Chapter 133: Association of Mysterious Story Collectors (part three)

This is in ??? POV! (Try figuring out who it is before the first half of the chapter ends~)

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After school, in the library.

I was visiting the sixth floor for a meeting with Eduard.

However, five minutes before the promised time, the one who appeared was a small golem, not Eduard.

The note sent using the golem had a scribble saying, “It looks like I will be a little late.


(He must have gotten himself involved in something troublesome again, that guy……)


While waiting for Eduard, I decided to walk around looking at the bookshelves.


Then I found the figure of the president of my school year on the long ladder hanging on a bookshelf.

He is the president, but he does not seem haughty; he is always calm and collected, and many students idolize him.

But on the other hand, he always maintains a certain distance while socializing; he is a student who does not get along well with anyone.


The term ‘solitary genius’ comes to mind.


He seemed to be immersed in the book he had acquired, and didn’t seem to care even though I came up to this floor.

Taking advantage of that, I decided to observe him.


It appears that he has been thoroughly reading the books in that bookshelf since last week.

The books there are primarily about phantom beasts, magic, ethnicity, and religion of the southern continent.


Large rivers that flood repeatedly, dense forests, subterranean lakes spread out under the desert and the many magical beasts and phantom beasts lurking in them.

A miracle brought about by a Hero or a Saint found by an angel.

A land ruled by kings who misgovern, such as boiling their subjects and sipping their bone marrows.

A holy land that continues to produce curses.


People who have their family rooted in the south are more or less attracted to the south.

I understand because I am like that as well.

Although it might be more serious for him.


His fingertips that are on the bookshelf seem slightly lost.

I guess he can’t find the book he is looking for.


“If you’re searching for the legend and appearance record of the phantom beast abaddon1, I borrowed it.”


Because of the tendency of the book he was reading, I got an idea of the book he was looking for, so I called out to him.

Then he slowly glanced at me.


“How did you know what I was looking for?”

“I also read something similar last month, so you’re probably looking for this.”


I showed him the cover of the book I was holding in my hand.

His face showed a trace of surprise.

Apparently, my guess was correct.


“I was also concerned about the starvation incidents caused by abaddon. I will return it in three days at the latest, but would you like to have a quick glance at it now?”


I cast Levitation on the book and carried it to his hand.


“I see……the rumors that say you’re sharp seem to be true.”


He grabbed the book that was floating gently, flipped the page and said that.

What does he mean by that?



“They say that you hide your true ability due to some circumstances, but you’re a fairly sharp and able person in contrast to your appearance.”

“This is the first time I heard such a rumor.”


I have no idea why that kind of rumor spread.

That matter seems to have been transmitted in a warped way.

What I have to hide about myself is the blood that runs through my veins and the curse-like thing that dwells inside my body.


“There is another one. It says that you are like Aurelia’s shadow, but in fact you are the mastermind.”

“No way, does it really look like that?”

“No, you always look like you’re annoyed at being dragged around.”

“Aah, sorry to disappoint you but that’s the correct answer.”


The expression that I thought was cold and ice-like collapsed.

He showed a gentle smile.

This might be my first time seeing this kind of expression on him.


At that time, a rumbling noise could be heard.

When I glanced at the direction of the sound, brilliant colors appeared in my dark-colored world.


“Oya, I didn’t know that you guys are close enough to crack jokes.”


The one who appeared was a blond boy who emits a sparkling presence even in the dimly-lit library.

It was Eduard Aurelia.

He was about to go up the stairs with two small golems made of clay holding a large luggage for him.


“Ed, you said you’re going to be late, but that was fast.”

“I was about to be forced to do a boring job, but I ran away.”

“Good grief. You must have skipped your student council work again.”

“Come on, I got the answer for you-know-what. That’s why I want to find you as soon as possible!”


Although I intended to criticize him harshly, Eduard responded with a seemingly innocent look.


“……Don’t tell me, have you finally understood the answer left by that person?”


Eduard smiled instead of answering.


‘That person’ is his mother.

Duchess of Aurelia and one of the war heroes, Frederica Bort.

Busy as she was, she left some mysteries for her son before leaving for a long voyage.

