Chapter 139: Autumn in Magic Academy City Lindis (part five)

Sorry for being a week late! Another girls’ talk, a couple more hints about the older generation, and Chloe being a muscle-brain~ enjoy!

TL: clover

ED: eristol (will be edited)

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After school the next day, I met up with the usual four people and happily chatted with them.

The first topic of today is about my brother who has recently returned to school.


“When Eduard-sama came to school, he was very lively! The other day, he helped me after seeing me struggling on the stairs with a large baggage for Golem Engineering.”


Tricia’s cheeks turned red in a flash as she recalled that time.


“‘It’s fine. Give that to me. I don’t want you to strain your cute hands’ he said! No, of course I understand that he’s kind to many people, even so……!”


Good grief, what a sinner.

But that’s just how my brother is.


“He picked up my lost notebook and delivered it to me~ It seems that I had dropped it on the corridor of the school building, and Eduard-sama discovered it……but, to think that he delivered it to the South Dorm despite being so busy……”


Oh, did something like that happen with Marquia-san?

My older brother who keeps doing simple good deeds seems very eye-catching.

He’s someone who likes to take care of others no matter where he goes, huh.

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“Eduard-sama’s adult-like composure is so charming!”

“Still, his boyish free atmosphere is also wonderful.”

“Adult-like composure……and boyish free atmosphere……well, that’s a nice way to put it……”


He also has shortcomings; he is weirdly light on his feet and is very hard to find.

Will this characteristic of his even settle down after marriage?

I have a feeling that it would likely bother his bride.


“As an alchemist, he seems very strong and attractive!”

“I understand! He looks like he’ll definitely protect us, right~~!!”

“Yes, you’re right, and he also has a merciless side.”


That’s right.

My brother is not just a gentleman.

He is prepared to fight and his execution is also excellent.


“Just like you, Erica-san, Aurelia-sensei seems to be strong. Alchemists, in addition to their long-range magic attacks using wands, as well as their golems’ defenses and physical attacks, they alone can become a very impregnable fortress.”


Does Chloe measure his likability from his ability to fight as an alchemist?

But, I feel like my brother has much more tricks than me.

He seems to have lots of trump cards hidden up his sleeve.


“I daresay that my older brother is more impregnable than me.”

“More than you, Erica-san? That’s great! I would like to fight him someday!”


Chloe’s eyes shone brilliantly.

Oops, instead of a romance flag, I wonder if I have raised another kind of flag.

Onii-sama, I’m sorry!


“Thanks to Eduard-sama, the school life has regained its splendor. But, I missed Actorius-sensei’s lesson.”

“The substitute teacher doesn’t hold a candle against Actorius-sensei’s abundant comments about the subject. Right, Erica-sama?”

“Yes, it is easier to remember because of his comments.”


Magizoology has been taken over by another teacher.

However, there is less idle talk and more serious lesson.


“If I can’t see Actorius-sensei’s smile, my vitality decreases drastically every day!!”

“The color of his pupil is wonderful~ Did you notice it, everyone? It looks grey, but it’s actually purplish.”

“Oh my, is that so?”


I never noticed until now.

I thought it was greyish, but it’s actually purple, huh.


“Heeh~ I see, I’ll take a closer look at the color of his eyes.”


It seems that even Chloe was not aware of that.

I’ll also try to check it later.


“Maybe he has a dense Southern blood. Apparently, there were frequent immigration from Karkinos in the northern islands of Hafan.”


He seems to be an exiled noble from Karkinos, but since I can’t say that, I can only say ambiguous words.

It is true that there are many refugees from the South in Hafan.


To the north is Lucanrant, a hostile allied country.

From the south are noble immigrants from Gigantia.

And, there are also the Hafanese who do not move from their own land that much from time immemorial because of the ley-line rights.

Probably, these guys are what this exclusivistic land consist of.


“He’s a strange teacher who is slender but at times seems to be very heavy. Even though he has the center of gravity of someone who has knowledge of basic martial arts, he is unusually clumsy.”


Chloe seems to observe the movements of other people.

From my point of view, it only seems like Actorius-sensei is a bit of a klutz.


Speaking of which, Citrouille has also been watching the detailed movements of other people.

