IDWBV – 73

Al, what are you doing to my daughterrrr? Also, I’m sorry that Al seems like a pervert (but he is, for Lily exclusively). Enjoy!

TL: clover

ED: (will be edited)

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The soft voice caught my ears. Desperately enduring the feeling like I was about to melt if this continues, I said:


“I, I think that’s unfair.”

“Unfair? Why?”


I tearfully stared at Al who was tilting his head as if he truly didn’t understand.

Why couldn’t he understand it? Isn’t it obvious that I could never do something like that?


“I love you, Al. And now that you are finally hugging me like this, I can’t make myself to push you away. S-so…um, if you don’t release me yourself…”

“You’ll never let me go no matter what, huh? Well, I’m fine with that.”



The hug was tightened even more, and a high-pitched voice leaked out of my mouth.



“I learned something nice. You can’t push me away, right? So I thought I should instead hug you tighter.”



Al’s voice sounded very happy.


“Shall we stay like this until it’s time for you to return? I don’t mind at all. I’m happy to smell your nice scent like this.”

“Hyah…u-um…please, don’t smell me…”


He smelled me right around my neck and I became so embarrassed that I wanted to cry.

Just what exactly is he doing? My head was overwhelmed and I couldn’t think of anything.


“I can’t? But, it’s a very nice, rose-like scent though.”

“T-that’s…t-thank you…very much…hyan—”


The scent Al said is probably the effect of the bath salt last night.

I’m glad that the effect of the bath salt that I used is so strong that it lasts until I meet Al, but I wish he would stop smelling me over and over. Al blinked his eyes at me, who let out a shameful noise.

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“Eh…what’s with that cute sound just now. Lily, where did that sound from…”

“B-because…I was surprised…”

“You let out that kind of sound because you were surprised? Heeh, that sounds fun.”

“W-what do you mean fun—…!?”


His lips touched my cheek.

My eyes widened by the abrupt sensation. Al was staring at me.


“Because you’re cute, my body moved by itself.”


“Did you not like it?”



There’s no way I didn’t like it. But, that surprised me.

Finally, my body was released. My legs lost their strength and I almost fell down, but I endured it desperately. I reflexively pressed my chest with both hands. Rather than pounding, my heart was banging against my ribs. I was surprised that it didn’t burst.

Al, who had been watching me, suddenly called me with a serious voice as I tried to take a deep breath to regain my composure.


“Hey, Lily, look over here.”

“…? Yes…eh.”


When I raised my face, Al’s face was approaching. Suddenly, something hot touched my lips.


Al said with a mischievous smile.


“Surprise. This time I tried it on your lips. How was it?”


My face became hot.

I didn’t expect to be kissed. Al did it so naturally, and it made me very conscious of the fact that Al and I were officially lovers.

Kissing each other is a natural thing in a relationship. Sudden kisses are also regarded as sweet moments between lovers.

It felt strange that Al and I were in that kind of relationship, but I was more than happy to the extent that I couldn’t bear it.

Somehow I feel strangely shy. Al, who was looking at my state, said with a depressed expression.


“Huh? Lily, aren’t you somehow even shier than the first time we did it?”

“B-because…um, my heart wasn’t prepared yet…”


My heart couldn’t catch up with this change in our relationship.

When I was too embarrassed and looked down, Al hugged me again and patted my back.


“So you need to prepare your heart first. I understand. I’ll be careful next time. But you didn’t hate it, right?”

“O-of course not!”


I answered in a fluster.

If it appeared like I rejected him, that would be upsetting.

I looked at Al to convey that it was absolutely not like that. Al seemed relieved and said, “That’s good.”


“I can’t stand the thought of being hated by you.”

“I don’t think I can ever hate you though…”


Because I love him so, so much.

I was just embarrassed; I had never for a moment thought that I disliked it.

When I looked at Al with such a feeling, he smiled happily.


“Is that right? If so, I’m glad. Now then, Lily. Shall we open the room’s door soon? I’m sure my chamberlain and the court lady are waiting in front of the door while feeling anxious.”



Now that he mentioned it, the door had remained closed.

I had completely forgotten about it. Feeling oddly embarrassed, I distanced myself from Al and fixed my clothes which weren’t particularly disheveled.

Then I straightened my back, acting like nothing had happened, and grabbed a cup of a tea which had gone completely cold.


“T-that’s alright. Mhm…by all means.”


I thought I was able to skillfully maintain appearances, but after seeing me, Al for some reason burst into laughter.


“…What are you doing, Lily? Even though nothing happened, you look like there was something wrong, you know?”


“Lily, you look very flustered.”


Al was slowly heading towards the door while saying that happily.

And then, while saying “Oh, right,” he turned around and said to me:

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“Sorry. I’ll take back my words just now. I didn’t mean to say that nothing had happened. Because I did touch your lips.”


He winked and pressed his index finger on his own lips. The gesture seemed to say that I shouldn’t say anything.

For a moment I was fascinated by the gesture, but then I understood what he meant, and my face gradually became hotter.


“Eh, u-um…t-that…is…”


Looking at me whose suspicious behavior was easy to understand, Al chuckled.


“As I said, you’re too flustered. It’s cute though, Lily. I’ll get your consent first this time, so let’s kiss again.”


“You said you need to prepare your heart first, right?”


Hearing those teasing words, I looked down without knowing what to say in return. Seeing my state, Al let out a humming sound as if troubled.


“Sorry. Maybe I tease you too much. I was just kidding.”



When I raised my face without thinking, Al said with an oddly solemn expression.


“Yeah, after all, I haven’t gotten your approval to kiss you yet. And I don’t think the mood is right, you know?”



Hearing words that were completely different from what I thought, I was at a loss for words. While I was speechless, Al smoothly told me.


“Well, that’s why. I will open the door now.”

“P-please wait…!”

“No can do. Because they must have been tired of waiting.”


With that said, Al put his hand on the doorknob. Immediately after opening the door, a court lady and the chamberlain appeared. It was obvious that they had been waiting in front of the door all this time.


“Your Highness, have you finished with your business?”

“Yeah, sorry for keeping you waiting. It’s fine for you to go inside now. But I’d like you to get us some tea instead. The tea has gone cold.”

“Understood. I’ll bring it to you soon.”

“I’ll leave it to you.”


What should I do?


This was really troubling. The heat on my face had not subsided at all.

Even though I was this flustered, Al acted like usual. It was strangely frustrating.


Aah, if there is a hole, I want to enter.


Feeling unbearably embarrassed, I covered my cheeks with both hands while desperately hung my head down.

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