Surely there are amazing things, please try to search for them, she said.


“Well, there’s that hint on the sixth floor. Now then, let’s get going—”

“Eduard Aurelia.”


The guy on the ladder blocked his words.

Eduard raised his eyes.


“Oya, sorry. Did we bother you?”

“No. But, is that a conversation that others can listen to? For example, what if I listen to it?”

“You don’t look like someone who would poke your nose into other people’s secret, so I thought you wouldn’t be interested in such a thing.”

“……Then, what about him?”



Looking at the direction he pointed at, a boy appeared from the shadow of the bookshelves.

Claude Lucanrant.

The successor of the former royal family of the North who likes to fight.

Certainly, last week an upperclassman from Hafan was completely thrashed by him in a duel trial.


“Oh, Claude-kun, what a coincidence!! Have you found a good book!?”


Eduard spoke to Claude with a cheerful-sounding tone of voice.

But, Claude only glanced at us with his light blue eyes and left silently.


Eduard opened his mouth after confirming that Claude had descended to the lower floor.


“I wonder what was that all about……”

“He doesn’t seem to be the library type.”


I also come to the library frequently but I have never seen Claude.


“Maybe he ambushed you because you guys are conspicuous?”

“That’s a scary thought. Ambushing me, blaming me for something and then wanting another duel, I’m sick of it.”

“I thought you would gladly take up on the challenge.”


On the ladder, that guy—Elric Actorius looked at Eduard with a surprised expression.

Actually, Eduard is more sensitive to what other people think of him than he looks, and he’s surprisingly timid.

It is only when he tries to protect his important people and things that he desperately encourages himself and becomes aggressive.


“Well then, maybe he wanted to be friends with you guys, what do you think?”

“No way! That Claude, wanting to be friends with us?”


Eduard raised a voice that sounds like he was truly surprised.

I also don’t think that Claude Lucanrant wants to foster friendship with us.


“You guys always seem to be having fun, so maybe he’s envious.”

“I wonder if we really seem that frivolous……I intended to become a serious student though!”

“It is true that you tend to deviate, Ed, so it is inevitable for you to be thought of as an outrageous student.”


I recalled the incidents that Eduard caused since we first entered the academy until now.

It started from the great destruction of the alchemy workshop that he caused, to the three consecutive duel trials two weeks ago.

I know the reasons for those, but this guy always does everything in a grand scale no matter what.


“No, no, I didn’t mean that as an insult. Even from my perspective, you guys seem to be having so much fun……simply enviable.”


After Elric said that, he turned his eyes back to his book.


“I apologize for getting in your way. Good day.”


And then, after saying such words, Elric went back to reading quietly once more.

When making a conjecture about another person’s mind, he unexpectedly projected his own feelings.

In other words, this guy is—


Under the ladder, Eduard and I exchanged looks.


“……Hey, Ed.”

“I know, Brad.”


Apparently, we were thinking the same thing.

I nudged Eduard with my elbow and urged him to invite Elric.


“Elric Actorius. Would you like to go on an adventure with us tonight?”





Inside a basement with heavy and depressing air, I walked while being led by jailers.


A gate with multiple locks.

And, several times more guards than the others.


There is no human figure in the cells lined up on both sides of the passage.

It is an old-fashioned prison that is rarely used now.

Even so, it is strictly guarded to a shocking extent.


When we reached the innermost special cell, the jailers left me there.

With a heavy clinking noise of the chain, the guy inside the cell turned around towards my direction.


Inside a room with only one simple chair.

My old friend—Eduard Aurelia was imprisoned there.


“It seems you were not careful enough this time, Ed.”

“Hey, it’s been a long time since we talked face-to-face like this, Brad.”


Eduard, who was like a bright light even in a dark place like this, smiled as he said so.


“I didn’t think you would be suspected as a vampire and imprisoned.”

“No, no, I was really surprised too.”


Even after a week of imprisonment and interrogation, I cannot see any fatigue or haggardness in him.


“Let me guess how this happened.”

“Heeh, you know about it?”

“What started it off was a request from the church of Ignitia, probably about the kidnapping cases caused by a vampire.”

“Oya, that’s correct.”


