Chapter 132: Association of Mysterious Story Collectors (part two)

Here’s in third person, Frederica’s side. More information about Erica’s mom and her gang! Enjoy!

TL: clover

ED: eristol (will be edited by xtostos)

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Inside the room designed for the 〈Association of Mysterious Story Collectors〉 on the top floor of a former guest house.

Two girls were in front of the mirror installed in the room.

They were Bort and Sigríður.


“I could see it clearly for a moment. You also……well, I can tell that you haven’t seen it.”

“What are you talking about?”


There were girls who look like us.

While leaving out such things, Bort said some ambiguous words.

For Sigríður, who was likely to swear a lifetime of celibacy due to her loyalty, that would only be an unwanted future.


If she said such a thing, it would undoubtedly be considered a lie to ridicule her.

To begin with, this magic mirror that originated from Hafan was not acceptable to the Northern people.


Sigríður came from a family of dragon knights and was from Ignitia.

However, because the court healer—her father came from Lucanrant, her sense of values was as Northern as his was.

It was said that all three of her older brothers were shaken off from their dragons and lost their lives, probably due to their dense Northern blood.


The sound of the door opening resounded when Bort was torn between how she should explain it to Sigríður.


“Your Highness.”

“Oya, Eléonore and Dolores. You guys are late.”


The ones who appeared were Princess Eléonore Ignitia and Dolores, daughter of Earl Wynt.


“You’re in front of the mirror again, huh. Did it perhaps successfully connect?”

“How awful! Why is it Bort again……!?”


Dolores approached and inspected the mirror before anything else, then she sighed loudly.


“The magical power has diminished……this is the same condition as before. Bort, did you see anything?”

“No, no, I was just teasing Sigríður a little bit.”

“That’s a lie. You’re lying right? You’re just trying to mislead us because you’re too lazy to explain, right?”


Bort’s attempt to brush it off did not work on Dolores.

Dolores pressed Bort who was averting her eyes and grabbed her by the neck.


“Now, please confess. When and what have you seen!?”

“Hahaha, I can’t compete against you, Dolores. The girl from last time appeared for a moment.”

“……from last time?”

“Yeah. That’s what I saw, but I didn’t see the big deal.”


Bort hid the fact that there was a girl who was very similar to Sigríður.

She didn’t say a lie, but she didn’t feel like telling the whole truth either.

Still, that seemed to be enough for Dolores, who started thinking about what Bort had said.


“Right, it’s thirty years in the future again……but, why is it only Bort……this is unreasonable.”

“Speaking of which, have you not heard of Eléonore’s conjecture yet?”

“Haa? What are you talking about……?”


Hearing Bort’s words, Dolores furrowed her eyebrows.

Seeing that, Eléonore smiled cheerfully.


“Hmm~ I wonder if I truly said that?”

“Stop teasing us, Eléonore.”

“Dolores, you said that the girl on the other side of the mirror could be Bort’s daughter.”

“Yes. I was also surprised that a woman like her even reproduces.”

“I wonder if it’s really only that child who gets close to your mirror in the future……?”


Dolores released her hands from Bort and glared at Eléonore.


“……what do you mean?”

“You’re going to hide it in the heart of that corridor, right?”

“Yes, only those foolish and thickheaded barbarians can’t reach it, don’t you agree? This is the minimum requirement.”

“You need a huge amount of magical power to activate the mirror, right?”

“They are students of this academy—naturally they would be able to use magic, right? People who don’t temper themselves cannot be trusted.”

“It is easier to connect to people with blood ties, right? It cannot be with just anyone.”

“Yes. It’s essentially a magic tool that conveys information to offspring over a hundred years in the future.”


Eléonore nodded every time Dolores confirmed it.


“That means, the one who has the wisdom to break through the mechanisms of the corridor and has enough magical power in the immediate future, might only be Bort’s daughter. Say, Dolores. The students of this academy, whether they may or may not be able to arrive at the truth of the ghost story, or that they might not have enough magical power……have you ever considered that?”


“You, your standard is too high.”

“No way……”


Dolores overestimated the specs of the future students.

She was aware of that as well now.


“……If so, should I lessen the magical power requirement……? No, that’s not good, it will be easily exposed if the magical power overflowing from the corridor increases more than this……if it takes directly from the ley lines……then set it up in a simpler location……it’s useless……!!”


Dolores leaned against the wall and started mumbling.

She didn’t come back to reality for a while.

Seeing her appearance, Bort laughed.


