IDWBV – 63

It seems there is a chance for VictorxChloe, guys~ enjoy the chapter!

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“This is the first time I’ve been to the castle. As you already know, Lily, I usually just go to the orphanage……so the opportunity to meet him is……”

“You certainly don’t have the opportunity to do that.”


I was convinced.

Chloe furrowed her eyebrows and said with a bitter expression.


“I thought that he was waiting for someone else and I was about to pass him by, but he began to talk to me for some reason. I had no idea what to do.”


Even though she was already nervous for her society debut, the Second Prince addressed her suddenly, what a bad luck.

If it were my previous self, I would have rejected him arrogantly as a matter of course, but now I already knew that it would be a foolish act to do, and the obedient Chloe wouldn’t be able to do it. To start with, that idea is also not doable.

If it were my current self……so that it wouldn’t create bitter feelings between us, I think I would take a passive method by saying that I am ill at an appropriate time and return back to the mansion.

I couldn’t be rude to the Second Prince, as my father’s reputation would also be affected. If I think about it, I wouldn’t be able to do anything.


“……it must be hard on you.”


When I said so from the bottom of my heart, Chloe also nodded with a serious expression.


“Seriously. I didn’t feel like living anymore. So I was really happy to see you here, Lily.”


She held my hands and smiled with all her heart.

I’m glad that I can become Chloe’s strength. As I think so, I also squeeze her hands back.

While we were talking together, Al, who was talking to Prince Wilfred, turned towards me and said.


“I still have more to say to my little brother, so you should greet Victor in the meantime. He also seems to be alone right now.”


When I followed Al’s gaze, there was certainly my eldest brother nearby. There was no one on his side. My eldest brother seemed to be aware of my gaze, and when his eyes met mine, he smiled, though only for a short time.

I returned my line of sight towards Al. He glanced at Chloe and appealed to me implicitly that “You should take her along too.”

I realized that it was a considerate gesture so that Chloe could distance herself from Prince Wilfred, even if just for a short time.


“Yes……that’s right. I’ll do that. Chloe, you should come along too. It is boring to be by yourself, right?”

“Eh, but……is that okay? I, I’m not acquainted with your brother.”


She doesn’t want to be alone here. But she also can’t accompany me.

It was written on Chloe’s face in a very easy-to-understand manner. And then, I said with a smile.

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“It’s fine. Victor-niisama knows that you are my friend. If I don’t introduce you to him, I will be scolded by him later.”

“I, I see……alright then.”


Hearing my words, Chloe nodded nervously.

Al smiled and said “Go on” but, as if it was the norm, Prince Wilfred said with a disagreeable face.


“I think Miss Liz can do whatever she likes as she’s Brother’s fiancée……but, Miss Chloe. Is your partner for today not me?”



What an unpleasant way of speaking.

Seeing Chloe who couldn’t reply, Prince Wilfred was about to press her even more. But then Al reproached him.


“Will, how deplorable. You’re not qualified to blame Miss Carlisle, when you took the role of her escort by force. Lily, you should take her with you as well.”

“Ah! Brother!”

“You’re going to study more about escorting a woman. You are forbidden to do anything else today. You’re disqualified as my brother. No matter how good your manners were, this kind of thing is unacceptable.”



Al pointed out coldly and Prince Wilfred fell silent. Al turned his line of sight towards me as if telling me to go as soon as possible. I nodded and took hold of Chloe’s hand.


“Let’s go.”


I took her along and headed towards my eldest brother.

Chloe, who was pulled by me in that manner, couldn’t hide her confusion.


“H-hey. Can I really come along?”

“Of course. Or, Chloe, do you want to stay there as is?”

“Well, no……but, to disregard His Highness Wilfred’s intentions, somehow……”

“Al said it’s fine. So everything will be alright.”


It would be just for a short while, but this gave me a chance to pull her away from Prince Wilfred. I wanted to calm her down even just a little for now.

Thinking so, I comforted Chloe, then she looked at me with envy in her eyes.


“……thank you. That was my first time seeing both of you side by side, but you and His Highness Alan look great together, Lily. How nice. Even in that previous exchange just now, I could tell that His Highness Alan was thinking about you.”

“Where did that come from?”


Why did she say that?

When I tilted my head in confusion, Chloe said.


“His Highness Alan took care of me because I’m your friend, right? He helped me even though he could have left me as is. I’m sure he wanted to show his good side to you, Lily. How nice, Lily. You’re really loved by His Highness Alan. It’s wonderful.”



I didn’t think it would be said that way.

While feeling dumbfounded, I said to Chloe.