When he was trying to save the abducted women, he was falsely accused.

Perhaps it was something like that.

When I pressed him about it, Eduard began talking about the details of the case.


“—then, I hurriedly sent the box containing the ten women who were in a state of apparent death to the room I was renting.”

“Couldn’t you think of another destination……”

“No, no, you see, I thought it was more important to save their lives first and foremost.”

“You, seriously, just how foolish are you?”


The ending is just as I thought.

As always, he doesn’t disappoint expectations, but he’s already this old, I wonder how much longer it will take before he gets a clue.


“To think that he still wouldn’t listen to my explanation.”

“There is no way he would listen. He is the Margrave of Urs, Deputy Governor-General of the North, Harlan Slayson.”

“On top of meeting me in-person, he even questioned me personally! Even someone like me never expected it.”


The vampire this time was different from the young vampires that sometimes appeared.

An ancient vampire who was called the Bloody Saint or the One who covets death.

If it is an incident involving such a powerful monstro, that Harlan will also take action.


However, it has been confirmed that the vampire who was the main culprit has been eliminated.

It has become a development where the younger sister killed the vampire her older brother has been pursuing.

This pair of brother and sister seems to be similar to that person in unreasonable parts.


“—and they also wanted a bit more information from me, but well. There is no evidence that the vampire in this case has sneaked into the academy, right?”

“Aa, that’s correct.”


As I replied, I made the sign for 「false」 that we had arranged beforehand.

The principal has given me his approval to tell Eduard the truth.

Eduard will not confess anything no matter how much he is tortured, I know that well.


“The underground altar has already been purified, right?”

“Aa, without a doubt. A student who happened to be lost purified the altar by chance. The great collapse caused by spatial magic has also been successfully avoided.”


I looked into his eyes as I gave him my reply.

With this alone, Eduard would understand who the student who happened to be lost is.

This overprotective guy is using the mage and the dragon knight to be his sister’s watchdogs in school.

It’s just that a watchdog doesn’t get lost.

How that case ended should have also been correctly transmitted to Eduard.


“Is my Erica doing well? And that girl too.”

“Aa, they seemed to be having fun. Surprisingly, Erica Aurelia and Chloe Cloacina seem to get along well.”

“Please look after those children when I can’t, Brad.”


When our eyes locked again, I nodded.

Then, perhaps Eduard felt a little relieved, a trace of exhaustion finally showed on his face.


“For the time being the North will be watching. So you and Elric should also take care of yourselves.”

“I know.”

“I can return to the surface in three days. Until then, stay safe.”

“You should protect only what you ought to protect.”


At the very least, so that there won’t be a repeat of that time.

I cannot forget how much violence he suffered at Claude’s hand who tried to kill me.

It would be pointless if one gets oneself almost killed in order to protect someone else.


“……perhaps, ever since that incident, he was avoiding us.”

“I sincerely wish that no more mistakes beyond that will occur.”


Having said that, I left the special cell.


In the passage on the way to the surface, I met over a dozen men dressed in dark brown robes.

They were all carrying a sword and hiding their faces with their hood.

Those swordsmen had a cold presence like winter.

They are Harlan Slayson’s Inquisitors—the vampire-slaying swordsmen.


Before this autumn’s All Souls Day, visitors from the winter were visiting the academy.

1 Abaddon: appear in the Bible as both a place of destruction and an angel of the abyss. In the Hebrew Bible, abaddon is used with reference to a bottomless pit, often appearing alongside the place שְׁאוֹל (Sheol), meaning the realm of the dead. In the New Testament Book of Revelation, an angel called Abaddon is described as the king of an army of locusts. In Revelation 9:11, Abaddon is described as “Destroyer”, the angel of the abyss, and as the king of a plague of locusts resembling horses with crowned human faces, women’s hair, lions’ teeth, wings, iron breast-plates, and a tail with a scorpion’s stinger that torments for five months anyone who does not have the seal of God on their foreheads. (source)

*finished building a ship* I declare myself as the Captain for EdxBrad ship! Who’s on board~? (eristol: Aye aye captain! I am on board~)

Just. Look. At. This. Line:

When I glanced at the direction of the sound, brilliant colors appeared in my dark-colored world.

