Chapter 119: Seven Wonders of the Academy (part nine)

More revelation! Just a disclaimer, as long as xtostos hasn’t edited the chapter yet (he’s very busy rn) the correctness of my translation is not 100% guaranteed >< so bear with me. Enjoy the chapter!

TL: clover

ED: eristol, xtostos

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The next day, I stopped investigating the wonders and decided to work seriously on my academics.


Got up in the morning and went to the classroom to take my lessons.

Returned to the dorm for review and self-study.

I was able to study properly without being particularly sleepy, even though I should have a lack of sleep.


However, sometimes the words ‘I’m looking forward to seeing you again’ and her smile came to mind.

And then, the pent-up feelings for not being able to say anything properly that was welling up disappeared.


If the seemingly cheerful girl on the other side of the mirror was that person.

I should have talked to her more about all sorts of things.

Shouldn’t I have told her something else?


For example, how and when she would die.

And, shouldn’t I have implored her to survive?


As I spent the time thinking about it occasionally, it became lights-out time in the blink of an eye.

When I finished changing clothes, a knocking sound came from the window and Tirnanog appeared.


『There was someone who dropped a stone aiming at that girl’s head.』


Opening his mouth first, Tirnanog conveyed Beatrice’s current situation in a somewhat severe voice.


“What did you say? Is Beatrice okay?”

『Of course. I crushed the stone. I did not let even a fragment of it touch her.』

“That’s good……”

『But, I failed to catch the culprit. I wish I had at least seen their face.』

“Right……I think it’s better to prioritize her safety first, for the time being.”

『Umu, that will be for the best.』


Next, I bounced off ideas with Tirnanog regarding the investigation policy from hereafter.

As we were discovered by a teacher, Klaus, Auguste and I decided not to act.

Our nightly investigation will be put on hold for now, at least until the museum’s thievery case has settled down.


『Fumu……that said, are you going to postpone searching for the key of the reference room then?』

“About that, I considered asking for your help. As a phantom beast who cannot be found with naked eye or the demonic eye, I will entrust this to you.”

『Hohou. I see, I understand.』


Tirnanog smiled broadly.

Yes, I decided to have Tirnanog take charge of the search of the principal’s office.

The plan is to intrude from the fireplace chimneys and vents while using the demonic eye repellent and Invisibility.


It was said that the key of the reference room was hidden behind the principal’s chair.

There should be no change in the last thirty years unless the chair was replaced or the key was discovered.


After sending off Tirnanog, I laid down on the chaise lounge and waited for Palug’s return.

Half an hour later, a golden cat came in from the window.


『Oh my~ is that guy not here?』

“Yes, I sent him on an errand just now.”


I briefly explained what happened last night to Palug and exchanged information with her.

Palug reported on the abduction by the vampires from before.


『The abduction case is continuing. Currently, ten people have been abducted.』

“If two more people get abducted, that means the ritual will begin, right?”

『Yes. However, I will not let that happen.』


Since Palug said so, then she will surely follow through with it.

If the vampires are sticking to the formal method, they won’t begin the slaughter until they gather two more people.


『There is good news too. Knights are being dispatched from each Knight Order to defend the main altar.』

“I see. Then we can rest assured about the altar.”

『It seems some of the people in charge are either church officials or envoys who have received the royal decree, so they are able to accurately determine the state of affairs in any case. Thanks to that, I can concentrate on tracking the vampires.』


I guess the church of Ignitia doesn’t want to simply suffer damage unilaterally.

The resolution of the abduction cases will also be a matter of time.


Then, just as Palug’s story came to a close, Tirnanog returned.

It seems that he has retrieved the key safely.


『Erica, is it this one?』

“Thank you, Tir. This is……”


The key has a very similar design to that of my brother’s Wunderkammer’s key.

It is probably a key to create the same specification, that is, a door that leads to a specific room with built-in spatial magic.


When spatial magic like this is involved, it should not be used lightly.

It is better to consult with Klaus and Auguste rather than trying it out by myself.

After deciding so, I went to bed without trying out the key.



After school the next day, I went to the alchemy workshop.

When I knocked on Harold’s room, multiple replies came from the inside.


“You came at the right time. We just finished talking.”

“He agreed to it gladly.”


Klaus and Auguste were sitting on both sides of Harold.

Harold, who was trapped, had a familiar troubled expression.


What Klaus and Auguste were talking about was the location of the door to the reference room.

As a result of our discussion during the lunch break, Harold’s room was chosen.


In the alchemy workshop building, there are many students staying overnight, so we won’t stand out even if we act in the middle of the night.

Moreover, since the students here are not interested in other people, we won’t have to worry that strange rumors will spread even if a woman is seen going in and out with multiple men.


That said, I feel sorry for Harold who is not good with scary stories.


“I’m sorry, Harold. We forced you to do this even though you’re not good with scary things.”

“No……it’s fine……”


Harold responded with a polite smile, but he looks pale.

After all, he doesn’t like this kind of mysterious item.

Sorry, Harold.


“So, as per the arrangement, we’ll investigate it first, alright?”

“Yes. Here is the key. I have a consultation with Harold about another matter, and then I will join you.”


Since we made an arrangement that they would enter first for the initial survey, I handed over the key to Klaus.

This is because Klaus and Auguste would first perform various magical examinations and examination via telepathic ability respectively.


First, Klaus opened the door to the reference room with the key.

