Chapter 135: Autumn in Magic Academy City Lindis (part one)

Here is the fifth arc: Erica Aurelia and the Evil Spirit of All Souls’ Day! It only consists of 26 chapters, so I guess we will catch up with the raw (if it’s not updated) in about 6 months with our current pace. Also, please give a warm welcome to our new editor, peachygo! She will hopefully edit my translation along with xtostos. She is catching up with novel currently. No more talking, enjoy!

TL: clover

ED: eristol (will be edited by xtostos/peachygo)

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About a month after entering Magic Academy City Lindis.

During that time, there were many unexpected incidents around me.


Pursuing ghost stories of the academy, meeting my mother, and inadvertently battling against the terrible vampire from the legends.


Still, it’s safe for now.

I was able to return to my daily life even though I was involved in a life-and-death fight.


“You may have finished off the mastermind, Erica, but there are still the underlings remaining.”


Palug continued to re-investigate the villages affected by the vampire without a break.

She is tenaciously exterminating them so that the underlings will not eat too many people and advance to a vampire.


『I will continue guarding that girl.』


Tir also continued to monitor and protect Beatrice Glaw.

The second death flag who has gained mastery of future vision, Beatrice.

This is because he would act as her fail-safe in case of an emergency.


『On the first day of All Souls’ Day Festival, I will protect you even if it means putting my life on the line.』

“Me too, I will also protect you!” (Palug)


Soon, the All Souls’ Day Festival will arrive.

All Souls’ Day Festival.

It is a festival that celebrates the three days of Halloween, All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day in my previous world1.


And, the drowned body that would float on the river on the first day of the festival is this me, Erica Aurelia.


For that reason, on the first day, Palug and Tirnanog are scheduled to escort me.

With this, no matter how dangerous the All Souls’ Day might be, I will survive.


Speaking of things that have changed, I started to meet up with Chloe after school and chat with her.

Of course, along with Beatrice.


Tricia and Marquia were bewildered by Chloe’s natural-airheadedness at first, but lately they have grown accustomed to it.

Perhaps Chloe has also opened up her heart; she shows a bright smile more often.


However, Chloe hasn’t told me in detail about that matter—about her older brother, Claude.

I was told that she wanted more time to organize her memory.

It’s a sensitive issue, so I’ll wait patiently.



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I went to the alchemy class and sat in my usual seat.

As I was looking through my textbook and preparatory notes, I heard a voice I haven’t heard in a long time from the platform.


“Hey, it’s been a long time, my precious students. How have you been while I was away?”


With my older brother’s reappearance, the classroom burst into cheers suddenly.


(Eeh, Eduard-oniisama!? Yaay~ he finally came back to teach!)


When our eyes met, my older brother who was on the platform smiled.

Oh……my brother seems a bit thin, or rather, he seems worn out.

Was he too busy that he forgot to eat and sleep?

Is he alright?


“I couldn’t meet my lovely students, so I was about to die of loneliness.”


Eduard-oniisama is still full of services as usual.

No matter how tired he is, he will never miss a chance to give a lip service.


The girls inside the classroom released cries of joy.

Yup, looks like everything is fine.


“Open page 144 on your textbook. Today we will learn how to refine the effect of anti-travel sickness from amethyst.”


The class began seamlessly, as if he was never absent in the first place.


This time, it is about the handling of a material which transforms into another substance when heat is applied.

Amethyst will normally transform into citrine when put into the athanor.

Therefore, it is necessary to fix the alchemical essence of amethyst using different chemicals and materials in advance.


It took me about 10 pieces of amethyst, but I managed to succeed.

I feel like I keep getting better at this.


“You should do some self-study for the next lesson, alright? And don’t forget to bring your athanor.”


My older brother looked around the classroom as he said so, and finally winked at my direction.

When I smiled as if telling him that I understand, my older brother also smiled in return.


Then, after today’s class was over, Eduard-oniisama left immediately.

My brother seems busy as always.


It’s okay even if it’s just a word, but I want to talk with my brother, so I followed him and left the classroom.

