Chapter 147: Evil Spirit of All Souls Day (part one)

Finally it’s the long-awaited All Souls Day! What will happen during this time? Enjoy the chapter!

TL: clover

ED: eristol (will be edited)

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In the middle of the night after Holle-kun’s case was over, I told Palug about the ending of the event.

The Golden Wolf Prince, who had been machined by the Lunatic King, and Holle-kun who was an artificial spirit born to destroy the said prince.


“Oh my, what a poor child.”


I’m really at a loss on what to do about Holle-kun.

I wonder what I should do.


『Umumu, so he wants to fulfill his mission.』

“I want to help, but I mean, Holle-kun’s case is difficult to deal with, right?”


The problem with Holle-kun is the inconvenient specification that he only activates when the Golden Wolf Prince is not conscious.

That means we need to cooperate with someone else.

Regarding that matter, I’m also worried that the game development that I know and the current situation of the Golden Wolf Prince are different.


“Then, why don’t I go on the offensive first? Even if the wolf fails, I will definitely be okay!”


Palug said without hesitation.

The Golden Wolf Prince seems to possess the human who killed him in the form of a curse, but Palug is a sacred phantom beast and a former angel, so she should be alright.


“I’ll give it some thought. I’ve already identified the location to some extent.”


It was thanks to the information that had been leaked by the vampire from some time ago.

Claude Lucanrant was possessed by the Golden Wolf Prince.

And it was Harlan Slayson who confined Claude.

Then, the place we need to aim for is the Margraviate of Urs.


“After all, winter vacation is probably the best time. I’m thinking of going to the North.”


I don’t know if it will go well, but I can’t neglect the countermeasures against vampires.

Especially if the opponent is a monstro in the form of a curse created personally by the Lunatic King.


“Yaay~~ my first time going to the northern country! There are plenty of mineral springs that are good for your skin in the north!”

『Cat, your aim is bathing……? This goes beyond vulgar!』

“Whaat~~~ Just a little bit is fine, right~~~!”


That might be a great way to relax for Palug who seems exhausted from exterminating the underlings.

And also a great way to show my appreciation for Tirnanog.

Before the situation descends to mayhem, indulging ourselves in the hot spring might not be a bad idea.


The lack of personal connections in Lucanrant is a matter of concern, but that can be managed.

And so it was decided that we would go to Lucanrant for the winter vacation.


originals on



After Holle-kun’s case was resolved, no other mysterious phenomena occurred in the academy.

The current situation is almost peaceful.


But there are two more concerns.


The first one.

Dolores no longer appears.

Since we have not violated the prohibitions, I wonder if something went wrong, or was there something she didn’t like?


And the second one.

Holle-kun also has never appeared since then.

If the Golden Wolf Prince has been awake all this time, that would be scary.


In the meantime, time passed quickly, and finally, the day of All Souls Day Festival arrived.

Three days from today will be the festival period of All Souls Day.


During this period, there are no classes.

The students have been working on their costumes and events since morning.


I wore a pirate-inspired costume.

Pirates in this world are the Aurelians who rampage around on their privateers.

They are authorized by the royal family, just like the privateers in my previous world.

They seem to have been particularly active when our relationship with the North was at its worst.


“Well, it’s a festival, so it’s better to be flashy.”

『Umumu, it might suit you.』

“Hmm~ you look great. This will surely attract the attention of men and women around you~~!”


It seems to have been well-received by Palug and Tirnanog.


After wearing the costume, I headed to the school building.

Then I met up with Tricia and Marquia in our usual seats in the dining hall.


“My! Are you dressed up as the captain of a privateer, Erica-sama? How wonderful!”

“You look gorgeous!”

“Thank you, Tricia-san, Marquia-san.”


Tricia and Marquia were wearing their uniform as usual.

They said they didn’t dress up because they would change their costumes later in the theater.


“How about changing your voice using potion?”

“And how about drawing a cut on your face with makeup?”


Both of them, who seem to like my costume, made suggestions simultaneously.

Since this is a festival, it would be a good opportunity to try it.

Let’s take them up on their kind offer.


“Sounds like it would be all-out and interesting.”


Marquia and Tricia spread various chemicals on the table and began preparing me.

