IDWBV – 75

Everyone, welcome our new translator who will help in translating this series, Tsubaki! Please give her a warm welcome~

TL: tsubaki

ED: clover

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After receiving the affirmation of Al’s contracted spirit, I, who had regained my confidence back, was able to spend my days as usual.

I also told my father that everything was okay.

My father who heard my explanation, perhaps because he had been worrying about it, let out a sigh of relief. The new spirit contract will be scheduled at a later date. Meanwhile, it seems Al would like to come again, so I decided to adjust the schedule with him. I feel reassured if Al is with me, so I can’t be thankful enough.

Luke, who was also worried, seemed relieved when he heard the story.


“If you couldn’t marry His Highness Alan, I thought you might go on the wrong path again. If that were to happen, what should I do? I can’t dealt with that again, so I’m glad that won’t happen.”


That’s what Luke said, but the scary part was that I couldn’t necessarily deny it.

I’m doing my best because I don’t want to be a 『villainess』, but 『I want to be a woman worthy of Al』 is just as important to me.

I don’t want to imagine what will happen to me if I lose him.

Anyway, I finally got back on my feet, and a week later I was contacted by Chloe, so I headed to her mansion.

I was about to fulfill my promise to be present during her spirit contract, but I felt surprisingly calm.

It was probably because I was able to talk with a Al about a lot of things. Right now, I just wanted to do what I could for Chloe.


“Thank you for coming, Lily!”


When I got off from the carriage, Chloe, who was already waiting in front of the entrance, talked to me. Looking at her relieved expression, I thought that I made a good decision coming here. Next to her, I was able to see her father, the Earl.

I exchanged greetings with the Earl, and once we were alone, I asked Chloe in a low whisper.


“—Well? Is His Highness Wilfred coming?”


Hearing my question, Chloe frowned and shook her head.


“…No, not yet. Even if he had come early, I wouldn’t know what to do. I hope he comes at the last possible moment.”

“Y-yeah…even though it is rude to keep you waiting, I think this is preferable.”

“I already have a stomach ache…I wonder if I’ll even be able to contract a spirit when I’m feeling this uneasy…”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine.”


What am I even saying when I already failed once? That’s what I thought, but I didn’t mind as long as I was able to cheer Chloe up. Despite my irresponsible words, Chloe looked openly relieved.


“Yes…that’s right. When you say so, Lily, I get the feeling that everything will be alright.”

“That’s a relief then.”


Guided by Chloe, I headed towards the room for contracting spirits in her mansion.

Her father, the Earl, seemed to be waiting for Prince Wilfred’s arrival. From my point of view, due to his eagerness, it was clear that the Earl wanted an engagement between the Second Prince and Chloe.




The room I was lead to was, as expected, the basement.

In the center of the small room that seems to only able to fit up to four people, a magic circle similar to the one in my family’s mansion was drawn.

While I was observing the room thinking that everything was similar, I heard Chloe speak from behind me.


“Hey, Lily.”

“What is it?”


I turned around and Chloe said with a restless expression.


“…Um, right. After all, at this rate I’ll get engaged to the Second Prince, what should I do…”


I want you to deny it. Such feelings were seeping out of her, but I couldn’t lie. So I honestly said.


“I don’t know, but Chloe, you don’t want that to happen, right?”

“Yes. Ah, but don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like His Highness Wilfred. It’s just that I already have someone I like… Of course, I understand. I’m a noble, so I have to abide by my father’s command. But, I really like that person…and I would like to marry him, but I never thought this would happen.”

“I see.”


I wonder who, in their right mind, would fall in love at first sight with the Second Prince.

Plus, I understand where Chloe was coming from.

After all, I don’t want to marry anyone except Al…and I don’t even want to consider the possibility.

Fortunately, I got engaged with him, but Chloe is different. Just as she was able to experience love, this kind of thing happened.

Chloe stared at me with a troubled expression.


“If I didn’t have someone I like, maybe I could have thought about this in a more positive light.”



How should I answer? As I was hesitating about what to say, a masculine voice called Chloe’s name from behind us.


“Miss Chloe!”


Hearing that voice, Chloe turned around reflexively.


“Ah! Your Highness Wilfred.”


It was Prince Wilfred who had finally arrived.

The man, who was dressed in luxurious garments of the royalty, fixed his eyes on Chloe and smiled happily.

He entered with Chloe’s father, then took her hand and kissed it.

Chloe was rigid while receiving Prince Wilfred greetings and opened her mouth to talk.


“…Thank you for coming today despite your busy schedule, Your Highness Wilfred.”

