Character Page

Information on this page will be added as the story goes. Will contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Main Characters

Erica Aurelia (Arc 1-3: 8 yo, Arc 4: 14 yo): Our protagonist, vertical roll golden hair and green eyes, even though she comes from a family of alchemists she has difficulty creating wands, a bit dense and impulsive, clever and quick-witted, good-natured but nonchalantly aggressive, has a human distrust. In the original game, she was the villainess who would die to signify the beginning of the bizarre incidents.

Eduard Aurelia (Arc 1-3: 20 yo, Arc 4: 26 yo): Erica’s older brother, golden hair and green eyes, a siscon, doting and gentle towards Erica, very meticulous, actually a black-belly, an excellent alchemist who can do anything well. Wears a monocle starting Arc 4. Teaches Elementary Alchemy in Lindis as a substitute teacher. One of the capture targets.

Klaus Hafan (Arc 1-2: 10 yo, Arc 4: 16 yo): Straight black hair and blue eyes, a genius mage from Hafan, a headstrong and rough child, has quite a strong sense of responsibility, specializes in wide area magic. One of the capture targets.

Tirnanog (>600 yo): formerly Zaratan, the ancient evil spirit. Due to Klaus’ spatial manipulation magic he’s a large stuffed-toy sized now, wears a full-body armor made by Erica to disguise himself as a golem, now he is Erica’s reliable partner.

Auguste Ignitia (Arc 2-3: 10 yo, Arc 4: 16 yo): The First Prince of Ignitia, long blond hair which has a darker hue for an Ignitian and purple eyes with white skin. A mischievous person and a smooth talker, is able to control numerous dragons at once. One of the capture targets.

Palug (???? yo): A beautiful woman with suntanned skin and thick blond hair, mischievous, cares about Auguste like her own son, actually the contract beast/angel Pestilence. Currently assuming the form of a cat, has the ability to transform into people whose blood has been consumed by her. Erica’s reliable partner.

Elric Actorius (Arc 2-3: 20 yo, Arc 4: 26 yo): Eduard’s best friend, ruffled grey hair with grey eyes and wears glasses, a clumsy and awkward person. His glasses are always misaligned somehow, disguising himself as a commoner but actually is a noble, has a strong body unlike his weak appearance. Teaches Magizoology in Lindis starting Arc 4. One of the capture targets.

Harold III Nibelheim (Arc 3: 8 yo, Arc 4: 14 yo): The only son of Earl Nibelheim, has burning red hair, dark green eyes and a protruding tooth, a coward and a geek at heart. A lively boy who is gifted at wandmaking, very observant and loyal, Erica’s business partner. One of the capture targets.

Brad Clochydd (Arc 3: 20 yo, Arc 4: 26 yo): Eduard’s best friend and childhood friend, reddish purple eyes and black hair, wears glasses, seems strict and indifferent. Teaches Summoning Magic in Lindis. One of the capture targets.

Claude Lucanrant: The Heroine Chloe’s older brother whose whereabouts and life-or-death situation is unknown. Hinted to have been the one responsible for the tragedy of Lucanrant ducal house. Has blond hair and wears an eyepatch. The 7th capture target. Has yet to appear.

Chloe Cloacina (Arc 4: 14 yo ): Icy-blue eyes and light brown hair in a braid, pale white skin. The heroine of the original game, daughter of Duke Lucanrant but her family was massacred when she was 7 years old and she was adopted by a merchant family.

Cain Grendel (>800 yo): The Lunatic King of the Vampire Kingdom of Casketia, he was supposed to have been killed and buried, but apparently he is alive somehow. In the original game, he was a secret character.

Characters Associated with Lindis


Tricia Rails (Arc 2: 8 yo, Arc 4: 14 yo): Daughter of Baron Rails from Aurelia, Erica’s friend.

Marquia Jonas (Arc 2: 8 yo, Arc 4: 14 yo): Daughter of Viscount Jonas from Ignitia, Erica’s friend.

Beatrice Glaw (Arc 4: 14 yo): Hazel eyes and black hair in simple braids, wears coral-colored glasses, a scholarship student from Hafan. In the original game, she was the heroine’s best friend who died like Erica to signify the case has turned for the worse.

Jan Carlson (Arc 4: 14 yo): a scholarship student from North who replaces the position of the original game!Harold.

Roald Llan: A mage from Hafan.

Zemus Danpierre: A dragon knight from Ignitia.

Evan Haearn: A year above Erica, a mage from Hafan, specializes in ice and earth magic, aspiring to become a magic knight.

Charlotte Phladur: A mage from Hafan, Evan’s childhood friend.

Teachers/School Staff

Reuel Twr: The principal of Lindis Magic Academy, a mage.