I wonder if this is also a trait of the Northern people.


……Or maybe everyone who is searching for vampires will be like this.

That is somehow both scary and sad at the same time.


“I’m sure it’s because of his poor physical condition. It seems that he is going to Clochydd-sensei for treatment.”


Tricia is secretly a fan of Clochydd-sensei.

As expected, she’s well-informed.


“Aah, as you can see, Clochydd-sensei is surely a gentle person!”

“Yup, yup, I can see how that person is surprisingly kind. He scolds me quite often, but I don’t hate it.”

“Oh my, Chloe-san, you also understand that!?”


Tricia and Chloe’s bonds deepened.

Friendship deepens in unexpected places, huh.


“By the way, Beatrice-san, you receive special guidance from Clochydd-sensei, right?”


Since this is a rare opportunity, let’s try talking to Beatrice who only tends to  be a listener.


“Eh……yes, I receive special guidance on future and past visions, but……”


Beatrice murmured her reply shyly.


“Oh my, past vision?! That’s a rare attribute! What a magnificent ability!”

“Furthermore, future vision too! If you persist, you might be able to become like those foretelling shrine maidens that appear in stories, right!?”


A storm of praises came from Tricia and Marquia.


“N-no, no, I can only see the future a little bit, and I’ve never been successful in looking into the past!”


Beatrice denied it while shaking her head many times.

Even if it’s just a little, being able to look into the future is amazing.


Beatrice can only see the future for 3 to 5 seconds at best.

If she wants to see the future beyond that point, she requires the assistance of artificial spirits, so guidance on the production of artificial spirits has begun.


“So, how does Clochydd-sensei guide you?”


Tricia asked Beatrice while leaning forward.


“U-um, he guides me carefully, but……h-he often seems exasperated……”


Beatrice replied timidly as usual.

Apparently, she has enough aptitude, but her personality is too positive so she has difficulties in looking into the past.


“But sometimes he shows a gentle smile different from the usual strict impression……”


Eh, there is a different pattern in Brad’s smile aside from sneering, derisive laughter and sarcastic smirk?

I can’t imagine it.


“Clochydd-sensei smiled!? How surprising!” (Marquia)

“It’s not surprising, you know!” (Tricia)

“At the timing when I should have been scolded……he said ‘It can’t be helped……’ and smiled. That’s why, he is a scary teacher, but I think he’s a good teacher.”


I also agree.

He’s scary but it feels like it’s only an act.


“Beside that, oh right. I heard that he is still 26 years old.”

“Oh my, he’s the same age as Eduard-sama and Actorius-sensei~~!”


Tricia became happy with the information she heard for the first time.


Heeh~ I see.

Then, they must be batchmates.

I recalled the previous matter in the infirmary.

Seeing such a situation, I wonder if they had a bad relationship when they were students.


“Haah, after all, men seem to be more attractive if they are older.”


Marquia sighed softly.

As someone who prefers older men, Marquia probably has a complicated feeling about her younger fiancé.


“So you like older men, huh, Marquia-san. Is it preferable if they are about ten years older?”

“Yes, of course. Men of younger and the same generations are not reliable……ah!! But, Klaus-sama is an exception, he is still sixteen years old but he’s very dignified.”


Klaus is two years older than us.

But, he is much taller than the average boys of the same generation and he looks mature.


“When I was about to fall down the stairs before, he gently helped me……”

“He is good at taking care of others and is very helpful, isn’t he?” (Erica)


This is it, Klaus-sama!

This is the reason why women are staring at you longingly!


“But, that Klaus-sama, isn’t he a bit insensitive to the favor of the opposite gender?”


“If you say that……I feel sorry for Klaus-sama……”


Tricia and Marquia averted their eyes.

Eh— maybe it’s not ‘insensitive’?

Well, for the time being, let’s give a follow-up.


“Then, rather than ‘insensitive’, shall I say that he’s the straight-laced type?”


“C-certainly, Klaus-sama has it hard, huh……”


Their responses are somewhat ambiguous.

Did I say something wrong?

When I was unable to endure their staring and looked away, Chloe tilted her head in confusion as she looked at us.


