Information on this page will be added as the story goes. Will contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Continents, Countries, and Kingdoms:

Ichthyes: The name of the continent where our protagonist lives. Consists of 2 lands: the mainland and the Island of Messenger.

Federal Kingdom: A united kingdom consisting of the countries in Ichthyes. During Casketia era, the alliance consisted of Hafan, Lucanrant, and Ignitia with the aim to destroy Casketia. When Aurelia was added to the alliance after the destruction of Casketia, the aim was changed to destroy Gigantia.

Aurelia: the western region of Ichthyes, a country of alchemists, found gold veins and became the richest region. Founded 600 years ago by the Visitor’s clan who came from across the ocean.

Hafan: The eastern region of Ichthyes, a country that produce versatile mages, located deep in the forest. Founded by an ethnic group that visited this continent. The second oldest country.

Ignitia: The southern region of Ichthyes, a country of dragon knights. The territory include the Island of Messenger and the North-Eastern peninsula in Karkinos where Casketia was located before it was destroyed.

Lucanrant: The northern region of Ichthyes, a country that produce brutal and healthy swordsmen and also healers, also called the Ice and Snow Country. The oldest country which was founded by its people who migrated north just to create their own country.

Karkinos: A continent on the South of Ichthyes. The continent where slavery was and is still practiced. Filled with many dangerous magical and phantom beasts.

Romulus Empire: The ancient empire of the Karkinos continent which created the foundation of enslavement sorcery.

Casketia: A country founded after the destruction of the Romulus Empire. Located in the Northeast of Karkinos and was also dominating the Ichthyes continent before being destroyed by the alliance of the three nations in Ichthyes at that time. The last King who reigned was the Lunatic King, Cain Grendel.

Gigantia: A country in Karkinos which was recently at war with the Federal Kingdom. They enslave people and turn them into giants and send them into war.

Zygos: A continent on the East of Ichthyes. The place where porcelain was first made. Since the trade Ichthyes had with Zygos has discontinued completely, the technique to make porcelain was lost.

Important Places:

Spring Palace: The palace where the Aurelia family lives during spring.

Autumn Palace: The palace where the Aurelia family stays during autumn.

Lake Castle: The place where Aurelia family stays during summer and winter.

Silverbough Castle: The castle where the Hafan family lives.

Water Palace: The palace owned by Turm family.

Royal Castle: The castle where the royal family of Ignitia lives.

Castle of Light: The castle owned by Nibelheim family, characterized by a tall tower.

Ruins of Visitor: Located in the western coast of Aurelia, the whole ruins is actually the tomb of the huge monster Zaratan.

Island of Messenger: A small island on the southern region of Ichthyes. This is also the royal capital of Ignitia. Named such due to some local legends.

Burial Chamber of Angels: Located under the mural painting of God in the deepest part of the cathedral on the Island of Messenger. The secret room where the contract beast Cath Palug resided.

Morgue of the Headless Prince: One of the Seven Wonders of the academy. It is a place where a certain body was supposed to be sealed at, and a place where a certain violent incident happened. It is called ‘morgue’ because the body hasn’t arrived at the state of complete death. The body was sealed here until it can be completely killed.

Town of All Kinds of Goods: A place in Knot Reed that has everything, as long as it is legal.

Lindis Magic Academy City: Located in the center of Ichthyes continent, the place where children from the age of 14 learn magic. The students live in dormitories depending on where they are from. An independent city that doesn’t belong to any country in Ichthyes.

Phantom Beast Museum: A museum in Lindis that displays various kinds of phantom beasts, as the name suggest.

Royal Magic Library: The biggest library in the whole continent, located in Lindis. Consists of 14 floors; 7 floors above the ground and 7 floors underground.

Important Terms:

Magical beasts: Have limited magical power but can’t be classified as ordinary animal, ecology has been elucidated to come extent, and can be raised as livestock.

Phantom beasts: Stronger and harder to elucidate, understand and speak human speech, can manipulate systematized magic, only few sightings and encounters.

Monstro: The term for both magic beasts and phantom beasts together. This term is only mentioned on chapter 20, so before that chapter, they are called ‘monsters’.

Wand alteration: A technique to alter the effect of the wand. There are two ways of doing wand alteration: 1) alteration during the wand production (burden on the wandmaker), and 2) alteration when the wand is used (burden on the wand-user).

Gold Cuffs: What the prefects are called in Lindis.

Dynameis: What the student council is called in Lindis.

The Pattern: a forbidden magic from Hafan.



The timeline so far (spoiler)

8 thoughts on “Glossary

  1. Question, are the wands disposable (meaning that once they run out of magical charge they are useless?)? Or can they be recharged and they don’t need to be disposed of or recycled?


  2. Can you add the union kingdom to the glossary? I know the meaning is quite obvious, but the term appeared suddenly in the novel without any explanation. Also, the fact that the king of ignitia is king of the union kingdom, it was treated as obvious from the beginning though it was never clearly stated.


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