Chapter 162: The Night of Pursuit (part two)

Erica’s confession is here! Some throwbacks to the earlier arcs, and even excellently giving explanation to the ‘stupidity’ people are complaining about during the first arc. Sorry, I’m still salty about those complaints. Anyways, enjoy!

TL: clover

ED: eristol

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“After everyone’s confessions, my confession may seem trivial…”

My brother said I was an important person, but I don’t think I can do anything but give excuses for my blunders.

Although for the time being, there are plenty of useful information.

“Then, Oniisama, I’ll start my story. I think I can finally talk about the secrets I’ve had for a long time.”

I looked around at everyone.

Each of their faces brought about memories because of the connection we had.

Most of those memories were scenes of pandemonium, but right now they’ve become good memories to me.

“It happened on a spring day, when I was eight years old. I recalled the memories of my previous life.”

I explained the outline of my previous life.

What kind of person I was.

About a world where technologies were hundred of years more advanced instead of being magical.

And about the way I lived in that world.

When I finished talking about my previous life, my brother quietly squeezed my hand.

“…Erica, was it hard to be alone?”

“Now it’s all a thing of a past.”

My brother is kind to me as always.

However, I don’t want him to worry about my previous life.

“I see, you were also misunderstood and swept away by selfish rumors…was that why you approached me at that time?”

“It wasn’t entirely unrelated to me, and I just couldn’t stand seeing that kind of situation.”

Auguste quietly asked.

At that time, I really didn’t like how a child much younger than me was being hurt by scandals.

“Tell me the characteristics of the bastard who killed you. I will try him, different world or not. I’ll kill him directly.”

“It’s fine, Klaus-sama.”

Klaus offered to kill a person on another world with a blunt attitude.

Is that even possible? No, if it’s Klaus, I think he might be able to do it.

Chloe didn’t seem to have digested it yet.

Beatrice was listening with a mysterious expression.

“Now, this is the main topic. It is the story that follows after I awakened the memories of my previous life in this world after reincarnation.”

First of all, how I realized that this world is very similar to the game 『Liber Monstrorum』 that I played in my previous life.

I disclosed all the names of the main character and the capture targets of the story.

The mentioned capture targets and Chloe all looked confused.

In addition, I disclosed how I always die in 『Liber Monstrorum』.

And how of the seven routes, I only barely knew half of them, which were the routes of Klaus-Auguste-Harold.

Based on that knowledge, I struggled to avoid the road to ruin.

About the adventure in Aurelia’s 〈Ruins of Visitors〉, the secrets of the western ancient god Brendan, and the battle against the black beast, Zaratan.

The turmoil on Ignitia’s 〈Island of Messenger〉, the battle against the southern angel Pestilence and my contract with it afterwards.

The story of the fraud case in the trade city of Knot Reed and the 〈Swords of Fire〉 that occurred due to the incident at the historical ruins.

About exploring the Seven Wonders at the magic academy and fighting against The One Who Devours Death.

And about the Icesilver sword, the encounter with the northern guardian wolf, Holle, the battle against the Military Order of Útför on All Souls Day, and the details of the events with the Margrave of Urs.

I didn’t know how much they would believe, but I tried to speak as honestly as possible.

“…This is the end of my story.”

“That’s more than I imagined. I did think you were in possession of the information about the incident at the academy but… just how weak I am… I, I wanted to keep you out of danger all this time, but we were the one who were being protected…”

I was hugged by Eduard-oniisama.

Partly because of the tiredness of talking so long, I felt tension fade from my body.

Immediately after I separated from my brother, I felt my feet being tugged, so I looked down.

Tirnanog was waiting for his turn.

『Can I join in on the conversation from here on?』

“Of course, Tir.”

After discussing about it with Tir in advance, I decided to have him enlarge himself so everyone will believe it.

When the starsteel armor was removed, a horned black dragon with a height as high as the room appeared.

“I thought it was an unusually good golem, but no way…!”

Eduard-oniisama’s face, which was serious until then, was flushed red.

The expression was that of a little child; his eyes were shining brightly with excitement.

“I see… Erica… so you’ve been with… him for so many years.”

“I thought the possibility that you actually exist was high because of Ed’s obsession, but I didn’t think the day would come when we would actually get to see you like this. This is really wonderful.”

“The way your form was covered with this armor somehow gives a sense of intimacy.”

Not only my brother, but even both Brad and Actorius-sensei surrounded Tirnanog.

It feels like the three of them have returned to being children again.

I think they are all similar because they are Eduard-oniisama’s best friends.

…Where did the serious atmosphere up to that point go?

But I guess it can’t be helped since a legend appeared right before their eyes.