When the door was opened, a glaring white light flooded from inside, but Klaus and Auguste stepped in without hesitation.

These two people will probably be able to deal with whatever is inside so, well, they will be fine.


“I said that at least do this when I’m not here……”


Harold was trembling while hiding his face with his hands so as not to look inside the door.


“It’s not cursed, so there’s nothing to be afraid of, you know?”

“No, no, there is a possibility that the three of you will die, right? No matter how I think about it, isn’t it cursed?”

“That’s……but it’s not 100 percent certain.”

“Well, no matter what you say, I will never approach it.”


Harold rubbed the crease on his forehead with his forefinger and thumb to relax it while groaning.

He seems to be freaking out quickly, so let’s hear about people’s connections and ties of obligation instead.


“Now then, I want to hear about the status of your investigation regarding Beatrice’s case.”

“Oh, about that, I have pin-pointed the culprit. I just need to gather the evidence.”

“Quick as always, Harold.”


After presenting the materials to me, Harold continued to talk.


“Glaw-jou was set to be the next successor for Wynt family, Erica, you also know this.”

“Yes, if she can successfully graduate from Lindis, she will be the adopted child of the current Earl Wynt, isn’t that right?”

“Officially, that is how it’s supposed to be, but in truth, there is blood relationship between Glaw-jou and Earl Wynt from the start.”


I see, so there are circumstances like this, huh.

Harold had an unfathomable smile of a merchant on his face.


“According to a merchant who has been in and out of Wynt family since a long time ago, apparently Glaw-jou’s father is an illegitimate child of Earl Wynt.”

“Does that mean Beatrice is the granddaughter of Earl Wynt?”

“Seems that way. It was said that she was raised nearby, with the official story being that she was the child of a manservant and a maid.”


It’s a story that leaves a bitter taste in one’s mouth, but it is a story that’s commonplace in aristocratic society.

I wonder why she is being adopted after taking all that trouble to hide her.

Harold continued to explain.


“The origin of the affair was, umm, about twenty-six years ago. The daughter of Earl Wynt, who was the original successor, went missing.”

“Twenty-six years ago……”

“The search for her was conducted over the years, but it seems that not a single clue was found. As a result, it can be assumed that she is not alive anymore, and he was supposed to choose a successor from among relatives.”

“What about Beatrice’s father?”

“Because there is the presence of the Earl’s wife1. Besides, he couldn’t be expected to have the magic ability to become the successor due to his commoner upbringing.”


In order to become a noble of Hafan, being a mage is a must.

And to become a mage, it requires a long training period for magical power conversion and cramming a vast amount of knowledge about magic.

To begin one’s practice to become a mage, the younger the better.


“Just as the successor from among the children of distant relatives was almost decided, the Countess died first. And right after that, the magic talent of Glaw-jou was discovered by the Earl.”

“And so, the issues of blood relationship and magic ability, and also the delicate issue between husband and wife were solved in one swoop.”

“As you also know, Erica, there’s been a lot of talk about Glaw-jou being conditionally adopted by Earl Wynt.”


Since there is no wife for whom the Earl would feel obligated, it would be inevitable that he would want to choose his own bloodline.


“Glaw-jou would be welcomed by her grandfather and live happily. That kind of happy ever after……is a bit hard for some to accept.”


I wonder if this is the cause that led to Beatrice’s harassment case.


“Is the problem the child of the distant relative?”

“According to my research, that person is the second child of a baron.”


That person may have felt that they have been robbed of their Cinderella story.

Even if Beatrice is more legitimate, they would not give up that easily.


That is why, the true culprit must have relied on the conditions for Beatrice’s adoption.

If Beatrice cannot graduate from Lindis, the inheritance right will go to the true culprit again.


“I know you must be busy, so I’ll take care of this, okay?”

“……Thank you, Harold.”

“It’s fine. I am useless for this magical phenomenon thing.”


Beatrice’s bullying problem that has lasted for a long time may be resolved.


After feeling relieved, I suddenly recalled Beatrice’s figure.

Her pupils that contain strong determination that will not yield even when she was being bullied.

Something about the information surrounding Beatrice inside my memory has been bugging me.


It appears that I hadn’t notice the answer that had been in front of my eyes until now.


“Say, Harold. Is there any material on Beatrice Glaw’s aunt……I mean, the lost daughter of Earl Wynt?”

“Aah, there is. It should be around here……wait a minute……umm.”

“Is that woman’s name Dolores Wynt?”


Harold, who raised his eyes from the materials, had a startled expression on his face.


“That’s correct……how do you know about that?”


The name of the fourth member, who is also already dead, was Dolores Wynt.

The successor of the County of Wynt who went missing at a young age.

If it is a mage of the Wynt family which specialize in future vision and past vision, it should be possible to use the mirror of future vision in the Infinite Corridor.


As far as I know, the non-survival rate of the 〈Association of Mysterious Story Collectors〉 is 100%.

It can be said that this is already cursed.

1 Meaning that since Beatrice’s father is an illegitimate child, to not slight the Earl’s wife, the Earl could not appoint him as a successor (not mentioning his lack of magic ability).

Changes made in the past week:

Eduart –> Eduard, as Aurelia uses German names.

Adelaide (Auguste’s mom) –> Adélaïde, and Agnes (Auguste’s sister) –> Agnès, as Ignitia uses French names.

Edited past chapters, especially ch 53.

Add some reference sources for some spells in the related chapters.

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