Chapter 154: The Identity of the Faceless Man (part one)

Can you believe there are only 6 chapters left until we catch up with the raw? That’s less than two months! Well, for now, enjoy!

TL: clover

ED: xtostos, eristol

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In this way, the All Souls Day case was successfully completed.

Nobody died or floated in the cold river, and the case ended peacefully.


At any rate, there was no monstro in this third scenario, the scenario which I had been wary of for so many years.

Does that mean this scenario was meant as a curveball all along, having humans be the culprits instead of any monstro?


When we were brought back to the academy by the dragon knights, interrogation and investigation of Jan Carlson had already begun.

Chloe and I carried Beatrice to the infirmary together with the vice principal, and were then asked by the principal to attend Jan’s interrogation.


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In the principal’s office, there were the principal and Brad Clochydd.

When we were all present, Jan began to testify slowly after being prompted by the principal.


“My family was killed by a bloodsucker.”


Jan was the victim of a vampire case eight years ago.

While all the villagers were being devoured by a young vampire who couldn’t control their cannibalistic impulse, he seemed to have been saved only because he was out in the woods.

The vampire who devoured his entire village had assumed the shape of his 8-year-old older sister.


“I, who had become an orphan, was picked up by Harlan-sama and raised in a monastery that belongs to the Military Order of Útför.”


After accumulating experience in the military order, Jan swapped his background with another Jan Carlson before entering the academy.

I see.

So that’s why there was no mention of him being someone belonging to the Military Order of Útför in Harold’s database, huh.


“It was Harlan-sama who saved me. So I decided to live for him.”


What a heavy confession.

That means his lifesaver dictated the rest of his life.


“This is the only evidence I can offer.”


Jan took out a thin wrapped parchment from his robe’s sleeve and handed it over to the principal.


“Swapping the clothes secretly, time and place for the hand over…you don’t know anything beyond this?”


“Did you not know what was going on?”

“No. I thought it was just putting a person who had a likelihood of being a bloodsucker into quarantine as usual.”


In response to the principal’s question, Jan answered with a sad expression.


“Why did you make a false statement that she was taken by a monstro?”

“That was an instruction given to me verbally. It seems because there are many mages and alchemists who can use magic eyes in the academy. I already forgot who I heard it from. I think it is useless to try to remember it because I took a drug.”

“Is it a hallucinogen used in Lucanrant? If I remember correctly, it is used to cause mind to become hazy and to erase memories.”



Citrouille said something similar, but there is actually a drug like that in the North?

In the end, no matter how I look at it, this is a terrible treatment.


“Did you not question this instruction?”

“I merely followed the instructions given to me, because I’ve been doing it all the time. But…I was sad that the subject was Beatrice. When I was with her, I felt like I was back to the time when my older sister was still alive.”


When Jan said that, Chloe looked down with a sad expression.


“I think I did a terrible thing to that girl…to Beatrice Glaw.”


While listening to the conversation, I realized again.

He had allowed the abduction in hopes of exterminating vampires, and his loyalty was to Harlan.

He had nothing to do with the rebel movement within the military order.


“In other words, you didn’t know that this was done by the knights who rebelled against Harlan, right?”

“Rebel? Me? Betraying Harlan-sama…?”


When I asked him, Jan had an inexplicable expression on his face.


“I will never betray Harlan-sama.”


Jan’s eyes, which were staring at me as he answered, burned with fanatical heat.


In the end, no new information turned up.

The principal determined that no other information could be obtained from Jan at this time, and the interrogation was over.





The time was midnight.

Then, leaving the principal and Jan behind, we headed home.

Just as with the previous vampire case, Brad escorted us on our way back to the dormitory.


“Um…what about Jan?”


Chloe cast a question towards Brad’s back.


“He can’t be acquitted.”


Brad answered without turning around.


“False personation, assisting in an abduction…we can’t overlook those just because he didn’t know the details.”

“Is that so…”

“In addition, being in custody at the academy for a while will protect him more than not.”

“…I see. You’re right, maybe that’s for the best…”


Chloe nodded with a quiet voice.


Jan was the extremity’s spy who could be taken advantage of by traitors.

Whether he is in pro-Harlan faction or anti-Harlan faction, we can’t leave him be.

I understand the reason, but it’s terrible.


“In this case, there will be major changes not only in him, but also in Lucanrant itself. Harlan Lucanrant will be held responsible.”


“He won’t have to relinquish his territory, but the leader of the Military Order of Útför will be replaced and he will have to resign from his position as the Northern Deputy Governor-General. Until an official successor can be appointed, a magistrate will be dispatched from Ignitia, most likely.”


Although that is better than Aurelia and Hafan interfering, an opposition from the North will be inevitable.

However, since no successor can be appointed until the investigation of who took part in the case has been completed, this is a reasonable step to take.


“Not only Harlan, but the northern nobles and members of the Military Order of Útför will also be under a thorough investigation. To see whether there was any similar activity like this case. Also, whether there were any other actions violating the humanity code.”

