IDWBV – 78

Just so you know, there will be two chapters in Victor’s POV in about 5 weeks. So the explanation for his attitude will be there. In the meantime, here is a chapter full of siblings’ interaction!

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“How amazing…”

“Not really. I think you’ve also changed a lot. Is it thanks to His Highness Alan?”

“Um…yes, that’s correct.”

“Yugo, Lily.”



As we smiled at each other, Victor-niisama, perhaps because he had some business in the library, came in sight. In exchange of my eldest brother coming over, my father who checked the time said with a complicated expression, “I have another appointment, so let’s talk about it again later,” and left the library in a hurry.


“Father…? Yugo. What did you talk about with him?”


Looking at father who left the room, Victor-niisama tilted his head. Recently, Victor-niisama has begun to talk to me and Yugo normally.

The cold gaze from before had never appeared again, and we spend time together often enough for me to be able to say that we have a good brother-sister relationship. It was fun to talk with my brothers, and I often wonder why we couldn’t do something like this before.

Shrugging his shoulders, Yugo-niisama said to Victor-niisama who came over.


“Nah, nothing special. I was just telling father that I’m going to be working in the castle.”



Looking at Victor-niisama, who had an openly surprised expression, Yugo-niisama furrowed his eyebrows.


“Is that bad? But, yes, me. I told Lily about it just now, but I was thinking about going outside a little bit.”

“Hm…what brought that on?”

“Nothing in particular, just, lots of things happened.”


Yugo-niisama spoke in a gentle voice. Perhaps judging that he was serious from his state, Victor-niisama’s face suddenly broke into a smile.


“Well, this is not a bad thing. If you don’t know where to go, I’ll employ you in my department.”


Considering the fact that this is my eldest brother, it was an unprecedented offer. However, Yugo-niisama refused it with a scared expression.


“Eh? No, no, it’s fine. If I go to your department, you will definitely put me to work…”

“Didn’t you say that you want to work?”

“Yes, I do want to work…but I’d prefer it to be a leisurely post. Because, you see, since I had taken a long time off from working, I want to start from something leisure…”



It wasn’t ‘time off’, my brother just had never worked.

Perhaps Victor-niisama was thinking the same thing, he called out Yugo-niisama with a low voice, “Yugo.”


“What would become of you if you’re already slacking off from the very beginning? If you experience tough situations, you can go through anything. That’d be better for you in the long future.”


Yugo-niisama, who couldn’t withstand Victor-niisama’s gaze, averted his eyes.


“N-no, well…you see…how do I say this… Okay, fine. I just said that without much thought…since that is the case, please stop it already…”



Perhaps he was scared of the horribly low voice, Yugo-niisama withdrew that statement in a hurry.


“J-just kidding, Brother.”


Yugo-niisama’s face was twitching. He turned to me and said, “Lily, help me!”


“That’s impossible.”

“At least think about it first!”


I honestly told Yugo-niisama who was holding his head thinking about what to do.


“I thought that you would be good as a librarian in the royal library, but there is also a point in what Victor-niisama said.”


The expression of Yugo-niisama, who heard my statement, brightened immediately.


“Librarian! That sounds like a leisure and wonderful job! I feel like that will suit me nicely too! Great idea! Good job, Lily! As expected from my sister!”

“But don’t you want to work in the same department as Victor-niisama?”

“No! No way! I want to become a librarian!”


Yugo-niisama declared, “I will become a librarian!” but it was ruthlessly cut down by Victor-niisama.

originals on

“And what would you do when you become a librarian, Yugo? That wouldn’t be a rehabilitation. It is also my duty as your brother to pitch in and help. Leave this to me. I will talk to father.”

“Brother!? Hey! Listen to me, will you? I’m saying I want to be a librarian!”

“As a matter of fact, I am in need of a helping hand. I’m going to work you hard.”

“Brother, please, listen to me!”



