Chapter 179: The Primordial Pattern (part two)

TL: eristol

Look who has shown up after such a long time! We all missed her.

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Transfer to another world?

I barely suppressed myself from yelling out loud.

No, is it okay for me of all people to be surprised having been reincarnated into another world myself?

Brad continued to speak.

“In the event that I am captured by the vampires, the infamous Cain Grendel will be brought back to life. Cain Grendel was a prodigy of sorcery, known for his viciousness and cunning. Even when he was nearly destroyed by Oswald Bort, he had the capability to consider resurrecting the Angel of Starvation and the demon locust. However, he should never regain the powers of his prime.”

“As Claude Lucanrant told me back inside the morgue, there was a quick solution to this problem. Yet, I couldn’t bear to choose to sacrifice my life. I really wanted the choice to live.”

“During this emergency, I have finally completed my long-standing research on the primordial pattern, the foundational magic of Hafan.”

“With this magic, for the first time, I can meet both requirements that were previously incompatible: my survival and the prevention of the Mad King’s resurrection.”

“I will be transferred to a world that is similar to this one, but with less magic. Then I would be able to overcome the curse that has been placed within my body with the power of my own will. And once the Mad King is lost to this world, the vampyres who have lost their master would eventually fall apart.”

“Klaus Hafan was the reason we were able to make such rapid progress on the primordial pattern. If possible, I would like to request his help in the future as well.”

“I would be glad to assist Professor Clochydd if he wishes so.”

Klaus nodded.

I mean Klaus, you truly are a cheat when it comes to anything remotely related to magic, aren’t you?

“We estimate that the construction of the transfer spell will require a minimum of two weeks. We have already applied for permission to use the academy’s facilities, authorization to use the magic tower and permission to use higher tier magic.”

Unbeknownst to us, Brad’s transmigration plan had been progressing considerably.

It wasn’t just a mere suggestion, but rather a carefully planned trump card he had been preparing for a long time to use against the Mad King.

“Brad, are you sure you are okay with this?”


My brother gazed wistfully at Brad.

His close friend for so many years was now on the brink of departing this world.

It must feel lonely, doesn’t it, Brother?

“I know that you have spent your life trying to keep bare minimum relationships with others.  Still, to cut off your ties with those who have been by your side, to disappear from this world by some dubious magic—”

“There is no other choice. Had there been any other way, I would have undoubtedly chosen that one. I, too, have no desire to spend the rest of my life trapped in a world with no magic, which would be extremely boring.”

Brad said so with a bitter expression.

My brother reluctantly assented.

The hourglass had long emptied its contents, and the time to break dawned upon us.

And thus, the meeting ended for the day, leaving behind an inexplicable sense of unease in the air.

Signs of the revival of the Angel of Starvation and Abaddon, the demon locust.

Brad’s plan to transmigrate to another world.

After classes the next day, I still couldn’t come to terms with the heavy contents of the meeting.

Chloe’s special training awaited me and Beatrice.

Even amidst such an emergency situation, it was a training designed for emergency situations.

At the end of the day, the only thing we can rely on is our physical strength and stamina.

With that in mind, we ran as usual.

However, Chloe was not her usual self today.

She would repeatedly lag behind me and Beatrice, and then suddenly appear from behind us at an unbelievable speed.

Well, there must be a lot of things weighing on her mind.

“It was really surprising, wasn’t it? I didn’t even think it was possible to transfer to another world.”

Chloe, who had been running silently for a while, began to talk about last night.

“But looking back at the situation now, it seems like the best solution.”

I myself was quite surprised as well, but it is understandable.

The arrival of the Golden Wolf Prince, Claude.

The resurrected Angel of Starvation and the demon locust.

It is not that our allies are incapable or helpless.

Rather, we stand at the precipice of a dangerous equilibrium that might be shattered with a single misstep.

That is why the best option is to consider “removing the enemy king from the board” as a last resort.

“Ah … That’s right … ”

Chloe answered in a somewhat dull voice.

“Are you worried about Professor Clochydd?”

