Character Page

This is the character page for I Don’t Want to Become a Villainess, So I Aim at Becoming a Perfect Lady Together with the Prince! Information will be added as the story progress. Will contain spoilers.


Main Characters

Liz Beltran (Part 1 Arc 1-3: 15 yo, Arc 4: 16 yo), the protagonist of this novel, the only daughter of Duke Beltran. She has dirty blonde hair and green eyes. She is very prideful and loves beautiful things. Her nickname is Lily.

Alan Roseblade (17 yo), the male lead of this novel. He has black hair and red eyes. He is kind but a bit manipulative. He is good at everything and is called a genius since he was a child. He is the First Prince and the next King of the Roseblade Kingdom.


Side Characters

Luke Flores (14 yo), Lily’s butler. He was picked up by Lily when he was on the verge of death 5 years ago. He is very grateful to Lily and thought of her as his benefactor. He has silver hair and green eyes, and has sharp-tongue.

Chloe Carlisle (15 yo), the daughter of Earl Carlisle. She has pink hair and green eyes. A kind and straightforward young lady. She likes to take care of the orphanage where her family donates to.

Wilfred Roseblade (17 yo), the Second Prince and the younger twin brother of Alan. He also has black hair and red eyes, but he is more robust than Alan. He is a reincarnated person and seems to think of this world as a game. Other than his delusion, he is an earnest person who seems to excel in martial arts.

Noel, a white cat with short legs, large ears, and flat nose that was found by Lily in an alley. Lily gave him the same name as the Great Mage Noel who had been missing for the last 10 years.


Victor Beltran (20 yo), Lily’s eldest brother. He has blonde hair and green eyes, and wears glasses. He entered the government service in the castle and is active as a civil servant, he’s mainly in charge of judicial affairs. He is a kind but strict person, and is a man of character.

Yugo Beltran (18 yo), Lily’s second older brother. He has long blonde hair and green eyes, and is an androgynous beauty. He doesn’t have a job and likes to host tea party in the mansion instead. He is obsessed with beautiful things and beautiful people. Dotes on Lily very much.