitely want Alan to be happy with the Heroine.”


Since I remember all the conditions of his events, I will guide my older brother properly and have the Heroine open the route with him.

My older brother’s route ends in a wedding scene with the Heroine.

When I realized that I could see that touching last scene with my own eyes, suddenly I was filled up with determination.

“Alright, I will do my best!”

I can become the so-called helper character. Sometimes I will guide Alan, and sometimes I will guide the Heroine. I will become a cupid for both of them!

That’s why I decided to transcribe the events I remember in my diary.


“The Heroine’s society debut was the opening scene……by that time Alan is certainly……right, right, he will be engaged with the villainess.”


I grumbled.

—Villainess. It is a typical villainous character who gets in the way of a heroine’s love. She, Liz Beltran, became the fiancée of the First Prince Alan due to her status as the daughter of a duke, but her selfishness and arrogance are to the extent that even the prince, who is her fiancé, finds himself unable to bear with it.

originals on

“Brother……poor him. But well, there is a possibility that he won’t get an event if he’s not engaged to Liz Beltran, so he’ll have no choice but to endure it because he can be happy later.”


I feel sorry for my older brother, but I can’t afford him avoid this.

I have no choice but to close my eyes to this. And then, when the time for his engagement came, my brother got engaged with Liz Beltran the Villainess as planned.

Okay, this is just like the original.

If I wait for the Heroine’s society debut, the game should begin.

Even though I thought so, the story started to move in an unexpected direction.

For some reason, my brother is showing a very positive attitude towards his fiancée, Liz Beltran.

No matter how much I explain it to him, he said, “I don’t need the 『heroine』. Because I already have Lily.”

Lily. That is Liz Beltran’s nickname, but I didn’t think my brother would call her that.

The game’s Alan always had an impression that he was distancing himself from his fiancée, Liz Beltran, and in his mind, he was already fed up with her. Of course, they didn’t call each other with nicknames.


—Something is wrong.


But, so what if something is weird. Because this world is the world of a game. Even if something unexpected happens, the so-called compelling force would correct it and it should return to the original flow. This uncomfortable feeling must be just my imagination, that was what I thought the whole time, so I never thought that it was important.


On the day when Liz Beltran’s society debut took place, my brother had a wide smile on his face, escorted her and danced the first dance with her.

Liz Beltran, who should have been the first villainess to be encountered, was not wearing an unnecessarily expensive and gaudy dress, nor was she wearing garish makeup that make one grimaces.

Her dignified appearance was beautiful, and I even doubted myself whether she was the same villainess.


—Huh, how weird.


It was different from what I know. Then, I realized one possibility. Liz Beltran, like me, was a reincarnated person.

If so, I could understand why her atmosphere had changed completely. She must be trying hard to get away from the original work.

That’s what I thought, so I called out to her. If she was a reincarnated person like me, I wanted to get along well with her.

But she denied it. As if she didn’t understand the meaning of my story, she tilted her head. Seeing that, I finally understood.

—That it is possible to change the original story without being a reincarnated person.

If there is some kind of motive, one can change. And so, before I realized it, she had freed herself from becoming a villainess.


—What, so she’s no longer a villainess?


If so, I guess she may stay with my brother then.

I wanted my brother to be happy, but, even though I thought that it has to be the Heroine no matter what, my brother himself said that he is fine with Liz Beltran. If she’s no longer a villainess, well, she may not be that bad. And then, I thought about it.

My brother is no longer the Heroine’s partner.

Well then, I wonder if I can step up as a candidate.


—Yeah. Becoming a player myself seems refreshing.


And so, while still believing that this world is a game, I decided to work vigorously towards my next goal.

1 Galge (gyaru geemu) is a game targeted towards male audience, where the Hero can date pretty girls.

2 Otoge (otome geemu) is a game targeted towards female audience, where the Heroine can date handsome guys.

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30 thoughts on “Side Story 2: The Younger Prince and the Game World

    1. ya i saw the worst and compared to THAT he’s a cute little monkey ↜(╰ •ω•)╯ψ the way the worst is Maria from the novel ” Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite(or)Falling In Love With the Villainess” if you’re interested (ˇ⊖ˇ) though it has a pit of a dark side (。ヘ°) but it’s really good ^^;


          1. i meant the translations ^^; the raws is completed but the translators don’t upload on NU anymore so you can only read at their site (◕︿◕✿)


  1. This kind of characters that believe that the world is a game that should go according to the walkthrough make me irrationally angry.
    This idiot doesn’t deserves Chloe.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The thing that bothers me is his blind belief in the “compelling force”, which these novels present as something that corrects the universe to fit the original story of something deviates. But there was never any reason to believe he was in a universe with a compelling force. He’s been breaking character all this time, telling Alan about the game, and he didn’t think at any point that his actions would have consequences. The one that broke the script was him.


    2. Here’s my tip for when you get isekai’d:

      Don’t bully the weak outcast. He’s secretly overpowered and you could be in his revenge tale.


      1. Like, I mean if you get isekai’d with your classmates, coworkers or friends or something. There’s the one guy that’s a black sheep who gets bullied so hard that he goes full-on edgelord in isekai world.


  2. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll awaken to the reality of his transmigrated life by the end of the story — in the meantime, at least he does have an appreciation for Chloe and is not aiming to shoot down another “target’s” chance at winning the heroine — he’s not being a villain, just playing through his life to get a good ending, is that so horrible?

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  3. Thank you for yhe chapter! Uuh…. ooookay….so he no longer think lily as a villainess is good and all but wow……..he still treat the world as an otome game and think of himself as a “player” to win over the “heroine” ugh that’s just…..

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  4. Will’s mentality reminds me of the 3 heroes from the Shield Hero series; the ones who thought they’d reincarnated into the world of their favourite games without realizing it’s a living breathing world…
    Given Vol 1 covered the 1st 54 chapters of the webnovel, how long do you think it’ll take for the author to have enough material for a Vol 2 assuming they update at their current pace?
    Also, do you think a Vol 2 would be nice, or does Vol 1 end just nicely?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Of course vol 2 would be nice. Because the first volume didn’t even touch the core problem: Wilfred and the ‘game’ as the ‘game’ only starts when Chloe has her society debut. I think given the pace, the author would have enough material for vol 2 on may or the beginning of June.


  5. Yeah, with that kind of mindset Chloe will not even give him the time of day. He will certainly be very confused when he triggers his events and she still doesn’t fall for him.


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