IDWBV – 67

Happy New Year 2020! It’s been, what, 8 months since I worked on this series? But it’s fine now! I’m getting help in translating this series, and hopefully I can finish the series. Enjoy the chapter, and once again, sorry for the extremely late release!

Also, ebook for vol. 3 of this series has been released on 26/12, so grab it quick!

TL: def_nomad

ED: clover, eristol

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IDWBV – 65

Forgot to tell you this in the previous chapter, but on 27th August the LN volume 2 will be released! There will be an extra chapter about Al and Lily’s date that was interrupted by Noel. Plus, there will be illustrations for Victor (and maybe Yugo). I will try to catch up before then. Enjoy!

(also, eristol is crawling her way up the chapters and edits them. so be patient about my grammar!)

TL: clover

ED: clover

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