“Chloe-chan, this is a tragic story about someone who is popular but is not aware of it.”

“Heeh~ I see.”

“It’s cruel to only watch from the sidelines, but there’s nothing I can do about it!”


Beatrice added precisely.

Well, Klaus is indeed not aware of his own popularity.

It’s very tragic.


“So that scary-eyed person is popular, huh.”

“At least try to say that he’s a ‘sharp-eyed person’ instead, Chloe-chan.”

“That’s right. He’s an irreplaceable high-level wizard1, I guess it’s more convenient to befriend him than to make him an enemy, huh?”



Don’t say such unsettling words, Beatrice quipped softly.

In fact, I think it is better to stop turning Klaus into an enemy, but we are not talking about that right now.


“If we’re talking about a gentleman who is comparable to Klaus-sama, it’s Auguste-sama.”

“He’s such a beautiful nobleman that it feels like he’s dazzling……despite this, he has a friendly aura that makes him feel approachable……”


Tricia and Marquia changed the subject to Auguste awkwardly.


“His ability is also fitting for a crown prince.”

“His elegant bearings, his competency in both literary and military arts, in addition, his gentle personality……he’s perfect!”


That’s a reasonable evaluation because he’s amazingly excellent and quite the hardworker.

There were various troubles at the start, but now he’s a dignified prince.


“Yes, Auguste-sama is splendid as a dragon knight.”


Perhaps due to having terrible scandals as a child, now he became the paragon of high morals.

I feel like having me as a friend is his only flaw.

My apologies, Auguste-sama.


“Yep, yep, I understand. He’s using a combination of a small dragon and two large dragons. It’s a wonderful combat efficiency!”

“Chloe-chan, let’s try to judge beyond one’s fighting abilities……”


Chloe still judges people by their fighting ability unwaveringly.

Beatrice interjected with a low voice before giving up.


“I understand~ just by being a dragon knight, it’s 10% more attractive.”

“Yeah, the dragon knights abilities are a hard-to-obtain fighting power after all. As someone from the North, I think even I have to admit that about our suzerain state2.”

“Yes, from the state of the dragons of His Highness, it’s obvious how much love he gives them!”


High praises also came from Marquia regarding dragon-rearing.

Her conversation with Chloe isn’t meshing with each other, but that is usually the case with Chloe.


“Speaking of which, your friend Harold Nibelheim is also really popular, Erica-sama.”

“His fans who have increased recently said that his tall height and muscular build are attractive.”


Oh my, so Harold has fans, huh?

Well, I guess it’s understandable.


Harold doesn’t only have looks, but he also has an excellent total balance of winning personality and economic condition.

Moreover, his down-to-earth personality that came from growing up in the downtown area draws a big contrast to his high noble status.

His boldness when it counts is quite something too.


“But, he’s too tall……he doesn’t look like he is the same age as us.”


Beatrice said while looking guilty.


“I understand, he does look like he’s four or five years older.”


I remember when he suddenly grew taller a few years ago.

Harold became much taller all of a sudden, and it was quite difficult for me to get close to him until I got used to it.


“The tall redheaded Nibelheim……ah, is that him?”

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Suddenly, Chloe pointed to the entrance of the dining hall.


Over there was Harold.

Speak of the devil.


Oh, he looks a bit haggard.

Thank you for your hard work every day, Harold.


“My, my……so the beautiful ladies are all here.”


Harold approached with a smile.

Beatrice was already hiding behind Chloe.


“It’s been a long time, Harold. I had quite a hard time catching you.”

“Seriously, it’s your fault that I have to suffer like this3!”

“Thank you as always.”

“……Seriously, you— ……well, I’m sorry ladies, but I will be borrowing this person~”


At last, Harold has been secured, I need to get his advice on the golem investigation.

1 Yes, Chloe said wizard. Northern people tend to call Hafan mages as witch (for female) and wizard (for male).

2 Suzerain state is the state or sovereign who has some control over another state(s) that is internally autonomous.

3 He is referring to the fact that he’s in the student council due to Erica, and because of that has to suffer (working tirelessly for the preparation for All Souls’ Day Festival)

Also, sorry for HaroldxErica shippers, but I kinda support HaroldxBeatrice now lol

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