For a moment, I thought that Yugo-niisama was pitiable. Then my brothers started to argue with each other, “Come work for me.” “No way. I want to take it easy.” “How long are you going to stay in your comfort zone?” so I decided to step back a little bit and have fun watching their conversation.

It’d be better to not involve myself in such matters. I don’t want to get involved in things that seem complicated.

Those were pretty good words of wisdom, even if I do say so myself. While I was observing my brothers, Luke called out to me with a quiet voice when he came to my side.



“My brothers seem to be occupied. We shouldn’t disturb them.”

“Yes. That seems to be the case.”


When my gaze flickered to my brothers, Luke seemed to be deeply moved as he nodded his head.


“I didn’t expect the day those two interact like that would come. This is great, Milady.”



I nodded while staring at my brothers. Certainly this is a sight that couldn’t be imagined about a year ago.

Victor-niisama, Yugo-niisama, and I.

I’m not the only one working hard.

Because Victor-niisama looked at me and Yugo-niisama properly when we were doing our best, and met us halfway without forsaking us, now we are able to laugh together like this.

In particular, Yugo-niisama’s changes are quite significant. Anyone who knew my brother will be amazed because Yugo-niisama, who was only interested in his own world, is now looking at the outside world. But that is the truth.

A little while ago, I thought it would be nice if he changed some day, but now I’m the one who is being left in the dust.


“That’s right, I…I also have to do my best.”


I cannot just stay in place.

I can’t be with my brothers just by standing still. I don’t want to chase their distant backs forever. I’ve been able to spend time together with them, so I would like to continue walking with them.


“…Luke, let’s head back to my room.”


I told him resolutely.

I said to Luke, who looked like he wanted to say something.


“For now, I think I’m going to leave my brothers be and start with what even I can do. What I can do. And that is to be frank with Al about my current situation. Also, to tell my father and Al that I want to try contracting a spirit the second time in the near future. These two things.”



I nodded to Luke, who widened his eyes in surprise.


“I can only do what I can do right now, and there are only these two things. It’s not like me to keep worrying and be indecisive about it. In the first place, I ended up feeling anxious because I failed in making a spirit contract. Thanks to Al, I know that there’s nothing wrong with me, so I want to try again as soon as possible. Because then I don’t have to think about trivial things.”


As expected, that is all I need to do.

I was feeling insignificant and insecure, all because I failed making a contract with a spirit. Since that is the case, I simply need to cut off the roots of all evil.


“So that I can marry Al. I will muster up courage as much as I can.”


To be honest, I’m still a bit scared.

Perhaps the anxiety of failing again has not completely disappeared.

My brothers are working hard.

After seeing that, I can’t back down.


“I will do my best.”


I will head back to my room and write a letter to Al.

Let’s start with that first.

When I said that, Luke gave a questionable evaluation, saying, “I don’t hate that sometimes-weirdly-positive attitude of yours, Milady.”




I would have been happier if he complimented me straightforwardly, why does my butler have such a twisted personality?

When I voiced my thoughts, he gave a very unreasonable retort, “I guess it’s because of the master I’m serving.”

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  1. I’m glad Lily has that positive attitude. Even if she is a bit negative about herself at times too.

    I wonder why she hasn’t requested from Victor or another to train more to be a worthy queen though. She should want to be a good queen to make Al’s time easier, right?

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    1. I had no intention too, but I got a new actual 9-5 job and it takes over my life. Hopefully the other translator will continue it. Though I will try to continue it when I have time.


      1. awwww sad to hear that in regards to getting more of this, but it’s good you got a job (hopefully one you enjoy) 🙂

        If you can keep doing this when available, that’d be great. If someone else picks it up, that’s great too. I just hope it can get worked on more even if slower updates. I really love this story.


  2. Omy this is sad. This is the first LN that I’ve been reading. It’s now August and still no update on the new chapter 😦 tho, I completely understand. I hope next chapters would be translated soon. 😦


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