IDWBV – 62

I reaaally want to think that Will is a good guy, but his behavior just made me want to punch him. Enjoy the chapter!

TL: clover

ED: clover

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“E-everyone is watching. It’s embarrassing……”

“It’s okay. It’s better for us to show them that our relationship is good.”



As expected, there is no way I can do such an embarrassing behavior. While I was thinking about such a thing, Al chuckled.


“Because I am yours, huh, Lily? I’m happy. Of course, you’re mine too, right?”



Otherwise I will feel troubled. When I nodded within Al’s arms, he released his arms that were embracing me in high spirits.



“Hey, Lily. It will be alright. Because we love each other too much.”


“I don’t see anyone else but you, so you can be relieved.”


Hearing Al’s words, I just nodded.

Although my anxiety hasn’t gone completely, Al rejected Chloe plainly and it comforted me quite a bit.

That’s right. Al said that he loves me. He wouldn’t be interested in Chloe.

Besides, that’s rude to Chloe. She is not the kind of person who would give amorous glance at her friend’s lover.

She is very trustworthy, my only friend.

I shouldn’t be fooled by Prince Wilfred’s words and doubt my lover and friend.


“Sorry, I’m fine now.”


I made a resolution within myself and lowered my head towards Al. When I said that calmly, Al smiled with a relieved expression.


“That’s great. We have come all the way here, I don’t want to be swayed by Will’s thoughtless words. Lily, we are our own person. We should proceed forward on our own without worrying about what Will had said.”

“Yes……you’re right.”


What Al said is correct.

We should proceed forward on our own. There is no reason for us to go along with how it should be within these incomprehensible words like 『game』 etc. that Prince Wilfred had said.


—They have nothing to do with Al and me.


I finally think so. I took my mind of that matter and looked at the dance floor, where the dance of Chloe and Prince Wilfred had just ended.

I couldn’t see much, but it seems that their dance was well-received. Applause that doesn’t seem like it was only a flattery rang out. I also stood up and clapped along. Prince Wilfred and Chloe withdrew from the dance floor. Al grabbed my hand and said.


“You’re worried about your friend, right? Since Will is there, it will be difficult for you to get close, so I will go with you.”

“Thank you.”


I was aiming for the timing when Prince Wilfred leaves the dance floor, so I was thankful when I heard Al’s words. And so, together we head to where Prince Wilfred and Chloe are talking.




Prince Wilfred was talking with Chloe with a smile. Chloe responded him with an awkward smile.

Around them, nobles who wanted to know what relationship they have were gathering while keeping each other in check. Al easily slipped through between them and called out to his younger brother.


“Will, how terrible. While saying that you wanted to leave for the evening party together, you left me alone. Could you introduce that woman to me? —Aah, you guys are a hindrance, can you leave us for a few moments? I don’t like too many people listening to our conversation.”


Al said to the nobles who had gathered while smiling. There is no way they would go against the First Prince, who is the closest to the throne. They were curious, but they don’t want to incur his displeasure, so everyone withdraws obediently.

After driving away those nobles politely, Al sighed while saying, “Aah, how irritating.”


“I know they were curious about us, but I wish they would stop. So, Will?”


Prince Wilfred whose eyes met with Al’s smiled a very refreshing smile.


“……this is Chloe Carlisle from the Earl House of Carlisle, who has her debut today. Brother.”



I didn’t actually speak out, but I was very surprised.

Because Prince Wilfred’s wording was so polite unlike what I’ve heard from him until now.

After that, he made a refreshing smile that fits him well (fits his outward appearance too well, actually).

Is this really the same person? Al confirmed it for me before, but I still can’t believe it. When my gaze turned towards Al in doubt reflexively, he nodded while smiling wryly.


—So he can behave like this too, huh……


He’s a royalty. Although it is only a matter of course if I think about it, the shock I received was very great because I only know Prince Wilfred as a rough person until now.

I can only feel surprised, and while I was dumbfounded, I heard Al addressed Chloe who was still silent.

originals on

“Miss Chloe Carlisle, right? Nice to meet you. I’m sure you already knew, but I am Alan Roseblade. Will’s older brother. The girl next to me—you knew her too. Liz Beltran. My fiancée.”

“Ah, I, I apologize for my rudeness, Your Highness Alan. I am Chloe Carlisle.”


Chloe hurriedly bowed her head. Al inclined his head calmly, and then turned towards Prince Wilfred.


“So? Why did you act as Miss Carlisle’s partner? I haven’t heard about this at all. It’s not because I took Lily with me, right?”