『Umu! Praise me more! Praise me!』

Tirnanog, whose tail was wagging left and right, seemed to be in good mood.

My brother was pouring words of praise on the stand, just like water.

“Aah, what should I do? I was willing to die to capture Claude, but–“

My brother started to utter something ridiculous.

Please stop, Oniisama, that kind of self-sacrificing way of life doesn’t suit you at all!

“What are you saying even though you said something like that to me? Your principle isn’t consistent at all, Ed!”

“Yeah! What’s up with that, Eduard!”

“Ahaha, your expressions are scary!”

Actorius-sensei and Brad hounded my brother.

“But if the world is still hiding this kind of wonderful secret, I will survive anything.”

Wow, what a positive way of thinking.

As expected of Eduard-oniisama.

I feel relieved because my brother is back to his old self.

“Hey, Brad, don’t you think so too?”

“Good grief, you still haven’t changed at all.”

When Brad shrugged, Actorius-sensei patted his shoulder while laughing.

A distance away from them, my brother stood just below Tirnanog’s neck.

“Our Tirnanog. Let me once again apologize for the rudeness and barbarity of my ancestors.”

『I became friends with Erica. Everything that happened in the past is like the light of a distant star. I don’t need boring things like apologies.』

Tirnanog presented his forefoot to Eduard.

After being stunned for a moment, my brother put his hand on it.

『This is enough for this current me, Eduard.』

Tirnanog laughed with satisfaction, baring his fangs.

My brother also had a smile on his eyes that seemed to glow like stars.

After shaking hands with Tirnanog’s forefoot, Eduard’s two friends tore him away from Tirnanog.

When my brother finally regained his composure, the questioning session began.

“Well, if you have any questions for me, please ask away.”

First, Klaus raised his hand.

“If you could read the situation that much, why didn’t you think of relying on your father and brother, or at least me?”

“I was still misanthropic at that time, probably because of how I died in my previous life.”

“…! I see, that’s not unreasonable…”

“And at that time, even if I talked about my previous life to you at the Ruins of Visitors, Klaus-sama, could you afford to listen?”

“No, I guess not… and besides, I had even cut off the path for you to depend on your father. I’m sorry.”

Klaus bowed his head.

Certainly, if he hadn’t cloaked the palace with the Phantasmal Maze before heading to the ruins, I would have relied on my father at that time.

However it can also be said that I survived because of that.

What would’ve happened if I hadn’t met Tirnanog that night and revived him?

First of all, during the turmoil on the Island of Messenger, I would have lost sight of Auguste.

And if I suffered a setback there, everything thereafter would meet a dead end.

Then, Auguste asked me.

“Um… the angel who might have fused with me… how is she?”

“Yes, she has abandoned her mission as a contract beast, but even now she’s still manifesting herself as an angel.”

Auguste put his hand on his chest and looked down.

“Maybe there is an angel near you, Erica, and I just don’t remember it because of that oblivion magic…?”

“Yes, in my immediate vicinity…”

『Meow~! Mrreow~!』

Palug, who had moved to Auguste’s lap without my notice, was shaking her head.

Right, this time I failed to persuade this angel and the idea of revealing her was disapproved.

“She is an angel with many constraints, so you can’t meet her yet. But the day when you can meet again will surely come. The angel is still watching over you.”

“I see. So she’s still watching over me, huh?”

A number of teardrops ran down his cheeks.

“I, I’m sorry… I’m sorry, I can’t stop crying…”

If possible, I want to tell him that the angel is on his lap.

But I can’t force it because she doesn’t want to show herself yet.

“Okay, my turn!”

Next, Harold stood up with an exaggerated hand-raising, looking like he couldn’t wait.

“Did you come all the way to Knot Reed to help me? When you were eight?”

“I just happened to have the opportunity to go there, so I used it effectively.”

“Then, how did you find the store I was working at in one shot?”

“I only went to that shop because it was recommended by Tricia.”

“Haah~~? Was it all a coincidence?”

Harold’s almond-shaped eyes widened.

“But as expected, the reason you managed to help Aniki, find out our compatible wand-aptitude, and about the porcelain, it must be because there were hints somewhere in the story, right?”

“Nope, there was nothing like that. It was pure luck that everything was solved. I’m glad it went well.”

“Then it was all treading on a tightrope! Now I’m getting scared!”

Harold sat back down as if feeling faint, looking up at the heavens and covering his face.

I only got through halfway of his scenario, so it couldn’t be helped.

Especially in the case of Gilbert; we wouldn’t even be able to meet him if Auguste didn’t awaken his super wide-area telepathy ability.

Then Harlan, who probably had been waiting for a long time, asked me a question.