The fact that Brad repeatedly referred Eduard as a bright light had me soft.



EdxBrad is practically canon! Or at least one-sided love from Brad *Ehem* Does this chapter change your opinion about Brad? Next chapter is the last one for this arc!

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36 thoughts on “Chapter 133: Association of Mysterious Story Collectors (part three)

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    Slight(?) jokes aside, I love the fact that the siblings are like peas of the same pod because of the troubles they cause to their surroundings. Or how they ended having zero self-preservation (even if it’s for different reasons). At any rate, this PoV surely changed my view of Brad. First, I thought of him as the strict but honorable sort as a teacher. One that you either hate or like but someone you surely can learn a lot from. But this? THIS?! Well, the gap between the first impression and what we see in this chapter is incredible. In a good way.

    Cannot wait for what happens next! Thanks for the chapter!

    I do hope xtostos survives whatever ordeal they’re going through or that clooover can get a new editor. Not that I am complaining about the quality of the translation which is in fact, better than the other I’ve read.

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  2. I wonder how Eduard’s situation is like, they said that here’s no way to disprove anyone’s a vampire so they would have likely killed him on the spot if he didn’t have that much clout with the church.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. well, while there is no way to discern a vampire with a naked eyes, as Palug said, you can find out whether someone is a vampire by accumulation of small things, like a sensation gap. Take a look at ch 105:
      “However, it is said that it’s a different story for young and new vampires.

      For example, even if they turn into a person they preyed on, they seem to be unable to reproduce the personality of that person properly.

      It seems that kind of vampires can be identified by the accumulation of small details, such as a sensation gap.

      For example, the difference in sensation of pain.

      Since their sense of pain becomes diluted, they run without noticing their sprained feet.

      Or lift a pot without noticing that it is boiling hot.

      They will exert power that goes beyond the original’s physical ability and destroy the body.

      And thus, since it gets broken, they finally notice and regenerate it.”
      Aaand that’s why the Inquisitors use tortures to expose whether someone is a vampire or not

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      1. This ia what i’m worried for.
        If torture is the only way, then there’s a huge chance that Ed will probably getting tortured to prove his identity.

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  3. Thanks for the translation, and thank you to xtostos too for his work.
    Ah I thought the PoV character was Actorius due to their conversion about hiding true ability. Interesting to see it was Brad. I thought it was either Actorius or the Prince’s dragon teacher. Maybe the reason Brad was acting a bit coldly to Erica is because he’s a little jealous because Ed’s too much of a siscon.
    Interesting to see Frederica leaving behind clues for Ed, I almost forgot she’s still alive while Eduard can still remember her, I wonder how much Erica remember her too. Her dad kind of suspect she has memories of past live right? I could see her mom realising that too.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I thought this was obvious but Auguste’s dragon teacher = Brad. Frederica died when Eduard was 15 and Erica was 3. And the ones who were suspicious of Erica’s behavior were both Eduard and Ernst. Because Aurelias actually believes in reincarnation. Of course, they didn’t know that the knowledge is of a different world and not this one

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    JUST WUT!!!???
    Shocking this is by far the most shocking chapter! omg… wtf… really … what the heck Elric? WUT???
    Seems like Brad has been baby sitting the Aurelias for a long time! and omfg… See that Bumbling BS act of Elric… totally BS totally knew he was not as he appeared… tsk… I GOT MY EYE ON YOU!!! THERES A REASON ED PICKED BRAD TO PROTECT HIS PRECIOUS MOST BELOVED SISTER!! AND IT WASN’T YOU ELRIC!! (so what if he wasn’t there…)
    Ed… did you get owned by Claude while protecting Brad, did you realize you stole his heart at the same time! thats some savvy casanova skills! wtf… Ed… you were a real rascal weren’t you! I already had that impression just by Brads reaction when mentioning the Aurelias or how he tries to steer Auguste from getting involved lol, it seems their families are bonded no matter what 😛 I get the vibe that Claude was part of the dream team… and got lost somewhere… where? who knows… btw how many doujinshi are out with this ship… time to google…
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    The inquisitors?? The Margrave is finally entering the scene! … wtf… if Erica finds out what they are doing to Eduard you know shit will fly!! omfg… wut the hecking heck is going on! I feel like a puppy that chased its tail in a circle and is now flopping down on the ground tired and dazed :O
    I wonder how much Brad has aged because of the Aurelia siblings shenanigans!
    Wtf is that from Elric… now I am like a cat hissing and spitting… MAOR POV LIKE DIS!
    Sigh so much… my goodness… my word…

