IDWBV – 69

This is the beginning of “Someone please punch Will in the face”: The Series. It’s going to be a trend, so…be patient, he will slowly (as in, SUPER slowly) get better…maybe. Also, this is in Al’s pov. Enjoy!

TL: clover

ED: eristol

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“Brother! Hey! Listen to me!”



When I saw my younger brother opening the door with a loud noise, I stopped signing the papers and sighed, “Again, huh.”




“Why did you get in my way! Weren’t you the one who told me to get together with the Heroine!?”


After the evening party where Miss Carlisle had her social debut, the one who was waiting for me to return to my room was my younger brother, who had returned earlier.

My brother hadn’t changed from his formal outfit and was staring at me in frustration.

I took off my jacket and relaxed my cravat while keeping my brother from entering my field of vision.


“Hey, Will. I don’t think I said a word about ignoring common sense, though?”



I glanced at my brother. My younger brother who saw my expression seemed scared for a moment.


“B-but! In the game, it was like that! On the day of her social debut, the Heroine is escorted by the Second Prince! So I…!”

“And that’s why you ousted her uncle, who was supposed to serve as Miss Carlisle’s escort, huh… Things like this sometimes make me want to doubt that you’re a prince with the same education as me. We will lose our reputation as royalty if you keep doing ridiculous things like this. It truly hurts my head.”


When I told him my true feelings, Will began to make excuses in a hurry.

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“T-that’s why! Please wait, brother! That’s not it. It wasn’t me who did something irregular! Originally, Chloe Carlisle was supposed to be in trouble because the promised escort wasn’t there! The original plot is that the Second Prince, who passed by chance, offered to be her escort, half of it is to help and another half is to tease her, so I—”

“Hmm. Then? That didn’t happen, so you took the role of her escort from Miss Carlisle’s uncle?”

“Ukh! Because, my event wouldn’t happen otherwise!”


I looked back coldly at my younger brother who was staring back at me helplessly.


“As a result, you are hated by Miss Carlisle. That’s only natural though.”

“Haa? What are you talking about, brother? There’s no way she would hate me. Because I’ve already cleared the encounter event, you know? So she should be on my route, right?”



While humming to show that I was paying attention, I recalled last night’s party.

Lily’s friend, the daughter of Earl Carlisle, Chloe Carlisle. Will had done something like taking the role of her escort, so I know that she is the 『heroine of the game』 that Will was talking about, but I can’t see her as anything but 『Lily’s friend』.

That’s only a matter of course.

My heart has already been caught by Lily, and no one can make my heart beat faster except for my cute Lily.


—Hmm. That girl, so she’s the one who Will called as the 『heroine』, huh.


I think she’s pretty, and she may have a good character because she’s a friend of Lily, but I don’t have any special emotions regarding her.

But Lily didn’t seem to think so. She said she was full of anxiety, and she felt jealous thinking that I might be taken by Miss Carlisle.


“Al, you’re already…um…mine, that’s why—”


I think that remark was cunning. It would be rather strange if I didn’t feel anything when my lover displayed such a cute desire to monopolize. When she said that, my chest became painful and I wanted to take her back to my room. But at the same time, I wanted to brag to anyone and everyone that my lover was so cute.


—Aah, after all my Lily is the cutest.


It’s almost impossible to look at others when such a cute girl is by my side.


“Brother, hey, brother!”


While I was deeply convinced of Lily’s loveliness once again, Will was still talking persistently.

My contemplation about Lily was ruined.




When I glared at him, Will grimaced.


“Hey, I said I’m sorry, so please fix your mood. No more forcing. As I promised you, brother, I will do it straightforwardly… Aah, if it was the original, it would have been an event where I sent her to her mansion. Brother, with the villainess—no, I mean Liz Beltran, you’re doing well with her, right? Then don’t bother me. And I would cooperate for the sake of your happiness in exchange, Brother.”

If you can cooperate. I don’t need your cooperation if it’s something foolish like what I saw earlier.”

“…That’s harsh, brother.”

“That’s only natural.”


In fact, Will’s action of forcibly replacing as an escort was known to a considerable number of people, and it made me want to hold my head.

People frowned on it since it was an act unbecoming of the Second Prince. When I heard about it from my brother too, I almost wanted to yell at him to ask what he was doing.


“I don’t want you to act foolishly any more than this.”


I told him earnestly, but my brother didn’t seem to take it seriously at all.


