Teaser for the Final Arc

TL: clover

ED: eristol

Artificial Spirits, commenced.

Dolores01, Complete.
Dolores02, Complete.
Dolores03, Complete.

Loading Meta Magic Spells.

Under the moonlight, the girls sang in a circle.
Everything is like a phantom in an ephemeral dream.
Still, you must make the best move.

Foresight processing…

“Everyone in attendance this evening must disclose all secrets. If you are not in agreement, you may rise now.”

“It happened on a spring day, when I was eight years old. I recalled the memories of my previous life.”

『Umu! Praise me more! Praise me!』

“There is an angel near you, Erica, and I just don’t remember it…?”

“Yes, she’s in my immediate vicinity…”

『Meow~! Mrreow~!』

“Everyone…why, just why are you guys all very accepting of this situation…?”

“Okay, so, why did you not use that modern knowledge of yours to make money?”


“Is this a metaphor for something?”

“He might be nitpicky, but I think he loves Beatrice.”

“Sir Eduard, is this also effective against humans? I mean, why do you even have that…?”

“Wait, Ed. More importantly, did you try this on yourself?”

“Calm down. This is not a particularly lethal magic.”

“Speaking of which, did you really not realize anything, Klaus-sama?”

“No, I didn’t notice at all.”

“I want to follow this hunt through to the very end because it is Erica-san and my prey, is it perhaps, no good…?”

“Prey…yeah, that’s right, I guess it is technically a prey. Well then, since you’ve come this far, I will leave this matter to you.”

“Eh! Everyone, aren’t you guys too quick to decide? What about my opinion?”

“Ahaha…you’re very convenient to have for this kind of matter, Klaus-kun. Really, how excellent.”

“Your true intentions are leaking out, Eduard.”

『Good grief, you’re dealing with fragile human opponents, Cat.』

“Oh my~ that’s rich, coming from you.”

“No need to pay me back. After all, you don’t know what will happen from now on.”

“Ah~ You’re right. Then, Erica-san, on the count of one. And Beatrice, on two, okay?”

“Aaah! I have no idea what I’m doing…!”

“Then, Klaus-sama, who can put pressure on the Magic Association, and Auguste-sama, who has strong influence within the church! Either of you is fine, so please…!”

“Okay, let’s leave it to Klaus!”

“You…! It, it can’t be helped then…”

“It’s because of my Barrier…!?”

“There’s no problem, right, Klaus-sama?”

“Doesn’t the air feel great, Erica?”

“Yes, Oniisama. I’m glad the weather is clear today, and the sea is very calm…”

“N-no, no, no, noooo~~~!!”

“Pleased to meet you, Beatrice Glaw-sama. I hope we will get along well from now on.”

“Wuah! I, I, I’m unworthy of those words, Ann-sama.”

“Just go home already.”

“Klaus-sama, don’t you have nicer words to say? This is becoming a problem. Gratitude, appreciation, and compassion. You lack all of those.”

“Tir, Palug, let’s head back to school now.”

『Fumu, what’s wrong?』

“Of course I will go with you, but what happened~?”

“…It may be too late, but…will you help me?”

Error : Stalemate.

Error : Human Not Found.

Error : Human Not Found.

Error : Human Not Found.

Error : Human Not Found.

Error : Human Not Found.

Error : The World Not Found.

Artificial Spirits Rebooting…

Please walk on the primitive pattern.

New footsteps appeared.

When I opened the door of the school building and en██, the door ma██ a loud noise and shut close.

The sound of █ beast howling could be ███ in a dis███.

I felt like the world was shaking.

There was blood ███ on the floor.

And ███ on that pool of ███ was ████ drained completely of blood.

The world sho██ once again.

In the depth of his eyes, I could see im█████ hatred.

And the sight ███ outside of the ███ began to dis██.

“Looking at your face reminds me of someone I knew. No, not just your face, but your way of thinking is also similar.”

“Please, run away!”

Beneath my feet, the █████ glowed blue and re███.

Escaping is ███.

█ will always con███ to chase ████.

“This place…”

It creates a somewhat nostalgic sound.

I used to hear this sound a lot.

When I opened my eyes—

Foresight Process Completed.


4 thoughts on “Teaser for the Final Arc

  1. Oh my, it certainly has been a long time. I had stacked up on the 5th arc so that I could read it all in one go but it ended quite quickly. And with the long break, (I recall there was a cliff in 5th arc too for a long time), I was about to forget about it by now. I am glad to see it return, I liked this one a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

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