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    1. Haha wait but Auguste isn’t Brad’s nephew but his cousin XD Oh well, I understand the feeling because this chapter messed with my head when I first read it. Elric and Brad’s personality difference, and Eduard’s naughty boy behaviors very very similar to his mother’s. Above all, their friendship. I was stunned hearing Brad call him “Ed”.

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  5. Oh my my! Seriously, what happened between Brad and Claude?!?

    Brad is getting older because the antic of Erica and Chloe (Ed and Claude before that)…

    Poor Ed, these Aurelia siblings, becoming suspects in the eyes of North people. Weird human much?

    Given Elric is one of seven MLs of the game, I doubt that he is a vampire. A double/triple spy from Karkinos is more likely?

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      1. wow, i’m surprised you remember which chapter the foreshadows are
        did you read it back and forth to confirm as you read through to the latest chapter????
        and i guessed it right that this is Brad’s POV. thanks for the chapter

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        1. We read the whole story so many times for edits that we have already memorized which line is in which chapter at which part more or less. Especially the first arc, I have completely memorized it unintentionally from head to toe.

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  6. I’m impressed at everyone’s guesses; I honestly thought it was Beatrice at the line about “hiding your true power”, but then that turned out to be wrong pretty quickly and I eventually suspected absolutely everyone but Brad of being the narrator. Whoops!

    Let me also take a moment to say HOLY COW about Ed being shy and only becoming aggressive and assertive in defense of others—since that seems like basically his entire personality now, something must have gone really, REALLY wrong at some point. He’s been in crisis mode for a long time now…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I don’t know how you came up with Beatrice lol since the second line mentioned Eduard’s name without any suffix, so that eliminates everyone who would call him with suffix like -sensei or Sir and everyone who would call him with his last name.


  7. I totally thought it was Elric until I read the guy on the ladder was Elric Actorius. I was a tad bit suspicious with the “Ed” part but Brad was the last guy in my mind heh. Their difference in personality sure was a surprise. Also, like brother like sister. Or should I say like mother like children? Eduard…that was a stupid thing to do, of all places you sent them to your own room, even Erica would have enough sense to not do that and take care of them on the spot or notify the authorities or something…or probably not.
    Anyways,I am worried with the sudden appearance of the northern people and that infamous Margrave. We haven’t really seen much of Lucanrant up until now and their entrance was indeed grim and forboding. I really wonder how it will turn out. Hope ‘Ed’ will be okay.

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  8. Little known fact:

    Eduard’s latest adventure involved the fate of an alien princess from another world. She fell into his harem after he saved her from her death flag. But as with all dense protagonist, he’s unaware of her crush and has misconstrued her advances as assassination attempts.

    Ganbare waifu-chan.


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    1. The first part of this pov chapter is obviously during the time Eduard-Brad-Elric still in school, probably when they were 14 since Frederica was still alive then. From what was implied in this chapter, during the time in the academy, Brad was always following Eduard around, and from his personality, he probably never really showed his real ability on his own initiative.

      So the dynamic is probably like this: Eduard causing some mayhem and being the center of attention, while Brad following not far behind due to being dragged by Eduard. This caused the spotlight stayed in Eduard, which probably made it seem like Brad less capable than he actually was since he never actively showed his ability. But as Elric observed and what rumors about him said, Brad is actually sharp and able. That’s what Elric commented in this chapter.

      From Erica’s pov, it seems like Brad is an unjustly strict person who always targeting Erica, but he’s actually just a worrywart and doesn’t want Erica to become arrogant due to her ability.