He seemed tired though, I will just talk to him a little bit so as to not bother him because I’m worried.


I was able to catch up to him quickly since I was walking fast.

There was someone next to Eduard-oniisama.

Looking at the appearance from behind, I felt like I had never seen that silhouette before.


—Oh, who is that person?


A man in a dark brown robe.

His skin color is brown and his hair is light gold.


He looks like an Ignitian.

Somehow, his skin and hair color reminds me of Lièvre.

……No way, this person isn’t a vampire, is he?


I shook off the terrible thought that came to mind and called my older brother to halt.


“Greetings, Onii-sama. Did you come back yesterday?”

“Hey there, Erica. Actually, I came back early morning today. My errand was finished last night at last.”

“Um, who’s this?”


I cast a fleeting glance at the stranger and asked my brother.


“Aah, him. This is Jack Citrouille, the man who has been sent here as the insurance healer.”

“Nice to meet you, my name is Jack Citrouille.”


The name ‘Jack’ is Ignitian.

I wonder if he is a person with mixed blood of Lucanrant and Ignitia like Chloe.


“My duty is mainly to monitor Sir Eduard so that he doesn’t overdo it.”


Citrouille’s wild features softened as he narrowed his light brown eyes.


“I think we’ll see each other often, so please take care of me.”

“You’re monitoring Onii-sama?”


What does that mean?

When I looked at my older brother, a troubled expression showed on his face.


“Oya, that’s right. I already forgot about that.”

“Oh, if you can afford to be forgetful, I guess you don’t need the painkiller anymore, huh?”


Perhaps he’s not good at dealing with someone like Citrouille, my older brother seems to be uncomfortable.

On the other hand, Citrouille was laughing in a carefree manner as if he was having fun.


But, painkiller he said? What happened?


“Um, Onii-sama. By any chance, did you get sick or injured?”


I’m worried about what kind of state he is currently in that a healer has been dispatched especially for him.

Don’t tell me, is it a really severe curse?


“It’s alright, you don’t need to worry, Erica. It’s not a big deal, I will heal in no time.”

“If you took your medication and treatment properly, ate your meal and went to sleep, it would only be a minor injury that would not seem strange even if you were cured a long time ago.”

“Haha, don’t be too hard on me, Citrouille.”


My brother laughed awkwardly.

I can tell with a glance that my brother is not very good at dealing with this kind of person who manages him in an overly-serious manner.

My brother would like nothing more than to run away, but since this is about his own medical treatment, I would like Citrouille to manage him properly.


“Citrouille-san, please take care of my brother’s health.”

“Yes, leave it to me. Ojou-san.”


Citrouille replied amiably.

Eduard-oniisama sighed with an unusual and slightly grumpy expression.


“Haah, for the time being, my behavior will be monitored, huh.”

“If you want to blame someone, please blame your own rash behavior. If you run away incessantly, I will tie you to the bed in the infirmary.”


What a frightening management style.

However, it may be just right for my older brother who seems unsteady on his feet.


“Well then, I will also visit the infirmary at noon.”

“Haha, if you’re going to come, Erica, then it can’t be helped. I will go to the infirmary obediently.”


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After the morning classes, I went to meet my brother after lunch.

I knocked on the door and entered the infirmary.


In the infirmary, there were four beds along the walls on both sides.

Citrouille was sitting in front of the bed on the far left.

Wearing a white coat and holding a medical chart, he suddenly looks like a healer.


“Citrouille-san. Um, how is my older brother?”

“Oh, Ojou-san. Sir Eduard is fast asleep. It seems the medicine is working.”


There was Eduard-oniisama sleeping on the bed.

As expected his complexion is a little bad.


“Is the medicine that effective?”

“Mostly because of fatigue. He’s been busy all this time. We should let him sleep.”


Citrouille closed the medical chart and prepared a chair for me.


“You shouldn’t stand there, please sit here.”

“Thank you.”


I sat down on the chair and looked at my brother’s pale face.


I know that my brother is running around doing secret missions.

For example, the investigation in the Island of Messenger a few years ago.


I know that this is embarrassing, but I care about my family.