Tricia was particularly enthusiastic; she carefully finished drawing the cut realistically.


Then, when I played around with my new face and voice, shrill voices rose in the distance.


Apparently, a figure with an excessively conspicuous costume appeared.

Long black hair with something like antlers springing upon his head, a jet-black costume that feels like an aristocratic villain—

It was a figure with a presence similar to that of the so-called Demon King.

When he glanced at the girls who let out shrill voices, he brushed up his hair in an agitated manner.


Without warning, the Demon King turned towards my direction and drew nearer rapidly.

Mhm, I’m familiar with those blue sharp, discerning eyes.


“Erica, looks like you’re ready too.”

“Klaus-sama, what happened to your hair?”

“I wore a wig and cast illusion magic on it.”


At first glance, it can’t be distinguished from his real hair.

It looks very natural when visually aided by magic.

The mages are going all-out for their costumes, huh.


“Klaus-sama, you look good with long hair. Incidentally, who are you dressing-up as?”

“He is a former King of Hafan who was called the King of Daylight.”


I feel like I’ve heard of him, but at the same time, I feel like I don’t.

But if I remember correctly, he was a very famous King.


“Was he the King who really loved construction?”

“He was the man who built magic towers at all important points of ley lines on Ichthyes.”


I see, so he was the Infrastructure King.

Thanks to this King, the Ichthyes continent has a strong spiritual defense.


However, after all, he does look like the Demon King.

He looks like the type of villain who would kill his beloved princess and magnificently fall into darkness.


“But, why did you come here?”

“If I don’t check your costume, it’d be hard to find you among the crowds.”

“I see……but, what for? Did we make a promise to meet up?”


When I replied, a crease appeared between Klaus’ eyebrows.


“Because you used to say that All Souls Day Festival is scary, so I decided to stay with you when I have time.”

“You remember well, Klaus-sama.”

“I remember everything you said.”


I wonder if I let it out inadvertently while making various preparations.

But, well, I guess it would be nice to have a thick defense.


While we were conversing like that, the dining hall became noisy again.

Unlike Klaus’ case, these high-pitched cheers were mixed with the deep cheering voices of men.


I moved my gaze to the doorway.



Auguste came while serving a smile to the noisy surroundings.

He looks like an archbishop but with wings on his back.


This figure is probably the figure of the leader of the angels, in other words, the figure of Palug.

The pure white robe coated with golden thread and jewelries is too luxurious to be a costume.


“Klaus-sama, why didn’t you stop him? I can’t explain it well, but isn’t that a bit too flashy……?”

“Do you think I can stop that man?”

“……I’ve said something impossible. My apologies.”


Goldberry, who was perched on Auguste’s shoulder, quickly flew towards our direction.

She perched on Tirnanog’s head happily as though it was her fixed position.


“Erica! It looks like you’re already dressed up!”


Auguste called out with a bright smile.


“Auguste-sama, that figure is……?”

“I’m an archangel. This is a remake of the archbishop’s old outfit. My father sent it to me!”

originals on

No way, that was an actual archbishop’s robe?

Let alone luxurious, isn’t it at a level that can’t be priced?

Not only the royal family, but even the church also gave their utmost support in preparing the prince’s costume.

As expected of the second coming of the Founder King, he is very loved.


“Erica, you’re the captain of the western privateer, right? It’s truly flashy and Aurelia-ish.”

“Yes, I tried to arrange their clothes in a modern style.”


It was tailored by a craftsman of Knot Reed whom I ordered via Harold, so it is inferior to Auguste’s costume, but it is good as it is.

As a matter of fact, this can be said to be a combat uniform because it is sewn with plenty of practical runestones.


“Klaus, you look very powerful, but is that not heavy?”

“These horns are actually made of wood.”

“Heeh~ I see.”


Then the archangel and the Demon King began talking about each other’s costume.

It seems that Auguste’s wings can be freely opened and closed with illusion magic using artificial spirit.


“But why did you come here, Auguste?”

“Because I’m curious about Erica’s costume. Klaus, you too, right?”


Auguste smiled cheerfully.

When Klaus saw that, the crease between his brows deepened.


“Don’t be mistaken. I just came to check Erica’s costume.”

“Isn’t that the same thing?”