“Everything, including hidden operative agents…?”

“Aa, that is a possibility.”


Suddenly, the image of Citrouille passed through my mind.

I wonder if he’s safe.

I hope his memory hasn’t been erased by some weird drugs.


“Ah! Speaking of which, will there be any disciplinary actions for us?”


As I spoke from behind him, Brad glanced back.

Eeh, his eyes are gentle!?

Why isn’t he glaring like usual?


“Oh, how commendable…I see, so you want me to scold you?”

“N-no, it’s just, usually…”

“Then I will scold you for a little bit.”


Hii, I dug my own grave!


“You two are indeed special. You have unparalleled power and courage. The fact that you are way beyond fearless is problematic, but this time it is true that Beatrice Glaw was saved by your quick actions.”


“But what is special about you isn’t just that ability.”


Brad continued his words.


“Some people think of you as special, just as Beatrice Glaw is a special friend to you. Some people care for you, just as you care for Beatrice Glaw.”


“Please bear in mind to always be prudent in your actions. And, please remember. There are those who will be sad if anything happens to you. And there are those who pray for your happiness.”


Uu, what a tough scolding.

I glanced sideways.

Chloe was also hanging her head down silently.

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“Now then, rather than my rebuke, it would be far more of a punishment for you guys to see their worried faces.”


Brad pointed at the exit just past the corridor.

Two tall shadows could be seen.



“Aurelia-san, Cloacina-san, both of you are safe…!”


It was my brother and Actorius-sensei.


I was hugged by my older brother who ran up to me.

When I casually looked over his shoulder towards his nape, my brother’s skin was pale.


“Onii-sama…you’re not sick, are you?”

“More importantly, Erica, what about you? Apparently you were chasing kidnappers to help your friend…!?”


My brother released my body and said to me while looking into my eyes.


“As you can see, I’m unscathed. The kidnappers were not such dangerous opponents.”


I smiled mischievously.

Since I had assumed that it was a phantom beast, I was quite flustered when the Military Order of Útför turned up.

But thanks to Chloe, Tirnanog, and many of my friends, I have not suffered even a scratch.


“I’m going to send Erica to her dorm. Is that okay with you, Brad?”

“Then I’ll send Cloacina to the Central Dorm. Come, Actorius.”

“Huh? Why am I with you?”


Actorius-sensei was staring blankly in puzzlement.

Brad scowled at him who was like that.

Ah, now that’s his usual frowning expression.


“Do you intend to follow Ed? Don’t you have any consideration to leave those siblings alone!?”

“Ah! Aaah~~!! I see~~! Right, a family is like that, isn’t it…”

“You’re the same as always.”

“No, you see, the concept of a family is too alien for me to understand the correct sense of distance…!”


Chloe burst out laughing as she looked at their banters.

Both Brad and Actorius glanced at each other with a look that was neither ashamed nor confused.


Then, my hand was grabbed by my brother and we walked together.

We avoided talking about what happened tonight.


“Hey, Erica. Let’s enjoy the festival together tomorrow.”

“Yes, Onii-sama.”


I looked up at my brother, who feels like a patient after surgery.

I wonder what happened.

Suddenly I recalled that Citrouille was giving medication to my brother.


(No way, did he also give Eduard-oniisama false drugs under pretext of treatment…?)


Ominous thoughts flashed through my mind, but for now let’s just believe in Citrouille.

And there is no way my brother, who is smarter than me, isn’t aware of that man’s identity.


“Aah, speaking of which, Onii-sama, I have prepared a pirate costume for you, you know?”

“You prepared it for me, Erica? Then it must be worn no matter what…!”


When I told him, my brother laughed happily like a child.


“I’m looking forward to tomorrow since I’m finally able to spend a relaxing time with you after a long time, Erica.”


We reached the entrance to the West Dormitory, and the time to end our fun conversation had arrived.

Eduard-oniisama gently kissed my forehead and smiled.


“Good night, Erica. Have a nice dream.”

“Yes, you too, Onii-sama.”


Underneath the moonlight, I saw the retreating figure of my brother who was heading towards the teachers’ lodging.

Feeling relieved that my brother’s steps were surprisingly firm, I returned to my room.

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  1. Interesting anti memory drugs and Lucanrant politics that is a dangerous combination being able to effectively perform memory wipes with some pills. Hmm while no apparent phantom beasts were involved politicians might honestly be worse and if anything Erica might have already killed the original stories monstro when she black holed that ancient vampire.
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    1. Yeah kind of along that line. It is for short term memory loss. A brief detail on the medicine will be given 2 chapters later I will give you the details then.


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  5. I’m a bit late to the party, but thanks for the chapter 🙂 I usually don’t comment, but this chapter made me wonder: wasn’t it said somewhere earlier that Chloë also had memory loss? Do you think it was because of this drug as well?

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