Especially when my brother’s condition seems to be bad like this time.


“Oh, after all, you must be worried as his family, huh.”



When I was fidgeting restlessly, Citrouille guessed my inner thoughts from my mood.


“I would like to ask you more about my brother’s current situation, is that no good?”

“I am bound by confidentiality, and I’ve been forbidden to speak about matters concerning Sir Eduard.”

“Of course, huh.”


My older brother is as secretive as the next person.

Since it’s no use even if I hound him, I’ll stay quiet for a while.


……No, this is a good chance, I should ask about Citrouille himself.

He’s still the healer who was entrusted with the well-being of my precious older brother after all.

Let’s start with a light topic.


“By the way, how old are you, Citrouille-san?”

“Hm? My age, huh. Haha, how old do I look?”


Citrouille looks older than my brother.

Judging by his look, I guess he’s about 30 years old?


“Are you a little older than my brother?”

“No, no, I’m pretty old. Because I’m in my late thirties.”

“Eeh! I thought you were younger than that.”


No way, he’s about 40 years old?

That took me by surprise because he doesn’t look that old.


I heard that Lucanrant people who have high healing ability look younger than their supposed-age, but this is scary.

He is a healer, so his self-healing ability is probably also high.


“You jest. From the perspective of a girl like you, Ojou-san, I must look like an old man.”

“That’s not true.”

“There you go again. If you say that much, I will get conceited.”


Citrouille grinned while scratching the back of his head.

Even after I learned about his age, as expected he still looks young.


“Speaking of which, are you an alumnus of Lindis?”

“No, no, I studied at the medical institution affiliated with the chivalric order of the North.”


He’s not an alumnus of Lindis, huh.

But why was someone who studied at a medical institution in Lucanrant sent to Lindis?


“And where were you dispatched from, Citrouille-san?”


Speaking of medical institution in Lindis, the Lifthrasir Medical Association is well-known.

I think he’s probably from that research institute, but I’m not sure.


“I’m, uh, from the one affiliated with the chivalric order.”

“Speaking of the northern chivalric order, the Military Order of Útför is famous. Then, by any chance—”

“Yes, that’s right. That Útför.”


The Military Order of Útför is a huge chivalric order with about 700 subdivisions in the Federal Kingdom.

And, Útför is under the command of the northern Governor-General.


That means he is someone under the command of Harlan Lucanrant, the Deputy Governor-General of the North?

Eeehh~~~ why is this kind of person here!?

1 Halloween is on October 31st, All Saints’ Day is on November 1st, and All Souls’ Day is on November 2nd.

Útför is an Icelandic word that means funeral.

Also, we have a new character! Who is this man? Is he a friend or foe?

Changes this past week: monastic knight > military order, I mistranslated it.

I released this chapter simultaneously with the teaser for this arc, so check it out if you haven’t!

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  1. Eduard is good at running away just like Erica, unfortunately we have that Harlan’s subordinate keeping him in bay. Poor Ed. By the way, is that a yandere I sense there? “Tie you to the bed in the medical office”…. How sinister. Thanks for the chapter, looking forward to this arc’s progression.

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  4. Suspicions, shadows, half trues, discrepancies… hope that with this arc the story will recover its roots, suspense and light-horror.
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  5. As somebody mentioned before, the whole villainess rebirth game setting almost seem like an afterthought every new chapter. It is a great story, but as with pretty much all villainess stories I really would enjoy reading the actual game as it played out, being shown. From what we could see appearently the original Erica seems to have been a slightly more innocent version of the current one, that and not having any knowledge about how the game played out.

    So she was missunderstood just like her mother was, but unlike her mother she was a more innocent person that didn’t want or even know how to manipulate people and situations.

    Her original first two deaths in the game seemed to have been as a result of her being a child as well as bad luck as well as being somewhat tsundere.

    But why was mentioned at the start of this novel that players of the game kind of felt that she deserved her deaths?

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    1. There is a subtle wordplay here. This “Jack” is referring to “Jack-of-All-Trades”. As for the reason, it will be apparent later.


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