Shini Yasui is Getting a MANGA!!

Sorry, not an update for any of my translation, but just getting this news out there in case you don’t know.

So, Shini Yasui or Deathbound Duke’s Daughter (as how the official English translation put it) will be getting a manga starting from 25th June 2020. The manga will be illustrated by Iso Suzuki (twitter).


Hopefully, this will boost the LN sales for the novel and push the publisher to release the third volume of the LN.

On the subject of my translation, as long as the author herself does not say anything about it, I will keep the translation here and continue it. Although right now I’m swamped with work and that is also the reason why I haven’t put out anything again.

Also, supposedly the final arc will be released either this week or the start of June. So look forward to it!

15 thoughts on “Shini Yasui is Getting a MANGA!!

  1. Yesss! So close, just a few weeks TwT
    I can’t wait for the manga 😮 I hope it lives up to the light novel. Tysm for the update


  2. I had given up when I saw the state of the light novels so this is nice! (Suck it dude that told me the story had been cancelled!!). I like the manga designs (Claude’s hair is messier than the novels) so I hope the backgrounds and panelling will be top notch


  3. I’m so happy! Maybe at this rate an anime really isn’t impossible!! Designs look cute so I can only hope that the backgrounds and panelling are high quality as well


  4. That is really sad that this is not popular in Japan 😦 why! they have so many trash cut paste generic damn storylines and we get a gem like this that is not like those 😦 so sad tears up!


    1. I know about that, but thank you. I actually currently am helping them with some terms and glossary. Also, telling them about the translations mistakes I can find xD


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