Side Story 1: My Cute Fiancée

I was going to post this on time, but my friend asked me to watch the movie with her lol so this is a bit late, sorry. Here’s the diabetes-inducing side story! Hope you prepare your insulin shots!

TL: clover

ED: clover

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—How cute.

I looked at Lily who turned red from our first kiss. The feeling that this cute person finally became mine welled up bit by bit.


“Lily, I love you.”

“M-me too……”


When I whispered to her sweetly, a lovely answer came back from her. I couldn’t be happier.

It was just the two of us on the balcony at night.

We were far away from the hustle and bustle of the evening party, and there was no one to hinder us.

My dearest person fixed her eyes on me and smiled.


—I finally caught her.


Someone who I couldn’t help but want from the first time I met her. I felt deeply satisfied now that this person was finally mine.

To be honest, I couldn’t help but feel anxious.

This girl who wore her custom-made debutant dress was so beautiful that I seriously thought that she wouldn’t look at me anymore.

In fact, at this evening party, as I thought, everyone was watching her.

There was one who was staring at her blankly. One who dropped his wine glass he was holding. There were variety of people, but no doubt everyone was watching her.

Seeing that, what I thought was, “I don’t like it.”

My cute, cute Lily.

She was beautiful, but arrogant and was hated by everyone, and through her own efforts, she broke away from her past self.

She thought hard about what she did wrong and what she had to do from then on, acted, and the result came through.


—Together with me.


Yes, with me.

However, I do not want to be seen in the same category as those who were only fascinated by her who has cleaned up her act.

It was I who has seen her entire journey, and the one she needs is me.


—Aah, not good. I’m frustrated.


I harbored such an ugly and dark emotion that cannot be calmed down.

This ugly jealousy that was born even when I knew that Lily was thinking about me.

But, I don’t want Lily to realize it.

I want her to see me as someone who always keeps my composure.

My tiny pride as someone older, and as a man.

I secretly hid my jealousy entirely, and asked her for a dance. When I held out my hand, Lily gave me a smile.

Be the partner of her first dance. This is my right as her fiancé.

I wouldn’t hand it over to anyone else.

I saw that the guys around us were looking at me in jealousy.

I noticed it and danced with her to show off to them.

They are surely jealous. Lily is mine. I won’t let them touch her even just a hair.

I thought that I was being ridiculous, but I felt that my frustration was gone just a little bit.

The dance was over. After that, there was a little bit of trouble, but I managed to be alone with her somehow.

I took her out to the balcony and asked about her feeling.

I knew the answer, but the feeling when the words “I love you” came from her own mouth was exceptional.

She, who was my fiancée, on that moment became my lover for real.

It is safe to say that the moment I got the right to claim her as ‘my own’ without hesitation, was the happiest moment in my life so far.



“……ah, sorry.”


Lily called my name as I was thinking about my long journey.

I returned to my senses.

Putting on a nonchalant look, I replied to her with a smile on my face.


“Um, what happened?”

“No……it’s just that you looked absentminded somehow.”


Her voice sounded dispirited. I wondered about that, so I asked her jokingly.


“I was just thinking that you have finally said that you love me. Hm? Don’t tell me you’re feeling anxious?”



As if I had hit the bullseye, Lily cast her eyes downward uneasily.

Seeing that, I was stunned.


—Anxious……no way, right?


Even though I love her so much like this, why would she feel anxious?




I tried to be as gentle as possible and called her.

But Lily wouldn’t raise her face. I called her once again patiently.


“Lily. Raise your face. If you don’t look up, I won’t be able to see your cute face.”



Since there was no reaction, I gripped her chin with my fingers.

When I forced her to raise her face, there was Lily whose face had turned red.

……yup. I think that kind of face is cunning. The mood to press her a question might be lost, you know?


“What’s wrong? That’s a terribly cute expression you got there. Are you inviting me? If you say you want another kiss, I will gladly do it.”

“N-no, that’s not it!”

“What. It’s not that, huh, how disappointing.”


I gently removed my fingers from her jaw. Lily blinked her eyes with red face.

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“D-disappointing, you mean……”

“Hm? I didn’t say any lie. I was going to kiss you if you answered ‘yes’.”



I took a step closer to her. Lily went backwards as if flustered.


“Why are you running away? We’ve done it earlier. Your lips are so soft and sweet. It goes without saying that I want to do it many times more.”

“P-please stop saying that.”



Truly curious from the bottom of my heart, I tilted my head, and she said while trembling.


“B-because it’s embarrassing!”

“Embarrassing? I’m not particularly embarrassed, though.”


As for me, I was just glad to be able to touch the lips of my loved one.


“Do you not feel happy about it?”


