Chapter 155: The Identity of the Faceless Man (part two)

A fluffy chapter with Onii-sama! And poor Auguste…

TL: clover

ED: xtostos, eristol

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The day after the abduction, in other words, the second day of All Souls Day Festival.

I was scheduled to meet up with my brother at noon.

If so, I should first check on Beatrice’s condition.


As I was walking down the corridor of the school building towards the infirmary, I ran into Chloe.


“Good morning, Chloe-san.”

“Morning, Erica-san. Have you come to meet Beatrice?”

“Yes. You too, right?”


When we arrived at the infirmary, a woman in a white robe—the Pharmacy teacher was attending to Beatrice.


“Chloe-chan, Erica-sama, you came.”


Beatrice raised her body immediately when she realized that Chloe and I had arrived.


“Beatrice, are you really okay?”

“Yes, no problem at all. I even feel better than usual because I slept a lot.”


Certainly, Beatrice had an atmosphere as if nothing happened.

Nevertheless, Chloe silently checked Beatrice’s body, raising her arms and lifting her legs.


“You don’t need to worry so much, Chloe-chan. I have been examined by the vice principal.”


“Only relatively safe drugs were used, and nothing else was done to me.”


I listened to Beatrice as she explained what the vice principal had told her.

About the kind of medicine used at the time of the abduction, the time spent in a coma, the side effects of the medicine, and things like that.

As expected, her memories before and after the abduction seemed to be vague.


“But I’m really glad that you’re safe, Beatrice-san.”

“Thank you for your concern, Erica-sama. I, um…I feel guilty that I have made a hole in the play that everyone had worked hard for…”


Beatrice responded while Chloe was checking her neck.

Despite experiencing something like that, she seemed to care about the play.


“Don’t worry about it. We’re really happy as long as you’re safe. Right, Chloe-san?”


Chloe nodded her head silently.


After that, I left Chloe in the infirmary and headed towards the dormitory.

I’m going to enjoy the festival with my brother while wearing our costumes as promised yesterday.

originals on

After dressing up, we met up in the courtyard as planned.

My brother dressed up in a pirate costume with the same design as mine, but with an eye-patch.

The pirate siblings are now ready.


Then, I set out together with my brother to the academy’s All Souls Day Festival.


“First, how about we go to the corn maze?”

“Good idea, let’s go, Onii-sama!”

“Since it’s still bright, the tricks are not scary so it is highly recommended.”


Oh my, I wonder if my brother is not good with scary things.

I thought he wouldn’t be bothered by something like that.


Just as my brother suggested, the corn maze during the day was easy mode as compared to during night time.

Despite encountering a bit of heart-stopping tricks, we were able to reach the exit while maintaining our dignity.

After the two of us finished going through the corn maze, we headed for the theater.


“One of the stages was closed due to yesterday’s incident, but the other stages seem to be performing.”


The stage where Beatrice got abducted from yesterday was sealed off by magic as evidence.

But the other stages were running as usual.


“Hey, Erica. Which one do you prefer, tragic love or comedy-like love?”

“Let’s see, today I’m leaning towards comedy.”


Today, a bright and cheerful romance is preferable.

If we’re talking about tragic love, I’ve already had my fill with the folk tales of the Silver Alchemist and the Golden Wolf Prince.


“If you prefer comedy, they perform it in two places. Let’s see them in order.”

“Sounds good.”


My brother and I spread a blanket and portable chairs on the meadow in front of the stage and relaxed.

Tirnanog sprawled on the blanket and began to laze around.


Palug seemed to be immersed in the fictional romance while traversing between my brother’s shoulders and mine.

I said that I prefer comedy, but I couldn’t concentrate on it, and was instead observing the people around the stage.

Oh my, is that Tricia?


Tricia was being spoiled by a kind and well-mannered young man, who seems different from what I’ve heard.

Don’t they seem to be in fairly good terms?

I mean, isn’t he a normal and nice young man~!

It seems Tricia is a tsundere, that’s why she was embarrassed and fled from him…!


After watching the two plays, the dragons began breathing fire in the sky.

The dance of dragons filled the twilight sky.


“The fireworks will start soon, but before that, let’s say hello to the guys.”

“Yes, Onii-sama.”


Perhaps because he saw the dragon’s dance, he remembered Auguste and the others who were working hard behind the scenes.

Then we bought souvenirs and headed to the management headquarters where Klaus and Auguste were located.

The souvenir was caramel-apples that were being sold in the booth.


“Everyone, thank you for your hard work.”


As we walked into the tent where the management headquarters was, there were exhausted-looking Klaus and Auguste.


“Erica…! And Eduard, is it. You guys seem to be having a good time.”

“Now, now, Klaus-kun. Isn’t this year’s All Souls Day magnificent? This year’s student council seems very dependable.”