“I was skeptical until I saw that phantom beast of Aurelia with my own eyes. But if what you said is true, that means our god, Holle, surely also exists, right?”

“Yes. Although we can’t summon him here right now. The spell card is managed by Klaus-sama…”

I turned my eyes to Klaus and he nodded.

“Yeah, it is currently being analyzed in Hafan, but I will bring it back at once.”

“That means, if the capture is successful, Claude-sama can be saved…?”

I saw hope in Harlan’s eyes.

“I think so.”

“Yes, thank you, Klaus-sama.”

Harlan bowed deeply to Klaus.

Holle, the artificial spirit, would be nothing but salvation for Harlan.

I have to ask that cheeky Holle-kun to do his very best.

At the very least, we must avoid sacrificing anyone to save Claude.

Then, when I almost finished answering the questions, a voice spoke up.

“Ah, um, I have something to tell you! May I have your time?”

Beatrice, who had been quiet until now, stood up in the center of the room.

“Did you all know that in the past Hafan was a country ruled by two queens?”

Just as how Lucanrant was a country with two royal lineages, Hafan was also a country with two monarchs.

Moreover, it was ruled by queens?

“These two royal lineages never mixed blood and produced successive generations of queens. However, about 900 years ago, for unknown reasons, one of the royal lineage abandoned their royal status and stepped down to become a vassal … The last survivors of that royal lineage is the Wynt family and me.”

In other words, the Wynt family is a bloodline comparable to the royal family of Hafan?

Perhaps if it were the past, Ann and Beatrice would both be Queens of Hafan.

“Do you know about this, Klaus-sama…?”

Beatrice addressed Klaus.

“Yes, I knew that.”

Klaus glanced at Harlan.

“I thought that was the reason you kidnapped her, Sir Harlan, but was that not it?”

“If she’s a descendant of such a troublesome household, there’s another way… no, fighting a war against Hafan would be a bad idea right now. If I knew that, I would have chosen another person to kidnap.”

Beatrice went on to explain further.

“Even after losing their royal status, the head of the Wynt has some privileges. First, they have the right to always be connected to all magic towers. And the authority to exercise Geas on targets that have been connected to the magic towers even once in the past.”

Geas is a magic that controls behavior within a range that does not harm the target themselves.

Normally, you can only give very simple commands, and it can be blocked by the target’s magic resistance.

However, if you use the magical power of the magic tower, it will penetrate any kind of magic resistance.

It’s a pretty strong authority.

An authority worthy of the Queen’s title.

However, it’s amazing that Beatrice, who seems to be weak, is a queen.

“So, what is the original role of the Wynt family? …That’s right.”

Beatrice hesitated for a bit.

“Yes, it’s causal interference. It is a move that treats humans as board game pieces. This is the mission of the Wynt family.”

Is this the reason Dolores Wynt left seven foresights?

Or rather, the reason Beatrice has to confess here is—

“Whether it’s an ally or an enemy, parents or siblings, or even myself, we need to meet the victory conditions. And our victory condition is the survival of Hafan, which has been with Ignitia as the suzerain for 784 years. That also means the survival of the Federal Kingdom is the victory condition.”

The royal family of Hafan was divided into a front stage and a back stage to keep the clan alive.

Klaus is the King on the front stage, and Beatrice is the Queen on the back stage.

“Most of the mysterious behavior of historical figures was due to the interference of the Wynt family. When I listened to everything tonight, both Claude-sama’s behavior and Erica-sama’s previous life memories are suspicious. It’s unheard of to give information before reincarnation. But there are people who might be able to do that.”

It seemed it was terribly difficult to say, but Beatrice kept her words going.

“It’s my aunt, Dolores Wynt.”

I see.

After all she was deeply related to me.

She somehow gave my world information about her own world.

“Didn’t your aunt die long ago? Or rather, why are you talking about her?”

When my brother asked, Beatrice silently took out an old textbook.

I feel like I’ve seen this book somewhere.

Where did I see it?

When the textbook was opened, a familiar palm-sized person appeared on the book.

『How hateful. It seems all the foolish people are here.』


Dolores is on the book!

“Uwah, it looks just like the artificial spirit in this place…”

Beatrice closed the book as soon as Harlan muttered so in disgust.

“This child is an artificial spirit who specializes in communicating and teaching me, and has been my playmate since childhood.”

It was due to training from early age that I could see the future, albeit just a little, she continued.

It seems that this is the reason why Beatrice, who was raised as a child of a servant, had magical prowess comparable to that of an aristocratic child.

“This book is my treasure, so thank you for that time, Erica-sama.”


Huh, what did I do?

“You raised your voice when this book was about to be trampled.”