      Why is Hafanese people so prone to be misunderstood? XD

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      1. It must be because of their demon-like worry faces if Erica is to be believed. “\(ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖
        Or maybe, and hear me out, this is just proof of the existence of something like an “Aurelia Curse.” A curse that specifically affects any Hafanese person coming into contact with an Aurelia. You know, I was a bit upset with those Hafanese students, with those negative opinions about Erica before actually getting to know her, but maybe their attitudes had less to do with the rumors but rather was because of proximity. Hmm? Hmmmmm?
        Granted, Beatrice doesn’t seem to be affected, but she might have some sort of immunity…
        Or it’s just because of Erica’s POV. But that’s such a boring reason. (  ̄⊿ ̄)

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        1. Naah, that’s honestly all understandable and partly Erica’s fault.
          1. Who would honestly believe that a young girl (8-14 years old) can kill krakens and abyss serpents? Of course the first thing they thought would be that she stole someone else’s achievement.
          2. Erica got tons of money from that subjugation which she used then to buy wands and many other things. Since they don’t know how she got those money, of course they would think that Erica splurged her family’s money.
          3. Erica is in an equal partnership to Harold due to him feeling indebted to her. People don’t know about this obviously would think that Erica enslaved Harold (which is kinda true lol with how Erica overworked Harold).
          4. The altars in the churches were corrupted and so were burned by Palug. Erica was glad that the corruption was purged and seemed to say that IN FRONT of the burning churches. Of course people who heard that would think Erica was a heretic, since they don’t know about the corrupted altars.
          5. And so, with these ‘bad qualities’, and partly due to their jealousy, they would think that Erica is not suitable for either Auguste and Klaus.

          And yes, of course, they should have tried to get to know Erica first before judging her from these ‘rumors’, but knowing what they don’t know and how Erica’s actions were seen from other people’s eyes, it’s understandable.

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  10. Wow, this was quite a chapter. It really makes you realize Brad has been king of the worrywarts for a while now, and with good reason! When Brad got so mad at Erica’s testimony it at first seemed like he was just a strict cranky teacher. But then they explained about the inquisition and we could better see “oh, he’s actually worried and she truly DOESN’T understand what her testimony means.” But now… if Eduard has been on staff leave this whole time bc he’s been locked up and had actually saved the girls earlier while they were in transit and the vampire didn’t know… it makes a lot of sense that Brad would be a mix of furious and beside himself with worry at her testimony. Two peas in a pod those siblings.

    Additionally, if Eduard was a new vampire it would be a lot easier to tell if he was still a genuine human or not. But he’s suspected of being the Bloody Saint, an incredibly old vampire. With no explanation about where she went, it makes Eduard all the more likely as her current vessel. Making Erica’s testimony one where she didn’t encounter the vampire protects Erica at the cost of making Eduard substantially more suspicious. I’m sure Brad realized that when the principal decided to do it this way.


  11. Oooohh… what I said before finally had some follow up! Indeed, Brad was somehow related. Or maybe only semi-related? As compared to before where I was a bit certain, now I am not with whether Brad really was the other person involved in that ibris note.
    I am a bit sure it isn’t Ed. Because although he is also related (along with Brad and Elric) given their possible knowledge of some of the Seven Wonders and his connection to his mother, there was a chapter a long way back where he asked Elric why THAT happened to Claude, like it didn’t make sense to him. This led me to believe that although he prolly knows the Seven, he didn’t know Claude had probably went there with that mysterious other person on the ibris note.
    Or maybe they all went there and Ed just didn’t realise that Claude had been possessed by the Golden Wolf because of that — which is highly unlikely given Ed’s intellect. Hence, why I’m leaning on the earlier possibility.
    OR another farfetched theory is that THAT president is a memory wiped-out Cain. Then hearing those stuff at the library plus his inner curiosity led him to investigate stuff by himself too, but this time alongside the misunderstood Claude. They went to the Morgue, Claude gets possessed, went on rampage then Cain regained some memories. Cain regaining memories also led to the vampires and artifacts being active again and all those stuff young Erica went through. Reason for that is because there was no namedrop on the “solitary/distant” President here, plus the fact he came somewhere south based on Brad’s description. The south is very near Karkinos. It was somewhat hinted too that the Werewolf Massacre was like the onset of bad things. LOL


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