Chapter 171: Monster Hunt (part one)

Eristol: Hi peeps! Here is the start of a new mini arc. This one is also short with only three chapters. We are steadily progressing towards deeper investigations of the past.

TL: clover, eristol

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At the evening meeting that day.

I informed everyone about the results of our investigation.

“In the apartments rented by Lièvre, magic circles linked to a corrupted altar was set up. We were attacked by two vampires after we destroyed the magic circle in the first apartment, but Beatrice fought them off.”

Everyone’s eyes were on Beatrice.

Auguste and Harold had a surprised expression.

My brother, Professor Actorius and Harlan did not seem as surprised; they had probably known of the preparations in advance.

Klaus and Brad had a satisfied look on their faces.

“The corrupted altar was located in the basement of a certain chapel at the center of these five magic circles.”

I briefly explained the chapel’s case including the events from the All Souls Day.

Klaus supplemented my explanation by providing an overview of the current security arrangement and the brown worm removal operation.

“After removing the curse from the corrupted altar, we dug up the site and found a piece of bone … Pestilence, the Angel of Plague has appraised it and confirmed that it belongs to Famine, the Angel of Starvation.”

Having said all of that at once, I took a look around.

The dreary expressions on everyone’s faces were clear indication that the gravity of the situation has sunk in.

“Can we assume that it was the same magic circle you and your friends saw back in the Corpse City, Erica? The one that distorts life and malignantly mutates them?”

“Yes. You are correct, onii-sama.”

“So, the vampires were trying to recreate the Angel of Starvation as a fallen being … a fallen angel, so to speak.”

Eduard gave voice to the worst imagination in my place.

“That appears to be the case, onii-sama.”

“I had expected as much, but to think that their plans had proceeded that far, I am quite shocked … in that case, did you find the remains of any other magical beasts or a phantom beast?”

“Aside from the angel’s remains, we found this near the altar.”

I placed the box with the silver shard next to the box with the angel’s bone.

I flipped through the books I had in hand as soon as I returned and tried to look it up, but I still could not identify it.

“I do not know what it is at the moment. But I suspect it belongs to a beast on par with an angel.”

“Would you allow me to do the analysis?”

Thankfully, Actorius decided to offer first.

I was just about to request him for this favor.

“Yes, please, Actorius-sensei. By all means.”

I handed the specimen box over to him.

As he looked inside the box, Actorius’ eyes widened slightly.

“It can’t be … ”

“Do you have any idea as to what it might be, sensei?”

“Yes, although I cannot say for sure yet, but I do have an idea.”

As expected of Professor Actorius. As an expert in the field, he has deep knowledge of phantom beasts.

“Elric, can I help you with that? I might be able to help you identify the species by cross-checking it with the spells used for altar corruption.”

“Oh, it would be really reassuring to have you help me, Brad, since this one is probably a phantom beast from the southern continent.”

“From the south, huh? It does not seem like a scale, rather more like an exoskeleton-like shell … moreover, that silvery metallic luster … this is … ”

Brad trailed off and looked at Actorius with a startled expression.

Did they both have the same idea in mind?

Judging from their reactions, it appears to be a particularly threatening phantom beast.

“Please, both of you. I want to get over this suspense as soon as possible. The matter of the Angel of Starvation is concerning enough as it is. You really don’t think this is all there is to it, do you?”

With no hesitation, my brother pointed out the frightening prospect.

Brad and Professor Actorius quietly nodded to his words.

“What do you mean, onii-sama?”

“Do you truly think this is the only piece of bone that has been circulating? The cross-section on this bone has a different degree of erosion compared to the rest of the piece. It must have been broken up into small fragments very recently.”

What was the purpose of doing it?

The answer is quite obvious if we were to take those rumors that have been making rounds into consideration.

“Someone must have split the bones into small fragments and sold them off in an auction in the black market, am I right, oniisama?”

“Yes, Erica. I don’t know if it was done by a vampire, or a heretic, but either way, this angel has been completely dismembered.”

I felt stuffy at the thought of the Angel of Starvation, whose body had been brutally scavenged and sold off.

I sneaked a glance at Palug, who was quietly curled up in Auguste’s lap.

“And probably in another corrupted altar somewhere, a fallen angel is being created right now … ”

My brother’s eyes were downcast with anxiety.