“Here you go, Klaus-sama, go ahead.”


Saying so, I handed over the caramel apple decorated with a ghost pattern to Klaus.

Klaus, who likes sweets, bit into it with tired eyes.


“Heeh~ that sounds fun. You must be happy to be with your sister after a long time, Sir Eduard.”

“Yes, Your Highness. It was a very fun day to be with my cute little sister.”


My brother smiled and handed the apple to Auguste.

Auguste bit the apple, then stopped and shouted.


“Aah~~ why is it only you, this is unfair! I’m jealous!  I also want to play tomorrow, too! I can’t stand it anymore!”


“Klaus, don’t say anything!”


When Auguste glared at him sternly, a resigned smile appeared on Klaus’ face.


“Then I will also come along. That’s fine, right? I won’t take no for an answer.”


“Did you just click your tongue at me? How vulgar, Your Highness.”

“You only call me that when it’s convenient for you. Stop that, Klaus!”


Given that Klaus and Auguste began to clamor and argue noisily, I stepped in to mediate between them.


“Um, how about we go to the golem-style mobile amusement park together tomorrow?”


“…Aa, not a bad idea.”

“That’s a great idea, Erica. It was created by a famous golem creator in Aurelia. I highly recommend it.”


My older brother also agreed.


“But what about your work?”


When I asked, Klaus and Auguste looked at each other and grinned mischievously.


“It’ll be fine. Because I have a talented junior who understands my tasks.”

“Aa, it seems we’re going to cause trouble for Harold until the end.”

“And he even comes with a convenient support role who will listen to anything he says~”

“Haearn, huh…well, it’s going to be a good experience for him.”


Uuh, is that how it will be?

I’m sorry, Harold and Haearn-senpai!


“Since this is a good opportunity, is it okay if I also invite Elric?”

“Of course, Onii-sama.”


Since we’re traveling with these people, we would not lose sight of him even if he were to get separated in the crowds.

In this way, tomorrow’s schedule was decided without incident.



The third day of All Souls Day Festival.


In the afternoon, we met up with Actorius-sensei, who dressed up as a mummy with bandages wrapped around him, in front of a carousel.


“Is it true that Klaus-kun and His Highness will also join us today, Eduard?”

“Aa, Elric. I hope they’ll take a break soon.”

“However, it seems they can only slip out a little later, Actorius-sensei.”


The two of them are too earnest, so it’s hard for them to let their mind adrift and relax.

The problem that occurred during the All Souls Day Festival was able to be contained to only the abduction case on the first day due to the efforts of the student council.


“Well, to start it off, let’s enjoy the nearby attractions.”


Saying so, the glasses-wearing mummy Actorius-sensei smiled.

For this reason, first of all, let’s enjoy the golem-style carousel with just the three of us.


Girls gathered around Eduard-oniisama.

Actorius-sensei’s bandages were caught on a wooden horse, so he was forced to ride it for another round alone.

Despite having some trouble, we were able to have a good time.


“Now then, Erica, what should we do next?”

“Oh, I would like to ride the ferriswheel!”


I pointed at the big ferriswheel which I have been curious about the most ever since we came to the mobile amusement park.

After all, the view of the amusement park sparkling with illumination after sunset should be fascinating.


“Yeah, great idea! Let’s get on the ferriswheel.”


On the way to the ferriswheel, I witnessed Marquia getting off the ferriswheel with a little boy.

They look like brother-sister, but Marquia doesn’t have a brother.

Is that her fiancé then?


Marquia didn’t notice us even though we were passing by each other.

Marquia and her younger fiancé were completely in their own world.

S-so lovey-dovey…


(Huh, maybe Tricia and Marquia are actually normies…?)


But, weren’t they supposed to be on bad terms with their fiancé?

I wonder why…by some chance, was some kind of flag raised unnoticed because the play was cancelled?


Riding the ferriswheel with mixed feelings, a red-haired pirate came into my vision.

Even if it’s dark, I could easily recognize that burning long red hair.


“…Why is Harold here?”


When I got off the ferriswheel, Harold, the redheaded pirate, ran up to me.



“Harold? Did something happen?”

“His Highness Auguste collapsed and couldn’t come here. So, I came here to inform you.”


Harold reluctantly said.


“Is he okay?”

“It’s just exhaustion. But Klaus-sama said that the prolonged search during the abduction case was a considerable burden.”


“But, well, it’s already late, so if you’re going to visit, come by tomorrow.”


The one who added even more burden on him who had already made every effort in preparations for All Souls Day, was me.

I recalled Auguste’s delighted face yesterday.


This is…I’m very sorry.

originals on


After the three-day festival, the next day was also a school holiday.

This is a holiday given to completely remove all the decorations.


“Palug, let’s visit Auguste-sama first.”


I headed for the top floor of the South Dorm along with Tirnanog and Palug.