“It’s not the same.”


As Klaus and Auguste began to argue lightly, a tall figure emerged from the crowd.


“Oh, Harold.”

“Heya, Captain. The costume suits you well.”

“You too, Harold, you seem comfortable in it.”


Harold also wore a pirate costume.

But he is more like a sailor rather than a captain.

His red hair which is always tied is braided somewhat loosely and is hanging over his left shoulder.


“Now, now, it’s time to prepare for the opening ceremony, right, Your Highness?”

“Eeh~ but I’ve come all the way here to see the figure of the captain of the privateer—”

“Yes, yes, the captain will not go anywhere, and we will only return briefly. Okay, Klaus-sama?”

“I, I’m not particularly fussing over this girl or anything!”


Harold skilfully retrieved Klaus and Auguste.

Before I knew it, he started understanding how to handle the two of them.

Harold is incredible, isn’t he?


“Such a feast for the eyes~~!”

“That’s exactly right! I hope All Souls Day lasts for an eternity!”


Tricia and Marquia were excited by the boys’ costumes.

For me, if the festival doesn’t end for an eternity, I would likely collapse from overworking.


“Aah, but we also need to get ready soon……!”

“I don’t want to part yet!”


The two of them will be preparing for the festival events and the play after this.


“I’m looking forward for your success.”


Tricia will be making the final setting for the flying golems, while Marquia will be training her small dragons to breath fire simultaneously.

After that, they will go to the theater together.


That’s why I was left alone, as I’m not participating in anything in particular.

It’s almost time, so let’s take a look around the academy where the festival is being held.


When I walked to the area near the exit of the dining hall, a berserker called out to me.


“Um, Erica-san?”

“Oh my, is that you, Chloe-san……?


Chloe was a berserker and she held a spear jammed with a lot of mushrooms in one hand.


“Is that a pirate costume?”

“Yes, that’s right. You’re a berserker, right, Chloe-san?”

“Yeah, right on the money.”


Chloe laughed lightly and then looked around absentmindedly.


“By the way, where are Tricia-san and Marquia-san?”

“It seems they are having a briefing session for the festival events.”

“I see. Same with Beatrice.”


Beatrice seems to have gone to the theater with Jan.

Chloe and I are comrades in being left behind by our friends.


This is a great opportunity, so let’s invite her to look around the All Souls Day Festival.

First of all, let’s ask about her schedule.


“Chloe-san, how are you going to spend your time during All Souls Day?

“Hmm, let’s see. First, I’m going to participate in the apple-eating competition and aim for victory!”


Apple-eating competition.

It’s a competition where one has to directly eat the apple floating or sinking in a large basin filled with water.

The person who seized the apple inside the water without using their hands is the winner1.

It is also a competition that the natives of the Ichthyes continent such as the Northerners and Easterners like.


It seems a little impossible for me who is reserved.


“And, if I lose midway, I will go to the corn maze then go to see the play.”


Hmm, if that’s the case, even if it’s only the play, I wonder if we can watch it together.

Let’s invite her.


“Hey, Chloe-san. Would you like to go to see the play together? If you don’t mind, I’ll save the seats in advance.”

“Wow, is that okay? Thank you, Erica-san!”

“Let’s meet up later, okay?”



Chloe smiled and agreed.

She then headed to the courtyard of the school building; the venue for the apple-eating competition.


Now then, let’s enjoy All Souls Day Festival while paying attention to personal safety.

1 This apple-eating competition is actually similar to a popular Halloween game of bobbing for apples. Each apple was named for a certain person, and people dove for the apples that floated in a pail full of water. Seizing an apple in one bite was very good fortune indeed.

Edits in the past week: All Souls’ Day –> All Souls Day (without apostrophe), in 128 ‘become obsessed with’ –> ‘become possessed by’ (so it was already revealed that Claude was possessed by the golden wolf in this chapter, but since I didn’t know the context then I mistranslated it Dx)

BY THE WAY, I need fanarts for their costumes! Demon King!Klaus, Archangel!Auguste, Pirate Captain!Erica, Pirate Crew!Harold, and Berserker!Chloe.

Actually, I’ve drawn them some time ago (except Chloe), but I also want to see your fanarts!

Here is mine:

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