“I need information on transactions of every phantom beast specimen across the country. Harold, can I ask you to look into it?”

“Leave it to me. Can you give me a week or so?”

“Yes. I would appreciate it, Harold.”

When I completed my request to Harold, Harlan gently raised his hand.

“I don’t think Harold will be able to track down the illegal criminal networks. Let me be in charge of investigating those.”

“You mean to use the hospitals of the order?”

“That’s right.”

The knights of Útför, Harlan’s subordinates, were currently under house arrest.

However, the agents in the clinics and hospitals of the military order were not held responsible.

Or rather, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that “they could not put them under house arrest even if they wanted to because these agents were also rare medical practitioners engaged in active service across the country.”

“Our medical facilities are located all over the continent, so intelligence operations are possible.”

“Thank you for your help, Sir Harlan.”

Indeed, Harlan is the best choice if you want to navigate the darker side of the human world.

“Sir Actorius, would it be possible to borrow a lot of birds to deliver messages? Would that be alright?”

“Of course, Sir Harlan.”

With that, our roles for the upcoming phase of investigation of the angel specimen were allocated.

Due to the urgent and critical nature of the situation, it was decided that the information pertaining to the Angel of Starvation would be passed on to the dignitaries of each country.

From my brother to my father and the principal, from Auguste to the King of Ignitia, and from Klaus to the Duke of Hafan.

Covert measures will be taken all across the Kingdom.

A thorough investigation of the altars will also be conducted all over the continent.

The purification of the contaminated altars can also be handled well with the involvement of the dragon knights of Ignitia and the knights of Útför.

We can only hope that the fallen angel, a malignant mutation of the Angel of Starvation, has yet to be perfected.

The next day after school.

We were running again today.

With the current unpredictable situation where we do not know what will happen because of the enemy’s schemes, it seems very meaningful to train our legs for escaping.

“I need to work out a bit more too, so I will be running a bit more seriously~! I will go around the academy instead of the training ground!”

Having said that, Chloe accelerated.

Her back grew smaller before I knew it.

Just how much training do you need to get that kind of physical ability … this is still a mystery to me.

I will ask her later.

Beatrice and I, who were left behind, ran our usual course at a reasonable speed.

“Hey! Erica~!”

Auguste and Klaus were walking along the path from the library to the main academy building.

Auguste was waving his hand cheerfully.

“You are working hard~!”

“Running after school? Miss Glaw, Erica … just what are you two doing?”

I slowed my pace a little and answered.

“This was an instruction from the Wynt family. This is a training exercise from the North.”

“Huh? What? I have never heard of something like doing a running training by interference from past?”

“They told me to train because it will be useful later. I also thought it might be a good idea to work on my escaping skills.”

“… Well, you do have a point, but you can use wands and magic … no, wait, could it be you will be involved in a situation where you can’t use magic? I am not sure how to think of it … ”

Klaus scowled as hard as he could.

“Heh, how interesting~ This seems like a good weather to run, I also want to run as well.”

Auguste stared at me as if he wanted to join us.

Klaus made a disgusted expression as he saw that.

“If you would like to run with us, you are always welcome to join us.”

“Ah, well, since you are here, I will go change and join you … ”

As Auguste was about to turn on his heels, a cool smile formed on Klaus’s face.

Ah, this is the serious expression he makes when he is about to strike Auguste down.

“Your Royal Highness Auguste, what will you be doing with the student council work today … ?”


“Due to the emergency situation, it is very likely that both of us will be away from Lindis for the next few days, no?”


Klaus drove the last nail into the coffin and Auguste choked on his words.    

“As you can see, His Highness will be diligently finishing his works and then join the training later after completing his other duties. I am a little behind schedule, so I will join him later.”

Saying so, Klaus grabbed Auguste by the scruff of his neck and pulled him along.

Somehow, I wonder if those two will be like that in the future as well …

As soon as they left, I picked up the pace.

When I finally caught up to Beatrice, Chloe returned.

“Here I am~!”

“You seem to be in great spirits, Chloe-san.”

“I am always prepared for a fight!”

After hearing about the angel’s situation, Chloe seem even more motivated rather than being demoralized.

It really is very encouraging.

Then the three of us ran some more and did some stretching.

After that, we were to get some massage and supplements from the infirmary.

When the three of us came to the infirmary, Harlan was waiting for us with a smile as usual.