Prince Wilfred, who received Al’s gaze, made an expression that says “Oh no.” He smoothed it over immediately, but it was obvious.


“S-sorry. It seems I was too excited and forgot to inform you, Brother. I came to this evening party because I wanted to be her partner……”

“Aah, yeah. I thought it would be something like that. I’ll just ask you one thing, have you received Miss Carlisle’s consent? Of course, I’m sure my brother is not someone who would take action without getting the other party’s consent.”

“W-well……that is……”


Hearing Al’s intense sarcasm, Prince Wilfred trembled with the corner of his mouth twitching.


“If you want to act as her escort, it is common sense to ask for her consent in advance. I thought you knew that too, but did I give you too much credit?”

“But, this is just a game—”




Al only called his name, but the effect was enormous.

Prince Wilfred grimaced. Then, he started making excuses while mumbling. Al kept making a severe expression.

I realized that both of them would start a complicated argument, so I stepped back a little so that I couldn’t hear the content of their conversation. When I looked at Chloe, she noticed me and went towards me with a small run as if relieved. Her eyes seemed to say “I’m saved”.


“Chloe, are you alright?”

“Lily……! Aah, thank you!”


Chloe, who came to my side, looked at me with teary eyes. When I saw that Al and Prince Wilfred were talking, I asked her with a low voice.


“So? What happened? If I remember correctly, you said that the one who would act as your escort was your uncle, right?”

“That’s right. But, His Highness Wilfred suddenly—”


When I heard her story, I was surprised.

Chloe initially got on the carriage with her uncle as planned. However, when they arrived at the castle, Prince Wilfred came to pick her up for some reason, saying that “She will become my partner” and sent her uncle away.


“Eeh? Did he contact your family beforehand?”

“There was nothing like that. That’s why I was so surprised.”

“So that’s what happened……”


She never imagined that the Second Prince was waiting to escort her when she got off the carriage. Chloe has a bitter expression as she remembers that time.


“As I didn’t want to be rude, I refused him in a roundabout way, but he didn’t withdraw at all. However, my uncle had returned home, and I couldn’t possibly go to the evening party without someone to escort me……”

“I see……”


That was something Chloe couldn’t do.

It is unprecedented for one not to bring a partner for the evening party of their society debut. No matter how disrespectful the prince whom she met for the first time was, she had no choice but to say thank you and lower her head.


“……that was your first time meeting him, right? You did not meet him somewhere before?”

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14 thoughts on “IDWBV – 62

  1. Poor Heroine.
    Otaku guy i understand you reincarnated into a game but if you an otaku you should realised that the world you lived in is (isnt) scripted. if you keep saying the world is going to go the way you said it will go the other way. Just look how annoyed everyone around you. I dont hink this guy a true otaku more to a normie.

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  2. Thank you for the chapter! Well…. if he still think that it is a game then i sugest that someone run him with a sword and tell him “since it’s just a game it’s fine right?”

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  3. I think even though Wilfred is trying to get to the 2nd prince route, the way he is behaving I think he will freak Chloe out and be successfully kicked outta the route while Alan disciplines him and Lily helps her friend hook her up with Luke or her big brother Victor.

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  4. I hope someone slaps Prince Wilfred for being such a giant idiot. He has the mindset of a noble brat that’s just forcefully taking what he wants.
    Thanks for the new chapter!

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  5. Ok, I stuck up for you last chapter, Will, but now, I wanna be the first to slap you across the face to wake you up — you’re so rude! Even if it was a game, how is your behavior justified or make any sense, except to show you’re being villainous and scare Chloe right into the arms of another capture target! 😤😤😤

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    1. In vol. 1 Will had that preconception about Compelling Force but other than that he seemed pretty reasonable – just operating on wrong assumptions. But now… damn. This guy is an absolute idiot, isn’t he. If he wanted to be her partner, shouldn’t he have just made some excuse to meet her before and get a proper head start over the other capture targets? He had half a year to make preparations – and what he comes up with is basically kidnapping her when she already comes to the palace… You go, champ. Tha’t is sure going to work. Certainly. No doubt about it. No way that would freak her out instead!


  6. I suddenly has a desire to introduce Wil’s face to my fist… the damn blockhead… so he hasn’t realize at all that it isn’t a game anymore… makes me wonder just hold old was he when he died….

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  7. Thanks for the chapter! That dick, he’s saying they aren’t people with feelings and they don’t deserve any respect and their desires don’t matter.

    Wil could use a nice kick between the legs.

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