“Haha, wouldn’t it be great if Dolores also gets married and has a child?”

“That won’t happen. That girl is planning to have her illegitimate brother become the successor and for her to remain single all her life.”


Eléonore answered with a troubled expression.


“That must have been difficult.”

“It’s not like she’s working so hard because she wants to.”


Dolores’ father did not inherit the magic of the previous Earl Wynt who died young.

Therefore, Dolores had been carrying the role that her father should have been bearing since the age of eight.

Eléonore, who had been close with Dolores since childhood, had witnessed her hardship for many years.


“……Well, I’m listening.”

“There is something that has been bothering me. With how that girl set things up, if what she said is true, the mirror should lead to around a hundred years in the future.”

“Heeh, that’s true.”

“But it’s connected not to a hundred years in the future, but thirty years. And it has only succeeded twice.”


Cutting off her words, Eléonore stared at Bort with an air of importance.

Bort interpreted Eléonore’s comment in her own way.


“There is the first possibility. The mirror will be destroyed after thirty years.”

Or, after thirty years all of us and our relatives will be dead. Otherwise, there is one more possibility……”

“Another one?”

“Mankind will not survive.”

“Eléonore, you say such scary things, huh.”


Dolores, who overheard the conversation between the two of them, glowered at Eléonore in annoyance.


“Good job noticing that. What an ugly and disgusting woman.”


Dolores told her as if spitting.


“Wynt’s witch1. Remember that the only reason why I don’t cut off your tongue is because of the disproportionate friendship you receive from Eléonore-sama.”


Sigríður, who was standing behind Eléonore, warned her with a silent bloodlust.

Sigríður’s loyalty to her Lady had a touch of fanaticism to it.


“That is alright, Sigríður. More importantly, hey, Dolores. Can you tell me the answer?”

“No way. Rather than that, how did you notice such a thing?”

“Because I believe in you.”


“If we assume that the spell is already successful, there may be another reason why we cannot see the future.”


While smiling innocently, the princess with a strong telepathic ability threw a question at her.

Even though she could read the mind of others as much as she wanted to, Eléonore never did that.


“In other words, this mirror is a mirror that predicts when the world of mankind will end, isn’t it?”


“Hey, Dolores?”

“Why wasn’t I born similar to Bort, I regret it now……”


As Dolores said so, she averted her eyes from Eléonore’s.


“Huh? Dolores, did you perhaps compliment me?”

“Aargh, if only I had a dishonest personality like this woman!”

“Ahaha, how harsh.”


Bort replied amiably, even though those words were cited with insulting implication.


“By the way, aren’t you guys going to explain it? You just said that the world of mankind is going to be destroyed right before our eyes.”

“The world is not going to end. I will change it, I’m betting my life on it!”

“How gallant, Dolores. You look like a Saint who would save the world.”

“How great would that be. But rather than a setting with Saints and Heroes……it’s the opposite!!”


With a loud sigh, Dolores looked at Eléonore.


“It’s okay. I believe in you, Dolores.”


Eléonore stopped smiling and said so with a serious expression.


“That, do you know that is the same as threatening me?”

“Yes, of course it’s a threat. After all, we are accomplices, right?”

“……you really are a disgusting woman……how dare you say that without even knowing how other people feel~~~~!!!”


Dolores shouted hysterically.


“And thus, the magic that the Wynt family bet their lives on saved the world of mankind from the shadows. How touching. I will do my best remembering the gallant Dolores’ secret achievement.”


Bort bowed down with a dramatic tone of voice.


“Now then, I will also believe in the future that Dolores has promised, so let’s give him my reply.”

“Huh? What?”

“My reply to the marriage proposal.”


“I intended to refuse, but I have changed my mind.”

“What the heck are you talking about?”


Hearing Bort’s sudden declaration, Dolores and Sigríður were taken aback.

Only Eléonore had red cheeks and was putting her hand on her mouth.


“You are finally accepting Ernst’s proposal! How wonderful!”

“Yeah, I’m going to accept it. I thought that I would have a shorter life due to my ties to my older brother, but it looks like I will live for quite a long time.”


Bort said such unsettling words casually.


“Eeeeh~~~! I……I thought you hate that man……!”

“No, no, no. It’s just that he is too good for me.”


Like that, Bort easily passed by Dolores who was in a state of confusion.


“You, are you really going to marry into the former royal family……?”

“Aa, I’m really serious. Oh, I’ll have to pretend to be good and mask my true nature for a while though.”