That would be sad. Because it would be meaningless if only one of us was happy.

When I made a disappointed expression, Lily became flustered and denied it.


“O-of course, I was happy! I-Isn’t that natural?”

“Yes, that’s great then. I’m glad to hear that from your mouth.”



Lily stared at me with an expression that says she gave up.


“So? Let’s go back to the topic. What were you worried about, Lily, can you tell me?”

“Eh! T-that conversation is over……”

“When did I say it’s over? Of course we’re going to talk about it.”

“No way……”

“Come on, tell me.”


When I asked for an answer, Lily was visibly frustrated.


“I, I……”

“Just be honest. I won’t get angry.”


I persuaded her with a soft voice. For a moment, she didn’t say anything, but she knew that she couldn’t dodge the question.


“T-that……Al is a wonderful person……so I wondered if I am not suitable for you after all……because I am a woman who was a 『villainess』……”




I tugged her arm and pulled her into my embrace, albeit a bit more forcefully. When I hugged her as is, Lily made a cute voice saying, “Hyaah……” I murmured at her ear.


“You know, I’m always worried that someone will steal you away. Lily, you are really beautiful. It feels like if I let my guard down for a second, someone will snatch you in a blink of an eye, that’s why I’m really worried.”

“T-that kind of thing……the one who should be worried, is me.”


Raising her face slightly, Lily retorted. I also responded with a serious expression.


“It’s me.”


“No, me.”

“That’s why, it’s me.”



Neither I nor she would concede the point. In the meantime, I felt like it was fun.

It was just a meaningless banter, so why? Strangely, my heart warms up.

Her face was getting more and more cute rapidly as she felt the same way. Seeing that, I said.


“Well then, let’s just say that we both were anxious.”

“T-that’s right……if this continues as is, there will be no end.”

“As for me, no matter who is more anxious, or who loves the other more, I would like for us to banter like this. This is fun.”



I sweetly told her who was caught in my arms.


“Hey? I really love you, you know? So I have no intention to see anyone else. I want you to believe in me.”

“I, I……there is only you in my eyes, Al. I have always liked you since the first time we met.”


Her face as she said so was earnest.


“Really? I’m glad. Well then, from now on, I won’t let you look away from me, alright?”

“I, I won’t do it. B-because there is no room for that in my mind.”


Lily, who was appealing with a serious expression, looks terribly cute.

I kissed her forehead lightly and told her in a low voice.


“—It’s a promise then. Otherwise, I don’t know what I will do.”



It wasn’t a joke. That was my true feeling.

Because I have decided that she is my only one. Even if, for example, she said that she would like to be with someone else other than me, at this point of time I won’t let her go anymore.

I will catch her by any means necessary.

Because I am me.



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Lily’s voice was shaking. Noticing that, I smiled at her.


“Did I scare you? But that was my true intention. It may not be acceptable to you though.”



It doesn’t matter what her answer would be. That’s why I told her honestly, but Lily looked into my eyes without hesitation. I think her eyes that were looking straight at me are very beautiful.



“No. I love you, no matter what kind of person you are, because you were the one who helped me—”


Pausing her words, Lily looked down embarrassedly.


“Um……I think I’m very happy that you love me to that extent. Because I feel the same—I don’t want someone else to steal you away.”



Lily, who was embarrassed and smiling at the same time, was unbearably lovable.

Involuntarily, I tightened my embrace.


“Lily……I love you. You are mine only. I will never give you to anyone else. So, prepare yourself.”


“Are you really okay with that?”


When I asked her again to make sure, she turned a beautiful flower-like smile towards me. And she answered once more.


“Yes, of course.”


Her slender hands went around my back voluntarily. I’m very happy about it.


Maybe just a few more minutes, until the soldiers come looking for us who had disappeared.

Because then, I’m sure she would be too embarrassed and leave my arms.

So, at least until they find us, I just want to keep hugging her close like this.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! Ahhhhh this is why i love shoujo novel more than shounen one….. u wouldn’t see this kind of sugar filled chapter that is soooo cuteeeee and sweeet that u would vomit/nosebleed/(insert ur reaction)

    With such cute creature and adorable lily, how can al resist pampering her? Hug her, kiss her, carres her, and see all her cute and adorable reactions from her….. aahhhh so sweet……

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  6. I underestimated the translator’s warning about having more insulin.

    As a person who likes heart warming stuff and is not too good with overly affectionate interactions like these two show, I wholeheartedly give them my blessings because it’s such a wonderful and happy scene. But, since I know that kind of relationship RARELY happens in real life I’ve developed a certain mindset that I would never be as happy as them. haha.

    And I am also a shy person so guuhhh! It’s really hard to control myself from punching the air out of too much sweetness.
    Thank you for the update!

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