It was Auguste’s private room, one of the most luxurious rooms in the academy.


“Harold seems to be running late…Erica, you—”


When I met Klaus in front of the dormitory, he looked a bit strange.


“Klaus-sama, what’s wrong?”

“No, it’s just that you also brought that cat with you today. I think it’s rare for you to bring it this often.”


Oh my, how astute. I need to deceive him properly.


“Is that so? She’s a cat that pretty much prefers to play outside.”


Klaus and I were taken along by the dorm matron to Auguste’s room.


“Oh, you came~!”


The prince, whose body seems to have become thinner, was lying sluggishly on a luxurious bed with canopy.


“Auguste-sama, are you okay?”

“I thought I would be able to make it…but it seems I forgot to count my fatigue during the festival preparation…”


Auguste laughed regretfully with red cheeks.

That’s why I told him not to overdo it, this guy.


“Sorry to make you worry.”

“No, I was the one who made you overexert yourself, Auguste-sama. Please forgive me.”

“You don’t need to worry about that.”


As I gave a follow-up, the cat, who was curled up on Auguste’s chest unnoticed, also nodded her head in agreement.


“Your Highness, how’s your condition? I brought the potions~~!”


Harold made his late appearance.

In his hand was a box that held about twenty bottles of potion.


“I’d like one with safe taste that is as sweet and drinkable as possible.”

“Good medicine is bitter, y’know? How about we start with these ones?”


Harold handed over two bottles of potion with weird coloring using sales pitch.


“Come on, Your Highness. By all means, both of these are extraordinarily effective.”



Auguste’s smiling face stiffened.

Klaus opened the cork of the potion bottles in Auguste’s hands without permission.


“Auguste, here, drink it.”

“Klaus, you, I can’t feel your loyalty or appreciation for me at all!? Do something about this!”

“…You look exhausted, Your Highness. Let me pour it into your mouth.”


His tone was polite, but his attitude and treatment remained the same.

Klaus pinched Auguste’s nose and forcibly pushed the bottle into his mouth.

What a hypocritical courtesy.



“It contains honey, isn’t it delicious?”


Even while in agony, Auguste drank it all without spilling a drop.


Klaus and Harold were grinning nastily while looking on from the side.

Both of them were usually swung around by Auguste’s whim, so now that they had the chance to retaliate, they didn’t hold anything back.


“Good grief, you two. Auguste-sama, it must be difficult for you to only have retainers like this.”


I uttered such words while fixing Auguste’s blanket.


“You, look who’s talking…!”

“Eeh~~ are you really saying that? Seriously?”


Protests rose from Klaus and Harold.


“Yes, I’m, after all, properly being loyal to His Highness…right, Auguste-sama?”


When I looked at him for consent, Auguste looked away from me with an ambiguous smile.


“Look, even Auguste, who is a paragon of tolerance, is at a loss.”

“As expected, His Highness Auguste…he was benevolent enough not to point out her faults.”


Hearing their commentary, I smiled sweetly to gloss over it.

It couldn’t be helped.

I was after all the one who overworked the crown prince, who essentially was someone I had to serve, by having him scan a wide area causing him to collapse.


After being bad-mouthed disparagingly by those two, we got to the topic of potion sampling and the events of All Souls Day Festival.

As the four of us conversed, the topic naturally became about the end of the first day.


“It was fortunate that no one died. Not just our allies, but also on the enemy’s side.”

“Klaus-sama, please stop treating me like a beast.”

“Well then, rather than a beast, I suppose ‘a disaster’ suits you better…?”

“Isn’t that worse?”


I’m sure he really trusts me, but this is a terrible treatment.


“I don’t know about legendary phantom beasts, but you wouldn’t fall behind any human opponents.”

“You’re overestimating me, Klaus-sama.”


There are lots of people who are more frightening than me.

For example, if my opponent is a serious Chloe or Klaus, I might easily lose.

No, I also have no defense against those who use drugs and tricks like Citrouille.


“But the Margrave of Urs is also a disaster, isn’t he? For his subordinates to cause a scandal in such a place.”


Contrary to his words, Klaus seemed to be enjoying himself, as though saying that it was what the Margrave deserves.


“I don’t think Sir Harlan will have the room to meddle with Lindis when he himself is being investigated.”


Auguste and Klaus were victims of Harlan’s ‘interview’ that felt more like cutting one’s stomach.

With the current course of events, they must be feeling refreshed.


“The Margrave of Urs is an influential person around Knot Reed, so I wonder how this will affect things there. Aah, I’m scared…I hope this won’t affect business negatively…”


Harold seemed to be worried about how this will impact his hometown.


“If his capital is suddenly pulled out, all small to medium scale golem workshops are going to completely go out of business…and as a client he also buys lots of chemical ingredients all over—…”


Harold, who was brimming with love for his hometown, was on tenterhooks.