Enid Môr: The vice principal of Lindis Magic Academy, an ageless beauty who is still single, a mage. Daughter of a Marquis.

Cornelia Schwefel: Teaches Elementary Alchemy.

Otfried Schlammberg: A slightly overweight teacher in his prime with straw blond hair. Teaches Advanced Golem Engineering.

Georges Orbis: The blind library director of the Royal Magic Library.

Charles Owen: A plump young man on his twenties, the librarian of the Royal Magic Library.

Clovis Cuniculus: The director of the Phantom Beast Museum in Lindis.

Hélène Lièvre: The curator of the Phantom Beast Museum in Lindis. A beautiful woman with brown skin and platinum blond hair.

Family and Other Important Characters

Ernst Aurelia (Arc 1-3: 44 yo, Arc 4: 50 yo): Erica and Eduard’s father and the current Duke of Aurelia. Brushed back golden hair with few white hairs mixed, short beard on his jaw, he is a stiff person but treasures his children, his wife died when Erica was three.

Ann Hafan (Arc 1-2: 7 yo, Arc 4: 13 yo): Klaus’ younger sister, straight long black hair and blue eyes, a prim and polite child, very perceptive, also an excellent mage, specializes in concentrated magic.

Henri Ignitia (Arc 2: 44 yo, Arc 4: 50 yo): The current King of Ignitia, the Third Prince of the former King, long pale golden hair and purple eyes with tanned skin, a cheerful and relaxed person who is still active as a dragon knight.

Adélaïde Ignitia (Arc 2: 38 yo, Arc 4: 44 yo): The Queen of Ignitia, wife of Henri and mother of Auguste and his siblings, long pale blonde hair and amethyst eyes.

Jules Ignitia and Agnès Ignitia (Arc 2: 3 yo, Arc 4: 9 yo): A pair of twins, brother and sister of Auguste, the Second Prince and the First Princess of Ignitia.

Louis Ode-Ignitia (Arc 2: 14 yo, Arc 4: 20 yo): Dark purple eyes with long platinum blond hair, a cousin of Auguste, the son of the Second Prince of the former King, a narcissistic guy who hates Auguste.

Charles Ode-Ignitia (Arc 2: 25 yo, Arc 4: 31 yo): Louis’ older stepbrother and a stepcousin of Auguste, currently titled a Margrave and governs the Ignitia’s territory in Karkinos. Was Eduard, Brad, and Elric’s senior and a prefect at Lindis Magic Academy. Eduard is said to be indebted to him.

Harold II Nibelheim (>40 yo): Harold III’s father and the current Earl of Nibelheim. Long red hair and dark green eyes, sturdy large build, excellent alchemist with a researcher’s mind, has a narrow field of view.

Gilbert Turm (Arc 3: 20 yo, Arc 4: 26 yo): The youngest son of Elder Turm. Long red hair and light green eyes, has a disagreement with his father and ran away from home 10 years ago. Married to Bell as of Interlude 1.

Bell Euclase (Arc 3: 20 yo, Arc 4: 26 yo): A strong-willed but clumsy woman, has long red braids and is the daughter of the owner of Euclase Perfume Store. Married to Gilbert as of Interlude 1.

Harlan Slayson (Arc 1-3: 34 yo, Arc 4: 40 yo): Margrave of Urs in Lucanrant, notorious for his cruel and merciless way. A man who is constantly surrounded by bloody rumors. The head of a group of vampire-slayers swordsmen, Military Order of Útför, which is also known as the Inquisitors.

Frederica Bort: Erica’s mother, had many terrible rumors surrounding her. A war hero. Officially, she died in a marine accident.

Dolores Wynt: Was the head of Wynt family. Went missing mysteriously after the death of her best friend, Eléonore Ignitia, and is presumed to be dead.

Eléonore Ignitia: The First Princess of Ignitia. Officially, she died a week before her twin brother due to unknown causes.

Sigríður Björndottir: A loyal vassal of the First Princess, Eléonore Ignitia. Chloe’s mother, died in the Werewolf Massacre Incident.

Oswald Bort: Frederica Bort’s older brother. Went missing mysteriously after publishing a paper called ‘Aaru’.

Conquest King / Founder King Guillaume: The founder and the First King of Ignitia. Was a soldier from Karkinos before he was given the power to control dragons by an angel, had long silver hair and blue eyes.

Severe King Jean: Another previous generation King of Ignitia, was a soldier but due to his meritorious deed in driving Gigantia’s army away, he earned the right to marry the princess at that time and became the king.

Erik Aurelia: The most powerful alchemist and the King of Aurelia during Severe King Jean era, with epithet Magic Missile.