Beatrice and I had Chloe give us a massage and check our physical condition.

“Your knees and ankles don’t seem to have any strains. You have also gained some solid muscle mass.”

“Yes, it is all thanks to you, Chloe-san.”

“Fuhuhu, it looks like you are both ready for some more rigorous training!”

Rigorous … training … eh, I think I am already at my limit …

I felt like having a heartburn from hearing Chloe’s words, but I endured it.

“Will you be needing a compress today?”

“Yes, please. Thank you.”

Harlan stumbled on the empty floor as he went to prepare the compresses at Chloe’s request.

“Are you alright, Sir Harlan?”

“Ah, my apologies. I didn’t get any sleep last night.”

Upon closer look, there was something black and fluffy in Harlan’s hair.

Oh, this is a raven’s feather.

“So you have contacted each cities.”

“I was completely exhausted after dispatching such a large number of ravens and owls through telepathy all at once.”

Harlan pulled out the cork of a potion bottle for himself.

What is he drinking?

“Is that a fatigue recovery potion?”

“Oh, this one? It contains a plant extract that has an awakening effect … ”

“By any chance, are you going to work all night after the evening meeting tonight?”


Harlan laughed deceptively.

He really has the temperament of a workhorse.

As a business partner, it is good to have such a strong sense of duty, but I feel like it wouldn’t be a good idea to have him as a boss.

Oh, come to think of it.

“Say, Chloe-san. What kind of training should I do to become as strong as you?”

“Eh? So suddenly?”

“While running today, I suddenly became curious … ”

“Well, I trained every day without fail, so this happened before I even knew it … ?”

You can become that strong just by training every day?

The people of Lucanrant are amazing.

“Also, I think it’s because I had really good teachers.”

“What kind of people were they?”

“Well, I was trained by my tutor, my maid, and a gardener … yes, I think it was these three. My private tutor trained me in martial arts, a maid taught me how to handle dark weapons, and I had a gardener for my sword instructor. I don’t know if I can still win against them even if I fought in my area of expertise.”

Are tutors, maids, and gardeners of a merchant’s family stronger than Chloe is today?

Lucanrant, it’s a scary country.

I wouldn’t want that country to rule over us, but I also don’t want to make an enemy out of them either.

In the end, forming an alliance seems like the best solution.

“I think those were specialized people meant to educate you in the first place, Chloe.”

“Eh! Come to think of it, that is not normal, is it? Why were they all so strong even though they were servants of an ordinary merchant’s family?”

“What!? Chloe, you only realized that just now?”

Beatrice immediately retorted to Chloe’s comment.

I see, it’s true that normally three people who are experts in combat would not be working in the same place unless they have been arranged beforehand.

I am glad that it is not a country where all personnel are combat specialists.

“A master of martial arts, dark weapons, and sword … Chloe-sama, could it be?”

Harlan interjected with a complicated look on his face.

“A black-haired and brown-skinned tutor with three black moles around her neck, a black-haired maid with a purple left eye and a blue right eye, and a gardener with tied-up silver hair and green eyes?”

“That’s right. How did you know?”

“I guess you could call us old acquaintances. We used to work together with Chloe-sama’s mother. I see … so they have taught you the art of self-defense behind my back.”

Harlan muttered with deep emotion.

I see, Chloe’s mother had other loyal retainers beside Harlan, and they were devoted to Chloe.

If she was trained by all three of them, that would certainly make her strong, wouldn’t it?

“Well then, I will teach you about drugs.”

“Wow~ Thank you, Harlan! Oh, and I think I am interested in guns too!”

“It is good to know that you are not hung up on swords only. Let’s practice with guns some other time.”

The people of Lucanrant, known for producing brave swordsmen, are strong because they use every means necessary.

It’s a country where handling of dark weapons are considered a part of self-defense.

Ah, right, speaking of guns.

“Sir Harlan, could you provide Harold with a gun for self-defense?”

We are in a situation filled with unprecedented danger.

Harold can’t use a wand, so I would like him to have some kind of weapon for protection.

I know Harold is cautious and smart.

But I still want to be there to help him in case he finds himself isolated in a dangerous situation.

“Yes, I understand.”

Although I did not give any proper explanation, Harlan seems to have figured out what I was talking about and readily accepted my proposal.

Harold has a fascination for interesting and unusual things.

I am certain he will like the gun as well.

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