Certainly, the Margrave of Urs, who had shrewdly penetrated the economics around Knot Reed, was a nuisance.


Speaking of which, the original Harold was in Jan’s position.

If that was the case, then was it Harold who abducted me in the game?

At this stage, I don’t know how Harold moved in the game.


“Ah, speaking of golems! Hey, hey, Ojou-san, sorry for cutting into your serious discussion like this, but—”


Harold nervously asked me while meeting my gaze.


“…How was the performance of the flying golem?”

“It was great. I’m always grateful for the speed and accuracy of your work.”

“Whew, that’s great to hear. I was worried since it was a rushed job.”


The flow of the conversation then went to describing the details from entering the cave castle to escaping.

I reported to them while reassessing the events at that time.


“Heeh…so that’s how it was. Is Glaw-jou alright? How is she?”

“Yes, it seems that the drug was a sleeping pill that was not very harmful.”


After all, what makes me uncomfortable is the reason Beatrice was taken away.

I feel like someone was manipulating this incident behind the scenes.


Who was the one that avoided Chloe on purpose and made the culprits take away an important personage of another country?

Who was she a convenient person for?

Who came up with such a plan?

Who was the one able to make such calculated manipulations?

Who would benefit from this case?


I narrowed the person down to two people.

Okay, it seems that some of you are concerned that we are almost caught up because the WN hasn’t been updated for like 8 months. I hope this inside info will calm your anxiety:

  • The author is at least determined to finish the WN. And the new arc was planned to be released on this spring. This will be the last arc. So hopefully, just as we catch up, it will be in time with the release of the new arc.

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  1. My guess for the two names that Erica is thinking of: Cain and Ann.
    Cain is obvious because villain, so let’s look at Ann: By driving out the Order of Utfor she dispells northern aggressive influence from Lindis, which has been under the influence of Hafan since founding times – that benefits Ann as her family rules Hafan. Furthermore, Hafan and Lucanrant can’t stand each other; destabilizing the north by removing their governer benefits Hafan in this historic quarrel. Next, there were rumours that Harlan is into marrying small girls (being mentioned as hypothetical candidate for both Erica and Ann) and while Ann considers that unlikely with this she has created a guarantee that Harlan won’t ever be brought up as a candidate for her to marry.
    Lastly, creating an uproad in the north’s military orders benefits Hafan on a state level and Ann seems more politically savvy than Klaus, so exploiting political schemes like this will fall to Ann in the future anyway.
    Conclusion: Ann is the culprit of this time’s incident.

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    1. Wut… why Ann! she was originally cannon fodder… what indication is there of anything like this being something that Ann would do, why would Erica even suspect Ann for that? makes no sense, to pull someone like that out of the hat… we haven’t heard much about Ann at all since the ruins… Why would you immediately go towards Ann and not her Parents? what makes you think that they would be shaping her into this kind of master manipulator… why would a Hafan noble brat have any influence to push these kinds of events… you make Ann out to be some end boss with this kind of speculation.


    2. I don’t think Ann would let kidnapping of an important time mage happened. The Hafans must have known of Beatrice’s real identity.


    3. Lol, tbh I hope Ann appears more in the story tbh I liked Ann more than Klaus in the arc they are both introduced


  2. Thanks for the translation!

    It’s such a shame that great adventure otome series like this and Eliza isn’t popular in Japan. These stories are not only a great otome series, it’s also a wonderful adventure series with great world building. It’s truly a pity they weren’t popular.

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    1. The LN version of Eliza was only 3 volumes long, as opposed to its sprawling WN version.

      But I also heard some 3rd party rumours Eliza’s LNs were rewritten extensively, and even came with an original ending. Someone’s translating the LNs down at this website, and there are some differences like an original intro for the novel.


      1. The known LN WN difference in this novel is that the LN is written in 3rd person pov rather than Erica’s pov in WN.


  3. Has the author confirmed if there’ll be further LN publications of Shini Yasui?

    I’m aware that in normal situations, any WN series that doesn’t get a new LN publication in a year or more is to be considered cancelled (and it has been 2 years since Vol 2’s release).

    Although I’m aware there are rare cases of WNs getting published after such an extended period, like House Albert’s Daughter Wishes for Ruin and I’m An Opportunistic Princess in Charge of Solving Things.


    1. From what I hear, the possibility is low because the sales of the previous two were lower than expected. But it has been confirmed at least that the WN will be completed, with the next arc being the finale.


      1. Sales figures driving publication makes sense. I once recall another WN author saying via their Syosetu account that a published WN of theirs might face cancellation if the sales figures didn’t make the expected numbers. (It might also have been a plea to their fanbase to please buy the books to support them – I’ve seen afterwords where authors deeply thank their internet fans for being able to support their story to publication level.)


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