Teaser for the 5th Arc

Hey hey, before we start the fifth arc, here is the translation for the 5th arc teaser! I release this teaser simultaneously with ch 135, so check that out if you haven’t!

“Did you know about the love fortune-telling?”

“Haah, Erica-sama is enviable. Right, Marquia-san?”

“There are lots of wonderful choices, so I understand that it must be difficult to decide. But even so, I know, right?”


Hmm, I wonder what she meant by choices……?



【Tactless but earnest and a genius, versatile mage—Klaus Hafan】


“I have to make sure about your costume, because you’re hard to locate from within the crowd.”

“Aah~~~ I see……but, why? Did I promise you something?”


“Are you bribing me?”

“Isn’t it fine, Klaus-sama? If you do me a favor, I will pay you back someday.”


“What if something happens to you?”

“What are you talking about, being next to you is one of the safest place in the world, Klaus-sama.”


“The mystery that should have been solved by you is still going on.”

“Perhaps, that is……”

“Please come along, Erica. For such a mystery, you are the most reliable one.”



【Acting as the perfect prince, but actually a mischievous dragon knight—Auguste Ignitia】


“Are you dressing up as the captain of a privateer in the West, Erica? Aurelia is indeed very flashy.”

“Yes, I tried to arrange the clothing of their era in contemporary style.”


“It would be a problem if some strange fear becomes widespread~ But, even if we want to investigate, there are not enough people.”

“No, no, no, I already know the cause.”


“If you are being chased by something, then I have to help you, right?”

“Your intention is certainly appreciated, but……”


“Right, Auguste-sama. If you’re tired, please eat this chocolate.”

“Ooh, this is delicious~ Aah~~~ ……I feel peaceful somehow.”



【A cowardly but reliable partner, the rare alchemist genius—Harold Nibelheim】


“Eeh, why is it in my room!?”

“Chloe was troubled about where to put it, so I thought that we should keep it here.”


“Because, you thought that this wandering golem is pitiful, right?”

“You know me well.”


“Seriously, it’s your fault that I have to suffer like this!”

“Thank you as always.”

“……Seriously, you— ……well, I’m sorry ladies, I will borrow this person~”



【A black dragon, the Philosopher’s Stone, and a reliable partner—Tirnanog】


『If that’s the case, then we have to protect the humans from those guys even more.』

“Thank you, Tir.”


『Good grief, humans are so carefree. This should be the former Corpse City.』

『That’s not it. Because it was the former Corpse City, this is important for mourning, you know~~!』


『I will protect you even if it means putting my life on the line.』

“Me too, I will also protect you!”



【A researcher of phantom beasts with a deep wound in his body and heart—Elric Actorius】


“Wow! What kind of demonic eye is it? That sounds interesting!”

“We developed a demonic eye with bird’s eye field of view—by the way, since the developer is talented, it can also see through walls.”

“So you discovered it using that, huh. I wonder if the developer is more amazing than Eduard.”


“Hey, Brad, come on, smile.”

“I will firmly refuse.”


“It’s dangerous, Actorius-sensei!”

“Don’t come here!! Absolutely don’t!!”




【The man who holds her brother’s secret, a visitor from the North—Jack Citrouille】


“This is Jack Citrouille, the man who has been sent here as the insurance healer.”

“Nice to meet you, I am Jack Citrouille. My duty is mainly to monitor Sir Eduard so that he doesn’t overdo it.”


“It, it’s confidential. If my affiliation is exposed, it will be difficult for me to move……!”

“About that matter, my brother has already acknowledged it then.”

“I don’t know about the people who are working on other duties, but at the very least, I am on Sir Eduard’s side.”


“But, well, the East is quite different from the North, huh.”

“Do you not decorate them like this in the North?”

“Yes, the festival is more violent, the evil spirit’s boss will snatch the bad child. To tell you the truth, the adults who dress-up like a ghost are more threatening, though.”



【The teacher who wavers in the threshold between fate, friendship, and distrust—Brad Clochydd】


“I have a principle to not trust others easily. Even if it is not the case, I do not intend to deepen my friendship with anyone.”

“Ah— um……I see.”


“That’s too awful! Y-you were such a kind-hearted boy……!”

“That’s why I told you it was just an illusion. I have been very mediocre and normal since long ago!”


“I’d like to instruct you to retreat, but you guys seem to want to advance.”

“Yes, of course, Clochydd-sensei.”


“Erica Aurelia.”

“Hii, w-what is it……!?”

“Never trust the man called Jack Citrouille.”



【The man whose best friend seems to be close to his beloved sister—Eduard Aurelia】


“Hey, it’s been a long time, my precious students. How have you been while I was away?”


With my older brother’s appearance, the classroom burst into cheers suddenly.

When our eyes met, my brother who was on the platform smiled.


“I couldn’t meet my lovely students, so I was about to die of loneliness.”



“……someone stronger than me……I guess.”


Chloe had a pretty expression suitable for an otome game heroine.

However, the content was disappointing.


“Chloe-chan, aren’t favorite types normally seen from their personality or appearance?”

“That may be so, but like this it’s easier to understand, though?”


“I daresay that my older brother is more impregnable than me.”

“More than you, Erica-san? That’s great! I would like to fight him someday!”


Chloe’s eyes shone brilliantly.

Oops, instead of a romance flag, I wonder if I have raised another kind of flag.

Onii-sama, I’m sorry!


5 thoughts on “Teaser for the 5th Arc

  1. Heeh, more shipping materials we have here huh. Nice teaser. So Tricia and Marquia are fortune telling about Erica’s suitors. Those two are funny as always.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Imagining that these list are the otome game’s capturable target and seeing Tir on it is just hilarious. Would be cool if he got a human body though.


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