“As. I. Said. I won’t. Now then, brother, I want to ask you one thing.”



I asked my younger brother, who doesn’t seem to have any remorse while holding down my temple. There is no cure for stupidity. This is not good.


“There was Victor at the evening party, right? Victor Beltran. That guy, why does he have to be fond of Chloe? Chloe is in my route, so I don’t want her to fall in love with Victor.”

“…I don’t know.”


If I think about it normally, between my brother and him, I think I would choose him.

I didn’t say it out loud, but when I looked at my brother, he said to me as if annoyed.


“It must be because of him that the response from the Heroine was different, despite the event occurring. What the heck, he’s being a bother to me! Certainly, Victor is also a capture target, but he didn’t raise any event, so why did he come out!”




Thinking that this was my last chance, I told Will, who was looking at me while sulking.


“…If you really like Miss Carlisle, that’s fine. But why don’t you start by looking at herself, and not her in-game self? If you do that, I think she will naturally look at you.”


I said so seriously.

To begin with, Will, who wants to fall in love but doesn’t try to look at his partner properly, at this point in time is hopeless.

Normally one would get to know each other and reduce the distance gradually, but my younger brother tossed those things away entirely.

He believes that if he entrapped his partner one-sidedly, she will become his.

Even a compassionate person wouldn’t want someone like that to be their partner. Can my brother not even understand such a simple thing?


“Haa? What are you talking about, brother?”

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As an older brother, I intended to give as much advice as possible, but Will seemed to not understand and said so while tilting his head.


“A game is a game. Well, no matter. For the time being, that event has occurred, so let me think what the next big event is. Surely…it was a dating event. Alright, I’m going to get ready!”



I tried to stop him, but my brother, completely immersed in that thought, walked out of my room with light steps.

Alone in the room, after my brother left, I let out a sigh.


“I’m tired…”


I can’t believe that he’s my blood-related brother.

I think he was a bit better before this, but Will’s behavior has suddenly become flashy recently.

If this situation continues, even I won’t be able to protect him.


“…What should I do…”


My head hurts.

I thought that my happy days with Lily would continue, but I didn’t expect that my brother would cause trouble.



“If you disturb me and Lily, then I will cut you down mercilessly.”


That’s for sure. If my happiness with Lily is destroyed by Will, I wouldn’t hesitate even for a moment.


“At the very least, please do your best without involving me.”


For our mutual peace.

With that in mind, I decided not to be involved in Will’s 『game』 anymore.

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27 thoughts on “IDWBV – 69

    1. you mean about the ‘someone please punch wilfred’ series or this novel? this novel has 125 chapters and 4 side stories. but the wilfred series part only until next chapter, then continued in ch 90 so you can feel relieved

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      1. ಠ﹏ಠ uff… I hate people like Will….
        Well, hate it’s a strong word… But, I don’t know any other in english…..
        But It’s frustrating that this kind of people only listen what they want to hear and not reality…

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  1. Will is so stupid! Even if the world came into being because of the game, as long as the people living there are sentient and have a will of their own, not being controlled by the script, they are like any other person and will have their own thoughts and feelings. I worry that if Chloe were to marry Will, because of his obsession with the game he might become abusive if she wasn’t exactly like her game counter-part.

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    1. The fact that he hasn’t picked up on the fluidity of the reality is amazing. Lily not being awful anymore should have blown any “on rails” theories out of the water.

      I was going to say that they wouldn’t have gotten to the marriage point if he hadn’t figured it out yet, but if royalty demands a bride… Yeah. It would be ugly.

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  2. I see you changed the new picture already
    So i suspect the female behind al and lily is chloe, but who is the one beside her? Is it victor or is it will?
    I hope its victor, but from his expression, i doubt it’s victor and it looks like it’s will
    And one more thing. So lily and chloe have the same eye color.
    Thanks for the chapter

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  3. Thank you for the chapter💕
    I’m thankful for Al POV chapters because we get to see him just fangirling(?) about Lily. But at the same time, it makes me cringe and smack myself. 🍫🍫🍫

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      1. It’s interesting that some other series get manga adaptations that directly coincide with their LN releases to promote the LNs, while others take a certain period of time to get comicalized.

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        1. That’s true. I guess it depends on the publisher, and the artist + author. I feel like this novel will be getting comicalized soon though. With the recent villainess trend, plus now that the series has ended, the probability is becoming higher.


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