IDWBV – 70

Again, it’s in Al’s pov, and the continuation of “Someone please punch Will in the face”: The Series. Yeah. The plot will move on the next chapter, so stay tuned!

TL: clover

ED: (will be edited)

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—That’s what I thought, but life isn’t going so well for me.

To the point that I actually felt real pain.


“Brother! Brother!”

“What? As you can see, I’m busy.”

“Please listen to me for a bit.”



I put the quill pen down.

Will, who came into my office without hesitation despite my work, came to my side and spread his arms wide while smiling widely.


“I can now participate in Chloe’s spirit contract event!”


Looking into the eyes full of expectations for me to listen to him, I opened my mouth while feeling fed up.


“Is that so.”


I said dryly to convey that I wasn’t interested at all. As expected the corner of my brother’s mouth twitched.


“Brother! Even if it’s just an act is fine, so at least try to pretend to be interested!”

“…Actually, I really don’t care, so it can’t be helped. I don’t want to think anything beyond my work and Lily.”

“Damn. You love her more than I thought. It’s hilarious.”

“…Will. I’m busy. You don’t mind if you turn around and go back to your own room as is, right?”

“My apologies, brother. That’s why, please listen to me.”


When I glared at him, Will hurriedly corrected his posture.




I really don’t want to be involved. However, Will’s favorite lady, 『Chloe Carlisle』, is Lily’s friend. I thought, for Lily’s sake, it would be better to keep track of what my brother is doing, so I opened my mouth reluctantly.


“So? What kind of underhanded method did you use this time? You didn’t make Miss Carlisle cry, did you? I’m asking you, please don’t hurt the royal family’s reputation any more than this. A person’s image is easy to bring down, but it’s hard to raise.”

“Just what in the world do you think of me as, brother?”

“Hm? I’m starting to seriously think that you should consult a doctor soon, you know?”


When I told him semi-seriously, Will lamented, “Give me a break!”


“I am sane! And as I promised you, brother, I followed the regular procedure. I even contacted the Earl that I want to associate with his daughter on the premise of engagement!”

“…well, if that’s the case.”


That is a legitimate means. I don’t know what Miss Carlisle think of this, but in the meantime, at least he didn’t do any underhanded method. I’m relieved to hear that.


“Then? From your story, that means she has affinity for spirits, right?”

“Yeah! And it’s the rare light spirit attribute! I managed to get invited to the occasion when she signs the contract! As expected of me. I’m steadily completing the events. It’s almost time for Chloe to fall madly in love with me!”

“…I see…So Miss Carlisle has affinity with spirits, huh.”


Sorry for my younger brother who is in high spirits, but I’m worried that Lily might be depressed.

Last time, Lily failed to sign a contract with a spirit for unknown reasons. She was deeply hurt, and even wept at the possibility that we wouldn’t be able to get married.

What would she think if she hears about her friend’s spirit contract?

On the surface, she would say ‘congratulations’ and ‘I will support you’ with a smile, but I’m sure she would be depressed on the inside.

She is a sensitive woman, unlike my younger brother.

I don’t know if Lily has heard about her friend’s affinity with spirits, but still, I feel driven to contact her right now and comfort her.

There’s no need to worry. Each person has their own pace. It’s fine to tread slowly and surely. I’m not going to marry anyone except you, so you can calm down. I want to hug her and tell her that.



“Hey, brother, are you listening?”


originals on

Although I actually wasn’t listening, I replied. Nevertheless, Will still seemed satisfied and continued talking incessantly.


“Once this event is over, it’s finally a dating event. There are small events before that, so I have to do my best. I can’t let Victor disturb me…”


Hearing the word ‘Victor’ made my eyes blink.

My brother has been very concerned about Victor since that time, but his worry is unnecessary.

Victor is a good and indispensable man for the royal family, and I like him. Above all, he is Lily’s brother.

I’m seriously worried whether my brother would do something.


“…Will. Victor has nothing to do with this. Don’t be too hostile.”


Although I seriously advised him, Will furrowed his eyebrows and seemed annoyed.


“Haa? Victor is in the way of my route, you know? Isn’t it only natural to think of him as an enemy or a rival?”

“…Victor, unlike you, isn’t interested in romance. He’s only interested in his own family right now. I don’t think he’s going to be concerned about things like love.”


Until about half a year ago, Victor had prejudice against his family. Because of that, he was in the castle almost every day and busied himself with his work, and if someone brought up the topic about his family, they would be silenced by his cold glance.

But, with Lily’s hard work, he gradually became interested in his family.

He returns to his family’s mansion more frequently. And he learned to rest on his days off.

According to Lily’s story, she has recently enjoyed drinking tea with her brothers once every two days.

It was an incredible change.

Those who see him can tell that he has changed as well from his appearance. Victor, who has a softer atmosphere than before, has been smiling more naturally.

The man with cold impression who is highly strung, excellent, but always seems irritable, has recently become popular with everyone, as he has become calmer and more approachable.

When he talked to me, he used to ask me, “Has my sister been bothering you?” But recently it turned into statements that defended his sister such as, “She has changed lately, so if there is something, please take a look in the long run.”