Bort moved past Sigríður who seemed to want to say something about her true nature.


“That’s great. I’m sure you will be happy.”


Finally, Bort gently nodded to Eléonore’s words.


Leaving behind the other three, Bort ran down the stairs with light steps.

The treetops seen from the window were shining with the light of spring.


“……Well, I will have to go to the future to meet that girl.”


And so, Frederica Bort went to the promised place with Ernst.

1 Yeah, Sigridur said ‘witch’ here. Shows how much prejudice the North has for Hafan mages.

It’s weird how even when this is supposed to be from Frederica’s side, she was referred to as ‘Bort’ even though the others were called by their first names.

I need ErnstxFrederica fanfic right now!

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26 thoughts on “Chapter 132: Association of Mysterious Story Collectors (part two)

  1. They seem rather nonchalant about that kind of speculation… but then they are just Teenagers, why would they understand or realize just what kind of future might come about? Dolores must have found out something really important and shared it with the rest… the timeline of 30 years I think is important, I also believe they might have prepared countermeasures for that deadline?
    I am not sure if they were able to predict Erica, Ernst seemed sure she was a reincarnated person, perhaps Bort told him of the possibility? Perhaps somehow these girls manipulated events that would put Ericas past self where she is now? I had speculated about that in earlier chapters, it makes me wonder just how deeply they went? if the fate of the world is the reason, then it is understandable that they would go to such lengths… I am also curious about whether or not these girls are really dead or missing?
    Erica changed the future for many people, she has managed to prepare herself to face these challenges, so far through luck or deliberate skill she has avoided death, now it seems stakes are really becoming far too great to just worry about her death flags… she might have to reveal far more about herself than she intended, I think she should tell her Father and Brother about her circumstances… They also need to reveal more about her Mother… Strangely… I know more about Bort than I do about Ernst… which is crazy!
    The 4 girls here, I want to know more about them! I am hoping there will be side stories available that gives us more details, they definitely hold at least some of the cards about what will happen in the future…
    A few Questions I have…
    1. 100 years? how do they know that it is 30 years and not 100 years? I don’t remember if they revealed the date when they first met those girls…
    2. Why would they speculate the end of the world even jokingly, wouldn’t more people be involved and know of it? or were there forces that prevented them doing so?
    3. We have some information on Borts family but there is so little detail regarding them aaaah I want the story of Bort and Ernst now!
    4. Where is Cain in all this!
    5. Why does Eduard have such warped thoughts about his own Mother, there is not a lot of trust there, he is older than Erica by a few years so he would definitely know her to a certain extent, I am so damn curious!
    6. Why would Bort jump into a relationship with Ernst, was it purely on a whim? was she fulfilling her curiosity about her child? but then she leaves/dies before she even gets to know her!
    7. Why/how did Bort leave/die…
    8. I had made an earlier speculation regarding mixed bloodlines from different people, like I wondered what a Hafan and Visitor bloodline would create, but here we have Lucanrant and Ignitia, while they have the blood of dragon knights, none seemed to be able to ride dragons… so if a Hafan and Visitor have a child will it be normal lol will they cancel each other out?
    9. Eleonore – is this the person that was suppose to be the Mother of whats his name? I forgot his name, he tried to claim the throne as rightful heir over Auguste… Did Auguste recognize Eleonore? was she in the first mirror image? I can’t remember… and also… ELEONORE IS A FREAKING TELEPATH WTF (not just with dragons but people!!! WITH PEOPLE!! professor Xavier anyone!!) did this ability get passed on? or does another Ignitian noble have this ability?
    10. Delores – I need a recap, that girl Erica is protecting… the Wynt girl, is she the Daughter of Delores or a relative only?
    11. Sigrdur – Mother of the Heroine… is Sigrdur and Eleonore related?
    12. If they are related, Is Chloe able to ride dragons too her heroine halo allowing it to happen and speaking of relatives, could Brad also be related to Chloe?
    13. I have said before in earlier chapters that I found it weird that there abilities per area was so damn different… like each group were different species… Hafan seems grounded in magic, while Ignitia seems more Esper like in origins, etc this seems more obvious with these 4 girls lol… the differences are just weird… why is it so exclusive, if sigridurs family is any indication, is marriage outside of their own ill advised? would it dilute their abilities in the future if they mix up the gene pool?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 1)when they first met they asked the date and calculated it’s 30 years in the future
      2)they speculated it because they ONLY got 2 messages from 30 years in the future. They expected to get some from 100 years and beyond, but it’s BECAUSE they only got it 30 years in the future they fear the world might have ended or the mirror broke. If they got more messages from further, it’s assures that mankind has survived to that time.
      3-4) idk
      5) maybe Ernst felt betrayed that his mother died and left them without her? Or it could be Ernst learned of his mums true nature and didn’t trust her anymore.
      6) you already have your speculations, and they’re about the same as mine. Im leaning towards the “she was curious about her child”.
      9)I believe it’s stated that Eleanor is auguste’s aunt, so no direct descendent= no see. (?)
      10) Beatrice is Dolores daughter (I’m fairly sure).
      11) Sigridour is the mum of the heroine, but Eleanor and Sigridour are not related from what I understand. It’s just Sigridour swore fealty to Eleanor.
      12) remember how Sigridour’s brothers all died on dragon knights? And they had 1/2 ignatian blood. With Chloe’s 1/4 blood, there’s probably no way that that would work. Brad probs isn’t, but idk he might be •~•
      13) idk
      Hope this helps!