“Don’t be so formal. It’s okay to call me by my nickname, Will. Rather, I really want you to call me that.”



Prince Wilfred gazed at Chloe with loving expression. Seeing the prince and his daughter like that, the Earl seemed very delighted.

Observing this, I frowned subconsciously.


This might be bad.


Had Chloe like Prince Wilfred, I’d have given them my earnest blessings, but I heard her true feelings just now. Chloe, for the time being, doesn’t have the same feeling as Prince Wilfred.

But, if this situation persists, regardless of Chloe’s will, it could lead to an engagement with Prince Wilfred.

Be that as it may, there’s nothing that I can do.

Although I’m a lady of a ducal house, I myself am powerless. At most, I could only report this situation to Al.


How pathetic.


It’s very frustrating that I could do nothing but report to my fiance when my friend is in trouble.

While I was feeling fed up with myself, Prince Wilfred noticed me and came here.


“Liz Beltran? Why the heck are you here? …Wait, no. How come are you here today?”



I stared at Prince Wilfred in spite of myself.

Prince Wilfred cleared his throat as if trying to gloss over it, then he glanced at me and said, “Please forget my blunder just now.”

The conclusion drawn from this is…as expected, the rough tone is the prince’s original tone and that goosebump-inducing polite tone is the one he used to keep up appearance.

I don’t know why he used his usual tone with me, but it seems he wanted to pretend to be nice in front of Chloe.

I wanted him to stop approaching Chloe forcibly like this, but it wasn’t my hobby to meddle on others’ relationships, so I decided to stay silent and nodded in acknowledgement.


“…So, why is someone who is supposed to be my brother’s fiancee here, in this place?”

“Because I’m Chloe’s friend. She asked me to come, so I came.”

“What about my brother?”

“If I have to guess, His Highness Alan is busy doing his official duties.”


If I remember correctly, that’s what he said. Hearing my report, Prince Wilfred nodded as if saying as expected .


“…Hmm. Well, that is a matter of course. My older brother is busy. Ah~ that surprised me. For a moment there, I thought my brother is also here. After all, I don’t want to go through the event while being monitored by my brother.”


Muttering so no one could hear him except me, Prince Wilfred smiled.


“Well, you don’t need to be here. Ah, well then, I’ll be going with Chloe. Needless to say, don’t bother us.”

“I won’t do something like that.”

“You won’t? If so, I’m grateful. Since you’re happy with my brother, don’t poke your nose into other people’s business. I want to be happy too. You got that?”


There was no lie in Prince Wilfred’s declaration of wanting to be happy. Maybe Prince Wilfred really likes Chloe. But the methods he was using were wrong.

Hearing Prince Wilfred’s remark, I nodded.



“Okay, now then. I’ll go back to Chloe.”



After warning me, Prince Wilfred returned to Chloe’s side.

With Prince Wilfred glued again to her side, Chloe looks terribly troubled. It was awful, but after the warning Prince Wilfred just gave me, I couldn’t intervene. I felt guilty but I could only step back.

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  1. Welcome Tsubaki!

    As expected, Prince Will deserves a giant slap. I hope Chloe will speak up so that Liz isn’t kicked out like this.

    Thanks as always for the new chapter!


  2. As much of an asshole Will is, I think his behaviour is exactly how a lot of people will behave if they suddenly realised that they are isekai’d in a game world, they wouldn’t think of the natives in that world as an actual person.

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    1. Well, but… There are plenty of people who can’t bear to be mean even when they know it’s just a game…
      Me, watching/my friend, playing Skyrim: We’re gonna play the bad guy this time, definitely!
      10 mins later: “But, my child!”
      *2 chickens once again pick the ‘good guy’ choices*
      (Welcome Tsubaki! And thank you for the chapter! \( ̄ v  ̄)/ )

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  3. “don’t get in the way of my happiness”
    Have you considered her happiness?
    Also, is it weird that I think he’s an idiot even in his delusion? The heroine is the player character, the agency should lie with them, not an NPC like him?

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  4. Thank you to all the translators/editors, and warm hugs to Tsubaki!!

    Liz is really in a jam here – Will doesn’t realize that he doesn’t love Chloe at all – he’s just obsessed with winning the game! Poor Liz and Chloe!! Is there any hope for him left? He’s raising villain death flags for himself left and right 🤦🏻‍♀️

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  5. Wil really didn’t have a chance, did he? Even if he laid the groundwork correctly, I think Chloe would’ve fallen for Victor anyway. Or it’d be a very close competition more along the lines of: “Wow there are a lot of hot guys around.”


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