“Yeah. Also, about my older brother. It is quite tough waiting all the time without knowing when I can meet him.”

Chloe said so while passing me and Beatrice by.

Claude Lucanrant is her brother.

For her who has been left all alone in this world, he is her only living relative.

Even if he has been turned into the Golden Wolf, she would still want to meet him.

Moreover, if things go well, we might even be able to reclaim his old self.

It must be difficult for Chloe to wait.

“Be on your guard, Chloe-chan. For all we know he might just show up tonight.”

“Yeah, I might meet him soon. I have to be patient.”

Saying so, Chloe sped away from us.

“I am going to run more today, so the two of you go ahead and rest!”

“Have a nice day then, Chloe-san!”

“Good luck, Chloe-chan!”

Beatrice and I called out to Chloe’s retreating back.

The outline of her back grew smaller and smaller until it eventually disappeared in the direction of the outer wall of the academy. 

“It is difficult for her as well.”

“I think it will be difficult for her to remain patient if he doesn’t show up. Even if he does, she has to capture him. She probably doesn’t know how to face him.”

“I agree.”

No one can fathom the feelings of a sister who has to capture her long-lost brother alive.

It is frustrating that I can’t utter even one witty word at a time like this that could lighten Chloe’s heart.

Having wrapped up our training and stretching, Beatrice and I were about to head towards the infirmary where Harlan awaited when we heard a voice calling out to us in the distance.

It came from the direction of the main academy building.

“Ah! Well done you two.”

Auguste came running with Goldberry on his shoulder, her scales gleaming under the setting sun.

A moment later, we could also see Klaus walking towards us.

“Here, a little something for you from Harold!”

Auguste ran up to me and handed us a vial of potion.

“Huh? Where is the other one?”

“She wanted to run a bit more today. She has mixed feelings about this whole Golden Wolf affair.”

“Ah, I see … ”

Auguste’s expression clouded a little, but soon he chuckled.

“… Alright, I will go for a little jog today as well! Is that alright, Klaus?”

Having said so, Auguste tossed his robe to Klaus.

“Do it in moderation, Auguste. Don’t just start running suddenly. Stretch first. And don’t go too far.”

Receiving the robe, Klaus quickly fit it into the palm of his hand through space compression magic.

“Ehhh, are you not going to join me? Let’s run together!”

“Unfortunately, I am really busy building spells right now, I am worried everything might slip out of my head if I run.”

“Hmm, that’s no good. Oh well, I guess I will be off then.”

After stretching slightly, Auguste broke into a light jog.

Goldberry who had been perched on his shoulder, jumped up and started circling above Auguste to stand guard over him.

“You are unusually tolerant today, Klaus-sama.”

“He must be feeling bothered after his cousin, whom he looked up to like an older brother, dropped such a bombshell of a declaration.”

Come to think of it, that truly is the case.

For Auguste, Brad was a gentle cousin who has been looking after him since he was young.

Such a person would soon disappear from the world.

“You know as well as I do that he isn’t the type of person to wear his feelings on his sleeve, don’t you?”

 I stared at Auguste’s profile as he ran across the schoolyard.

Speaking of which, he also said something about being given the knowledge to defeat the Mad King.

“Only you knew about the plan of transmigration. Did you not tell Auguste-sama?”

“I was sworn to secrecy by Professor Clochydd.”

“It must be difficult to keep so many secrets from so many people, isn’t it, Klaus-sama?”

“Well, that is true. But I still have it easier than Auguste, don’t I?”

Perhaps noticing my and Klaus’ gaze, Auguste waved his hand towards us.

I waved back.

Klaus stuck out his tongue.

Seeing our reactions, Auguste winked at us. 

“Honestly, this guy … oh right, Erica. Harold sent this for you. Why don’t you have a drink?”

Oops, I forgot.

I uncorked the vial of potion and allowed myself a sip.

The potion was crafted with a delicate hand, boasting a subtle hint of citrus that made it both palatable and refreshing.

“This is Harold’s special anti-fatigue potion.”

I feel like my exhaustion disappeared in an instant, and somehow my eyes are starting to see better.