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    2. 1. When Auguste, Klaus, Erica first activated the mirror, Frederica asked the date and found out it was 30 years in the future.
      2. Dolores came from Wynt family which can see the past and future, and they are people who dedicate their lives for their motherland, Hafan. Dolores the Artificial Spirit said that the real Dolores saw a threat in the past and despair in all seven futures, so no this is not a joke for her. As someone who bears the role as the head of Wynt family, it is her job to prevent the destruction of the world of mankind, thus, she used this mirror.
      5. ? How do you assume that Eduard has such warped thoughts about his mother? If it’s about him hiding all traces of Frederica, it’s only because he doesn’t want Erica to thrust her neck into danger
      7. She died due to a ‘naval accident’ eleven years ago, but the details will be revealed in the next arc
      9. No, Eleonore is not the mother of Louis. He wished he was, but as ch 53 stated, the First Princess (eleonore) died 20 years ago while Louis was 15 years old- the date doesn’t match. Yes, Auguste recognized Eleonore as his aunt.
      11. No they are not, but because Sigridur seemed to be born in Ignitia, she has a HUGE loyalty towards Eleonore.
      12. No, they are not related.
      13. Who knows lol

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    3. 1, The mirror only looks forward 100 years so if no one activates it after 30 then something must have happened in between 30 to 100 years.
      2, 100 is a long time and that was only a possible future. They didn’t know the forces working to make that future so it could have been a series of accidents that could be prevented.
      9, Telepath didn’t seem to be a human/dragon exclusive thing, like when August shared a dragon vision with Erica.
      12, No, only the princess is half Lucanrant and Ignitia and not Sigrdur who should be Chole’s mother who seems to worship the princess.
      13. The only ones with powers by bloodline are Lucanrant and Ignitia. Hafan and Visitor clan have technologies which their culture adapted to promoting.

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    4. So to summarize the info about the 4 girls. Frederica is the daughter of a fallen Baron and the last remaining member of her bloodline. Eléonore is the princess of Ignitia, the twin sister of the then crown prince as well as hinted to be Brad’s birth mother. Brad is the first princess’ secret child. Sigridur, a half breed of north and south has a northern father and southern mother, ber parents work in the court so she has fanatical loyalty towards the royal family, Eleonore in particular. She can be said to be like her personal knight.
      Now their deaths. According to timeline, Eleonore died around the age of 20 when Brad was born. The circumstances haven’t been revealed yet but will be in the next arc. Then soon afterwards Dolores disappeared for some reason. Hinted that she may have transferred to another world due to the use of the forbidden magic, she was trying to avoid some kind of tragedy. The 3rd one to die was Frederica, in a sea accident when Erica was 3 years old. Circumstances will be revealed in the next arc. Finally, Sigridur died when Erica and Chloe were 5, in the tragedy of Lucanrant Ducal House, murdered by Claude Lucanrant who went mad. I hope this clears up your confusion about the 4 girls.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter. Incredible, as always.

    Poor girls. But I wonder, in that 30 years span, was there no other who glimpse at the impending disaster? Were the enemies really that good at hiding, or are they just getting sloppy now that they’ve gotten away with 30 years of scheming and murder? I’m really hoping for the golden ending here

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    1. They can only see people who interact with the mirror. And as pointed out, that’s actually pretty hard to do because it’s hidden in the infinite hallway and you need a lot of magical power to activate it.

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  3. Thank ye for thee chapie!
    That’s a lot of eees
    It’s funny how Bort be like, let’s go get merrier! It’s proven I’m gonna have a child!