Victor was skeptical at first that the family who he had forsaken as no-good had gradually changed in a better direction, but now he considers it genuine and seems to be watching over them happily.

His number one priority is now his family. Because the family whom he had decided to let go has returned, it may be obvious, but he takes care of his family very much now.

His younger brother Yugo, and his younger sister Lily. And by spending time with both of them, Victor has also become more involved with his own parents.

The 『family』 that Victor had given up on is back. That’s a welcome thing for him, and he’s immersed in it for now. There is no chance for things like love to cross his mind.


“That’s why you, too, should stop your misdirected hostility—”

“Haa? Victor is interested in his family? What are you talking about, brother.”



He cut off my words and had a dubious expression on his face.


“Victor’s route is where the Heroine replaces the family he had to forsake, you know? The terribleness of his brother and sister. His distrust against his parents who allow his brother and sister to do as they will. And so the Heroine will save Victor whose revulsion for his own family is becoming stronger, you see? So, Victor taking care of his family is something that would never happen.”

“…I don’t understand what you’re talking about, but Victor has a good relationship with his family. I’ve heard that he had tea with his brother Yugo and, of course, Lily.”

“Are you kidding me? That mistrustful guy? Eh? Seriously?”



When I nodded silently, Will said in astonishment:


“Eehh? It’s not just the villainess? So there is a change in that direction too……no. I’ve been faithfully reproduced the events…if things can change, it will be difficult for me too…”


For some reason my brother gasped, then had an expression as if something crossed his mind.


“Yes! That’s it!”


“I see! Victor doesn’t hate his family because there is no Victor’s route to begin with! After all, the principal part about his family doesn’t come out. So, Victor’s route is gone? I see, that means I don’t have to worry about that guy anymore!”


Nodding as if convinced, my brother said cheerfully.


“Brother! Thank you for the good information! Now I’m convinced that Victor route has gone…If he doesn’t become my rival, then there is no need for me to be concerned about him. Yeah, this is good for Victor too. He seemed to have had some trouble with his family even after getting close with the Heroine. But now he has his own happy ending! And I get the Heroine! Dang, is this what they call ‘win-win’? Isn’t this the best ending where no one is sad!?”


“Alright! I’m suddenly motivated! Just you wait, Chloe! I’ll put you in my route–! I’ll make you happy–!”


The expression of my brother is full of motivation, but I wonder why. I have a bad feeling about this.


“Will, you—”


need to be careful. I was about to say that, but Will opened his mouth first.


“I need to check the route now, so I’ll head back to my room! Brother, good luck with your work!”


He left just as fast as he came like a storm.




I’m alone once again in my office. Exhaled deeply. The conversation with my brother wasn’t very long, but it was very exhausting.


“…I want to see Lily.”


At times like this, I really want to see the face of my cute lover.

If I meet Lily, my bad mood will surely go away.


“I promised her before that I’d invite her to the castle.”


It’s fun to go visit her, but it’s also not a bad idea to walk in the castle with my lover.

With that in mind, I decided to leave my work aside and took out the stationery I used to interact with her from the drawer on my desk.

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  1. Thnx for the chapter!
    Thank goodness the next chapter will be Al x Lily mofu mofu moe moe time otherwise I would die of madness that bastard brother gave me by reading this chapter!

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  2. I’m starting to feel a little sorry for Will. I think he might have been born with some kind of mental impairment so maybe it isn’t completely fair to hold his behavior against him? His thinking is a little… special.

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    1. Well, he was born with a grown mind and knowing he was in a game, so there’s that. And to a certain extent, Lily’s changes are a result of her hearing him refer to her as a villainess. So his insanity has produced some good changes for the world. However, he doesn’t realize that people around him are ‘people’ and not static characters for him to play with. That’s his biggest sin.

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    2. It’s more “i’m the reincarnated/chosen one, so i’m the protagonist/MC and i have a very strong plot armor” syndrom that happens to befall many stupid reincarnator (e.g: spear hero, sword hero, bow hero, and all other stupid hero out there)

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  3. Otome games are usually only something girls really get into right? So maybe Will was a girl in his last life and the only way he can cope with living as a man in a different world is to hold onto his obsession for the game. Or he’s the kind of person who gets fixated on a 2D character and rejects the 3D world, and can still only see Chloe as his perfect 2D wifu. Or he’s just a stalker.

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  4. …. I really wanna kick Will’s ass to kingdom come… Seriously… just how old was he before he reincarnated… it is one thing to have knowledge that he was reincarnated to the world of a game… it is another to fail to realize yet keep pushing the “scenario” as he please despite having the fact that the “story” has deviate greatly from the course.

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  5. “Just what in the world do you think of me as, brother?”
    “Hm? I’m starting to seriously think that you should consult a doctor soon, you know?”

    Slow clap for Al… Saying what everyone here was thinking.

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  6. Thanks for chapter.
    I take back my word for previous chapters comment, his brain is already beyond any helping.
    There many things change from story in novel, but he still believe thing with going according “Story”.
    Moreover the fact he living in that world, but still believe it just some game and think people just moving according story.
    He ignores the fact people in his surrounding is have their own will and moving according to it.
    Hope he just gone for real, heck he even more annoying than fake heroine in different novels.


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