Finding Oneself Starting From Engagement Cancellation

Alternative: Kon’yaku Haki Kara Hajimaru Jibunsagashi

Author: 一集

Raw: here


Alicia, a noble lady who was extolled as the perfect lady, challenged her fiancé, who wanted to break their engagement, as well as his lover.


“I will accept the engagement cancellation if you find a way that will not hurt my honor.”


To the two people who were struggling to find the solution, Alicia whispered.


There is a very good way to solve everything.


This is the tale of she, who avoided the engagement cancellation in an unforeseen way, her thereafter and those who have left their names in history.


[Table of Content]

Part 1: Finding Oneself Starting From Engagement Cancellation


Chapter 1: The Old Days Between the Two

Chapter 2: The Only Thing That Cannot Be Allowed

Chapter 3: The Route of a Villainess

Chapter 4: Demilicia and Artemisia

Chapter 5: Solution

Chapter 6: Alicia and Lily


Part 2: Finding Oneself Starting From the Heroine

Chapter 7: Lily and Her Family

Chapter 8: Older Brother’s Suspicion

Chapter 9: Lily’s Happiness

Chapter 10: Brother and Sister

Chapter 11: Reunion

Chapter 12: Old Friend

Chapter 13: Alto’s Despair

Chapter 14: The Day He Was Reborn

Chapter 15: Lily and Alto


Part 3: Finding Oneself Starting From a Sick Boy

Chapter 16: Alto’s Departure

Chapter 17: The Naive Boy and the Bitter Man

Chapter 18: The Person in Charge of Chores in Rowe’s Party

Chapter 19: The Calamity in the Kingdom

Chapter 20: The Visitor at Eve

Chapter 21: Tears of the Moon Goddess

Chapter 22: The Red-Haired Sarah

Chapter 23: The Sound That Foretells Destiny

Chapter 24: Alto’s Blessing


Part 4: Finding Oneself Starting From a Knight

Chapter 25: Thereafter

Chapter 26: The Blue-Haired Rushana

Chapter 27: Weave and Connect

Chapter 28: For Someone

Chapter 29: Unreachable Back

Chapter 30: Alto and Sarah

Chapter 31: To the Future

Chapter 32: Rowe and Alto

Chapter 33: And Thus, the Journey of Self-Discovery Ends