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  4. Well, I just finished binging this series.

    Bort should be proud of Erica. I feel like I’m reading a heroic epic. Which is unusual for isekai/otome reincarnation stories. Sure a lot of protagonists have super powers and complex schemes for society. Or just an easy life with advantages.

    Erica actually FEELS heroic though. Not just a powerful faceroll RPG character but somebody who is courageous and can’t help but fight ceaselessly all her life for a noble cause.

    Liked by 4 people

  5. On further reflection, this episode really just illustrates why prophecy is such a pain-in-the-butt power to have.

    At the time of the mirror’s creation, you try to activate it a few times under the assumption that somebody will eventually find the mirror later and talk to you now. You do this and only get a couple instances where this happens and they’re short and unfulfilling conversations and you don’t learn much.

    If you choose not to hide the mirror, then those conversations happened because you didn’t hide it. If you did, it’s because you did. You can’t know which is which, until you commit to a decision either way. (You can change your mind for example.)

    You also now have learned that it is impossible for you to destroy your mirror either by deliberate intent or negligence for at least 30 years. Because it’s casually impossible.

    Not much risk of that, since Dolores comes across as a super delusional and biased jerk. It is impossible for her to lower her standards. Science has confirmed this as an empirically valid fact, as of this chapter. She cannot be reformed, she will literally die first before that happens.

    Confused yet?

    There’s another paradox in that Bort decides only to accept Ernst’s marriage proposal because of information that she got from the future about a potential daughter. Which means you have a self-causing time loop.

    Time travel is soooo dumb. Even if all you’re sending is information. And now you’ve learned that you can break causality. So everything I said before about the “Will-I-Won’t-I” future gaming might not even be true. Maybe you’d always talk to Erica whether or not you hid that mirror.

    Goddamnit, wizards. As if space-warping weapons of mass destruction weren’t enough for you!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. At even more philosophical navel-gazing, I’ve decided it is possible that predestination is still possible.

      The second alternative is that you have magic that now forces certain events to happen in the future you because you have used it. Still somewhat strange, but in a perverse way, that is just a different kind of predestination. Because you Bort literally cannot change the fact that she’ll have Erica. Nothing she decides can have an impact on the outcome. Because the information wouldn’t be accurate.

      The third alternative is when it’s that really silly fake prophecy that’s about “potential futures.” Imagine that I’m saying those scare quotes in the most sarcastic way possible. Because great, may be the Dark Lord doesn’t take over the world. Maybe he does. The prophecy is vague about the details anyway. Maybe I’ll buy milk today, Maybe I won’t. Who knows?

      It’s like when Luke was told by Obi-Wan that not confronting his father means that the galaxy will be plunged into darkness. Turns out, he was full of shit. Since he was implying he had to kill Darth Vader and not assume there was any good left in him.

      “How so very helpful.”

      The second possibility is the most useful prophecy because it has actual power. The first and third possibilities make that magic a worthless waste of time.

      Case 1:

      My pet favorite.

      Bort sees Erica in the mirror. She assumes this girl is her daughter because she looks like her. But this isn’t an a case of the future causing the past. She doesn’t actually know whether this girl Ernst’s daughter. There’s a lot of reasons why she’d get a daughter off a different man, even if she wants Ernst in the moment.

      Bort blushed when Ernst proposed to her. She’s internalized her reputation as an evil and devious woman and believes that she’s unworthy of love. She has baggage that makes her hesitant. In truth though, she is actually happy with this and was just looking for an excuse to accept. Her mind is already made up and no information from the mirror could’ve actually changed the outcome.

      All the mirror did was relay information about the correct outcome. There is a girl her age, who looks like Bort, who is alive thirty years into the future. It doesn’t give anymore information than that.

      Case 2:

      The simple act of Dolores creating the mirror means her magic unintentionally makes Bort marry Ernst, and she wouldn’t have gotten that last push to commit if she hadn’t.

      Powerful, but somewhat hard to apply and it can only really nudge things in small ways because it’s not like Dolores used this with the intent to get them hitched. Either way, it’s hard to predict whether or not you did anything useful at all.

      But it does show that the magic has potential. Writing the future in stone is low-key ridiculous.

      Case 3:

      Erica is only a “potential future” daughter of Bort.

      You know what? Your mirror is a waste of time. How does knowing this help anybody? Maybe she’s Ernst’s daughter. Maybe she is not. Maybe there is no daughter.

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