I remember now.

That was when my duel with Haearn was decided.

“Is that the book from that time?”

“Yes, it’s the first time someone else has been so angry for my sake, so I’m really happy.”

I just got angry and went along with the momentum.

So, if she’s thankful for that, I feel a little troubled.

“I’m sure my aunt is involved in this matter. Please forgive me, Erica-sama.”

“It’s okay, if that’s true, then it is also because of your aunt that I am still alive right now.”

“But because of her, you are being forced to live a more dangerous and harsh life than anyone else…!”

Beatrice bowed her head deeply.

“Now, now, young lady. If you say that, then I can’t apologize enough to the people here for the rest of my life.”

Harlan laughed self-deprecatingly.

However, the tone of his voice was somewhat bright.

“But … well, now I wonder. Is this all really just a coincidence?”

“What do you mean, Sir Harlan?”

Hearing Harlan’s words, my brother asked.

“Because, first of all, for some reason there’s a legitimate successor to Gigantian throne here.”

Actorius-sensei scratched his head and laughed shyly.

“Greetings. Everyone, I’ll ask for your cooperation in the event of an emergency in my country.”

Actorius-sensei was still building connections even at times like this.

What a strong will.

“And then we have a terrifying mage who is a descendant of the family who manipulate causality from the back scenes of history.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please forgive me…”

Beatrice’s earnest apology accelerated.

The northerners are strict with the eastern mages, huh.

“There is also the vessel of the Mad King, which was the cause of everything.”

Brad just closed his eyes without saying anything.

“And you are a person reincarnated from another world, right, Erica-sama?”

“Yes, I’ve been struggling for about seven years to survive in this world.”

I tried to answer as refreshingly as possibly.

When I said I always died in the seven routes, it’s the truth.

“Thanks to you, the schemes of those blood-suckers were secretly prevented… Not only did you discover Holle of the North who can dispel the Golden Wolf curse, but also the powerful Zaratan of the West and Angel Pestilence of the South. And the legendary icesilver sword, whose existence was thought to be a fable, was apparently lodged in some place…?”

Harlan sighed deeply.

“And for some reason, everyone just accepted this situation as it is and is even already acclimatizing…?”

“Yes, because I dreamed of the existence of Zaratan. And I knew at an early age that my sister might be a reincarnated person. I already heard about Elric’s circumstances from the person himself. Although Brad’s situation is more serious than I thought.”

Eduard-oniisama answered with a complicated expression.

Uwah, my brother already knew about me?

I wonder when he found out.

I’ll ask him the details later.

“Ah well, when I was eight, I fought that phantom beast of the west. And I was dragged along by Eduard and killed many old blood-suckers several times, so now there aren’t many things that fazes me anymore.”

Klaus affirmed, pointing at Tirnanog.

However, this is my first time hearing Klaus being dragged into something like that by my brother.

“For me, I was educated about this kind of things, so I cannot help but be convinced. But now I feel overwhelmed.”

Auguste was taken care of by the angel Palug and educated by the Mad King’s vessel Brad.

I guess he has no choice but to swallow it.

“Because I’ve always wanted to know about this. The only thing I didn’t understand was the ‘otome game’.”

Chloe replied with wrinkles between her eyebrows.

In fact, she was too occupied with other things such as searching for her brother, exploring the mysteries, vampires, and so on, that there’s no chance for romance to occur.

“But the other parts make sense, and it’s not a problem we need to worry about, right?”

Chloe accepted my story right away.

H-how solid.

Meanwhile, Harold screamed out of his mind.

“No, no, no, of course I’m surprised! For that matter, I’m still surprised that Sir Harlan is you!”

“That story about a mysterious person is just a rumor. I’m just a regular fool.”

Right, right, Harlan Slayson himself was a big piece.

Rumored to be a mysterious and fierce person, he is now in the position of the one with the most common sense with his stern look.

I’ve been wary of him since I was eight years old, so I feel weird if he’s smiling gently like that.

“But I’m really grateful.”

Harlan’s eyes glistened.

His exhausted expression from last night was completely gone, and his eyes were once again brimming with wild vigor.

“Thanks to you, Erica-sama, we now have a powerful hand against the Golden wolf curse and those blood-suckers who are pulling the threads from behind the scenes.”

Everyone was surprised at those words.

Geas: (from dnd 5e) You place a magical command on a creature that you can see within range, forcing it to carry out some service or refrain from some action or course of activity as you decide. (source)

Just to refresh your memory, but the artificial spirit Holle’s sole purpose is to kill the Golden Wolf (the curse, not Claude). When the curse is activated, Holle falls asleep, and vice versa; when the curse is dormant, Holle wakes up.

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