“Um, that’s……Al is……a very kind person, so……it wasn’t that special……”


Al is kind to everyone. I thought so and denied it, but Chloe was laughing.


“Well. That’s true, but I think there is a part of him that moves for you, Lily. After all His Highness only has his eyes on you from beginning to end. Fufu, Lily, you got engaged with a nice person. Honestly, today was a little bit difficult for me, but I’m glad that I was able to make sure that you have made a happy engagement.”

“……thank you.”


I’m glad that my friend praised my precious person. It warms my heart.

When I said my thanks to Chloe, she said.


“What are you saying? It is me who was helped by the two of you. I should be the one saying that. Thank you, Lily.”


And then, she gave me a very cute smile.

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33 thoughts on “IDWBV – 63

  1. I’m glad we don’t have to support Chloe x Wilfred. Chloe already has one decent option and possibly another one coming soon. Wouldn’t be surprised if we had a curveball like the second brother or something just to REALLY mess with Wilfred’s head. Was he even a character in the game? At best he was probably just a minor villain, so watching him hook up with Chloe would be more than some idiot like WIlfred could possibly accept.

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    1. I don’t think Yugo will be paired with Chloe. Honestly, with how things are going between Yugo and Noel the missing mage, I think Yugo will end up with Noel lol (when he turns back into human, of course)

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      1. Oh, I don’t think so either. I didn’t mean I was supporting a weird cracky ship like that, I just meant I thought it would be particularly amusing if Chloe didn’t even end up with one of the capture targets from the game. Wilfred can accept the villainess mellowing out and he can probably accept being rejected. But think how his world view would utterly shatter if the heroine ended up not with one of her designated love interests but rather some complete stranger who wasn’t even in the game.

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  2. Thabk you for the chapter! “I think Miss Liz can do whatever she likes as she’s Brother’s fiancée……but, Miss Chloe. Is your partner for today not me?” self imposed u sh*thead! Rather than education on how to escort a lady, i think this wilfred need a thorough mental and brain checkup……

    Well, victor x chloe is better than that dumb prince but who knows what will happen….

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  3. Thanks for chapter.
    Ahhh… Somehow I can’t stop smiling when Lily and Chloe together, hope Chloe became Victor/Yugo fiance to make her became Lily sister-in-law. But I don’t wanna see Wilfred together with Chloe even it still make her Lily sister-in-law through Al.

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  4. Will, that kind approach will lead you straight to bad end so it’s a bad move.
    now let see Chloe and Victor compatibility in next chapter. I’m wondering will the ship sail or sink

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  5. Dayum Willfred, you make me look bad for backing you. Shamefur Dispray!
    There’s still Victor at least (and Yuugo…maybe) so Liz and Chloe becoming sister-in-laws is still somewhat alive and well.

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    1. Hey there! I don’t know if you’ve seen my reply, but I want to ask you something. In the pastebin file for Al’s side story you gave me, it seems the chapter is incomplete as the conversation is cut off at the end. Could you take a look and fix it? I really want to translate it >< thank you!

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    1. Lol because let’s face it, there is no chance for Luke, who is a butler, can be with Chloe, who is the daughter of an earl. It will be a different thing if the ‘heroine’ here were a commoner like Luke, but alas, Chloe is a noble.


    1. Wait, there is one line that still cut off.
      This one: 「その……大好きなあなたにそこまで想っていただけるのはとても

      On the pastebin, it is the line number 141.


  6. I have been reading this light novel for a while now and thank you very much for your translations! 🙏🏻

    Now as for the matter of Prince Willfred, I kind of understand his personality because ver wince he was a child he though of this world as a game where everything revolves around his will. And if he were the main character of this novel, I’m sure people will understand too. But truly, he is indeed going too far!

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  7. Wilfred seems to have somehow overlooked one very important caveat in his ‘get conquered by the Heroine’ ploy: that the heroine has a mind of her own in this world.
    In the game, Chloe would have been the player character. She wouldn’t have had a love parameter, the capture targets do. The game should give very little insight in how to make the Heroine fall in love. Like, what can he even do if she doesn’t get on his route? Forcibly inject himself, obviously, wasn’t the answer.

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  8. Prince Will, you’re breaking your flags. Also, if he keeps forcing her like this… Would he force her to marry him? I could totally see that. Despicable bastard.
    Thanks for the chapter

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  9. Ho ho ho I’m sorry for Will but he was so stupid, so goodbye……and hello VictorxChloe I’ll suport you !!!


  10. When you think about it, this would’ve been so much simpler for Wil to solve if he did one thing.

    Just make up the excuse that he’s escorting Chloe as a favor to Lily because Al asked him to.


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