I wonder, does this potion also contain vision recovery properties?


A soft exclamation involuntarily left my lips.

My eyes caught sight of an unexpected presence walking this way from over Klaus’ shoulders.

A beautiful girl with long, lustrous black tresses and piercing azure eyes noticed my gaze and smiled.

“Huh? Why is Ann-sama here … !?”  

Klaus turned around at my words.

“Oh, Ann. I see you have already arrived.”

“Isn’t the entrance ceremony in next September?”

“I have been requested to bring the necessary documents required for all the authorization permits.”

I see, so these are the documents needed to proceed with the transfer experiment.

While we were talking, Ann had already arrived in front of me.

“Long time no see oniisama, Erica oneesama.”

Ann, who had grown up gracefully, had a really gentle smile.

“It has been a year, Ann-sama.”

“Is Tirnanog-sama here as well? It has been a while.”

『Fumu! Long time no see, child. How did you know I was here?』

Ann greeted Tirnanog, who had turned invisible and secretly stood guard.

Huh? How did she notice him even though I concealed him with the latest magic tools?

“There is no way you wouldn’t be there where Erica oneesama is.”

She really hit the mark decisively, didn’t she?

… As always, she is a terrifyingly perceptive girl … !

“That’s right … it is my pleasure making your acquaintance for the first time, Beatrice Glaw-sama.”

Ann addressed Beatrice who was quietly drinking the potion behind me.


Making a strange noise, Beatrice made a deep curtsy towards Ann.

“I-It’s, it’s too gracious of you to say so, Ann-sama.”

I gazed back and forth between Ann, who had an imposing countenance, and Beatrice, who was behaving suspiciously.

Although they shared the same physical features such as their lustrous black hair, blue eyes and ivory complexion, their demeanors were in complete contrast.

In another era, these two might have been queens … I couldn’t imagine what kind of relationship these two would have had under such circumstances.

“If you were done with your greetings, Ann, hand over the papers.”

“Yes, here you go, oniisama.”

Ann handed Klaus a sealed envelope she was carrying.

Klaus took it, opened it, and checked the contents.

“Hmm, everything is in order. Well then, quickly go home.”


Should he really be taking that tone with Ann, who has gone through all that trouble to prepare those documents and bringing them here?

“Klaus-sama, wasn’t there a better way to say it?”

“I don’t see where the problem is.”

“There is a problem. Gratitude, compassion, and consideration for Lady Ann; you are lacking all of those.”

“Huh? What is all this about? This academy is a dangerous place where a phantom beast could attack any moment, you know?”

“Then shouldn’t you have told her to not come to a place like this to begin with?”


Seeing us cursing at each other, Ann burst out laughing.

“You two are the same as ever. It makes me feel nostalgic.”

I recalled how we used to argue all the time back at the 〈Seafarer’s Ruins〉

I feel a little embarrassed that I haven’t grown up since then.

I must calm down.

“Actually, oniisama wasn’t very keen on me coming here and scolded me, but I really wanted to see you, Erica oneesama, so I insisted on coming.”

“Oh … so you did that … My apologies, Klaus-sama.”

Klaus may have a foul mouth, but he is also a worrywart and very protective.

All these traits combined make it seem like he is harsh on his sister at a first glance.

“No, you do have a point. But as expected, none of the barriers deployed around the academy can be broken in two or three hours, so there is no danger even if you stay a while longer … ”

“Well, it sounds like we will be having a lovely time together, oniisama!”

Ann smiled with a genuine look of happiness on her face.

“How about taking a short break in the dining hall?”

“Of course! I would also like to visit the East dormitory, the magic library, and the greenhouse!

“I suppose it can’t be helped. I will accompany you today.”

With a sullen look on his face, Klaus approved.

I know that expression, he is not nearly as displeased as he wishes to appear.

“Um … would you be willing to join us as well, Erica oneesama?”

“Of course, I would love to.”

I smiled and agreed to Ann’s request.

It may be a time of emergency.

But precisely for that reason, it should be alright to spend a little time with those you care about, isn’t it?

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